Never destroy your good fengshui.
Never destroy your good fengshui.
Heart wide everywhere Taoyuan, where is not between water and clouds.

see a sentence on the Internet:

"when one's mind changes, his virtue changes; when his virtue changes, his aura changes.

when the aura changes, fengshui changes; when fengshui changes, luck changes. "

so it is your own energy that you want to change your destiny.

what you think and think, what you say and do, all affect your luck in life.

and these are exactly the fengshui on you.

only by keeping these four places of fengshui well can your life go smoothly.

Rich in the brain, the wise man has a great pattern

"Zengguang Xian Wen" says: "the rich think about the coming year, and the poor think about the present."

on the surface, the gap between the rich and the poor is a difference in vision.

how far you can think is just a dream; how far you can go is the pattern.

I have heard such a story:

God talks to a beggar and wants to guide him to enlightenment.

then asked the beggar: "if you win 1000 yuan, 100000 yuan and 10 million yuan in the lottery, what are you going to do with it?"

the beggar thought for a moment and said:

Buy a mobile phone for 1000 yuan in

, so you can quickly find out where there are many people and go begging quickly.

buy a car for 100000 yuan and be ready to drive to a crowded place to beg at any time.

10 million yuan of

will buy all the busiest areas of the city, and then drive away all the other beggars on the site, so that my business will be better. "

God listened, shook his head and said, "if you always think that way, there's nothing I can do."

then I had no choice but to leave.

in the beggar's mind, even if God gives him more capital to make a living, he can't think of any other use, but how to beg for more money.

if a rich businessman wins the lottery, he will think about how to invest the money and whom to cooperate with to maximize profits.

people with large patterns seek long-term development, while people with small patterns only think of immediate interests.

I have seen such a sentence on the Internet:

"you can never get wealth beyond cognition.

every penny you earn is a realization of the world. "

the key to why the rich are rich is that they can understand the essence of "money gives birth to money" and find opportunities for ordinary people to get rich.

if you don't ask for near work, you will feel uneasy.

to enhance cognition and enlarge the pattern, the "way of money" will be boundless.

keep your mouth shut and say good people to help

when you talk about good, you get to know each other deeply, and when you talk about evil, you get to know each other.

A person will have an epiphany only when he is middle-aged and suffers from saying the wrong thing:

the so-called sophistication of the world mostly depends on the way you speak.

the more excellent people are, the more they know how to speak appropriately and make people comfortable, and they will naturally win favor.

and those who are open-mouthed are actually damaging their own popularity and narrowing the road of life.

once a host entertained four guests, three of them arrived on time, and the other was late.

the guests could not have dinner before all the guests arrived. when the host was in a hurry, he asked the housekeeper loudly, "Why haven't the guests come yet?"

the speaker has no intention, but the listener has the heart.

A guest present was very uncomfortable and thought, "the one who should have come didn't come. Shouldn't I have come?"

so he excused himself from leaving in advance.

when the master saw that someone had left, he was a little anxious, so he blurted out, "Why should I not go, but instead?"

another guest was also displeased and thought, "does the host mean that the person who should go hasn't left yet, is he letting me go?"

so I found a reason to leave.

the owner suddenly felt aggrieved and immediately explained, "I'm not asking them to go!"

the last guest present was very angry and asked loudly, "not to tell them to go, but to ask me to go?"

With that, he slammed the door angrily and went away.

mouth is the door of fortune and misfortune. One word can warm the heart, and one word can hurt others.

keep your mouth shut and think twice before you speak. It is the "special pass" of the social field.

Master Xuecheng once said:

"what you say is actually what other people think of you.

everyone wants to change their own destiny. to speak well is to change their destiny. "

Adult life is nothing more than opening up the road and building bridges in the face of water.

learn to speak well, since there are dignitaries to take care of, from then on the wind and water, the sea and the sky.

diligent limbs, self-cultivation and self-cultivation

there is a good saying:

"there is no late start in life, only too lazy disappointment."

idle troubles, lazy illness, nothing in the world is difficult to work hard.

through the ages, all those who have accomplished great things have known the way of Heaven for their hard work and put them into practice.

regardless of age, the more diligent you are, the more blessed you will be.

after Qi Baishi, a master of traditional Chinese painting, became famous, he was still diligent in painting and kept writing.

he asked himself to make at least five pictures a day, and wrote six big words "Don't teach a day to be idle" on the wall to remind himself to cherish his time.

on Qi Lao's 90th birthday, a large number of guests and friends came to celebrate his birthday.

Old Qi was so busy with the reception that he was so busy at night that he had no time to finish the five paintings to be made that day.

the next day Qi got up early in the morning and went straight to the studio.

his family urged him to have breakfast, but he didn't come out either, saying that he would draw five pictures before eating breakfast.

after five paintings, Qi had a quick breakfast and plunged into the studio.

the family members were puzzled. After Qi's explanation, they realized that they had to make up the five paintings on the second day because they were too busy on their birthdays and delayed a day of painting.

the industry is good at diligence and play, thanks to Qi's diligence, and the level of painting is becoming more and more exquisite.

in this world, behind many seemingly "gifted" talents, there are actually "ascetic monks" who practice diligently.

do not stop at the status quo, strive to break through yourself, will witness the accumulation of accumulated strength.

Dr. Wu Jun said a sentence:

u200d "the road to success is not as crowded as expected, because in the long marathon of life, most people take the initiative to retire from u200d less than halfway through the marathon."

although it is a long way, it will come.

always keep the diligence and diligence of Rigong pawn, and blessings are on the way.

practice the heart, the heart is wide and worry-free

German philosopher Schopenhauer said:

"one of the most special weaknesses of human nature is to care about what others think of you."

between people, if they are used to speculating on the opinions of others and communicate too carefully, they will feel tired.

there is nothing in the world, but mediocre people worry too much.

it is a great practice to relax your mind.

A user on Zhihu told a story of being tortured because he was too sensitive, which resonated innumerably.

when he speaks in a group and no one responds, he will make a fool of himself, wondering if he has said the wrong thing and made others unhappy. It was only when someone replied a few minutes later that he stopped speculating.

if no one likes you on moments for dozens of minutes, you will question that your pictures and copywriting are not advanced enough to attract other people's attention, so you might as well delete them.

my colleagues disagree with each other in the workplace and stumble a few words on the case. My colleagues have already turned the story, but they are still tangling over and over again for fear of offending their colleagues.

such suspicions exist in many people's lives.

people who think too much will only get caught up in emotional internal friction.

teacher Zhang Defen said in his book meeting the unknown self:

"there are only three things in this world, my own business, God's business, and other people's business."

walking in the noisy world, we can only control our own business.

the more you argue about other things, the more annoyance you get.

the heart is full of peaches everywhere, where is not between water and clouds.

for the rest of your life, there will always be people and things that don't go well, so don't complain.

all the pursuit of external ideals comes from our own internal projection.

the world is what you are.

the so-called fengshui nourishes people, but in fact people also raise fengshui.

when you cultivate a wise brain, a good mouth, a diligent body and a generous heart, you will meet dignitaries to help you and reap blessings.

, I wish you every success from now on and get what you want for the rest of your life.