"my mother was involved in a car accident in a friend's car. Can she claim compensation from the car owner?" This is a great answer.
"my mother was involved in a car accident in a friend's car. Can she claim compensation from the car owner?" This is a great answer.
Of course good people have to do it, but your kindness must have armor.

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saw a story the other day:

an old woman, whose children are not around, lives in a county town more than 20 minutes' drive from the old woman.

this is the case with most families in the village. the young children who run to the city and stay in their hometown are basically the elderly.

the neighbor of the old woman is also an old man.

he bought an electric tricycle and often brought seeds or small items for people who did not have tricycles.

sometimes, people in the village will take the neighbor's tricycle to the town to go to the market.

once, the old woman and several people from the same village went to town on a neighbor's tricycle.

as a result, when passing a downhill place, the neighbor operated improperly, the tricycle overturned and a truckload of people fell off.

the old woman fell the worst, with a fracture of her right upper arm and some abrasions.

while the old people called their own children, they made an effort to take the old woman to the hospital.

the old woman went home to rest after staying in the hospital for more than a month.

within six months after returning home, she could not lift her right hand and had to cut vegetables and cook with her left hand.

as an apology, the neighbor and his sons bought gifts for door-to-door visits and insisted on paying the old woman 2000 yuan.

but the old woman and her three sons refused firmly and repeatedly stressed that they were not to blame, while thanking them for their usual help.

"my mother was involved in a car accident in a friend's car. Can she claim compensation from the car owner?"

what is the standard answer to this question?

I think what the old woman and her three sons do is the normal way of thinking.

but recently I have seen such a hot question on Zhihu:

"my mother rides an electric car from the same village, resulting in a car accident, resulting in a comminuted fracture. Can I make a claim from the car owner?" If so, how should I make a claim? "

the subject says:

A fellow villager riding an electric tricycle offered his walking mother a ride out of kindness. His mother dropped her mobile phone midway, so the driver stopped and waited for passers-by to help pick up the phone.

but before the mother took the phone from the passer-by and sat firmly on it, the driver started the vehicle, causing the mother to fall to the ground, causing a comminuted fracture of her left hand and facial injury, which was estimated to cost 5000 yuan.

A high praise replied:

I dare not give an idea. I am afraid you will come to me for compensation.

humorously and sarcastically reveals the dark corner of human nature:

is insensitive to the favours received, but extremely sensitive to the lost benefits.

it is precisely because of the existence of such people that it leads to the phenomenon that "the elderly do not dare to help when they fall", and that there are good people with a cold heart.

Last year, a similar story went viral, with more than 100 million readers.

Ms. Zhang and Ms. du from Jinan, Shandong Province are friends, and their children also go to the same kindergarten.

because Ms. Zhang has more time to take care of the children at home full-time, while Ms. du and her wife are both at work and are busy, they are often unable to pick up the children on time, so Ms. du proposed to let Ms. Zhang pick up the children instead.

Ms. Zhang readily agreed and followed for two and a half years.

how good is Ms. Zhang?

when she was riding an electric bike to carry her two children, she was afraid of an accident and placed Ms. du's child on a fixed safety seat and her own child on a pedal with safety risks.

sometimes, the child is picked up, but before her friend gets off work, she beckons the child to eat at her own home.

play at her house after eating. When her friend is off work, Ms. Zhang will help send the child back.

in the past two years, Ms. Zhang has not received any remuneration from Ms. du, nor has she complained.

it can be said that she was benevolent and righteous to Ms. du, and couldn't be better.

but all this has been reversed by an accident.

once, Ms. Zhang went to the kindergarten to pick up her children as usual. when the electric car came to an intersection, somehow, the child of her friend Ms. du suddenly fell out of the back seat of the electric car and was seriously injured.

Ms. Zhang stopped immediately and informed Ms. du as soon as possible.

Ms. du's child was sent to hospital for treatment.

in addition to medical insurance reimbursement, Ms. du also spent more than 7000 yuan on medical expenses.

unexpectedly, at this time, Ms. du suddenly fell out.

she asked Ms. Zhang to compensate for all the expenses, including medical expenses, nursing expenses, transportation expenses, late work expenses, and so on, because her child's injury was caused by Ms. Zhang.

Ms. Zhang is puzzled: you offered to help pick up the child. I picked it up for you for two and a half years for free, and now I have to take full responsibility if something goes wrong.

of course, Ms. Zhang refused, and Ms. du angrily took her to court.

Ms. Zhang bears most of the responsibility for the judgment of first instance.

the court held that the accident occurred on a road in the urban area of Jinan. Ms. Zhang traveled with two children on an electric vehicle, which obviously violated the regulations on carrying people on non-motor vehicles, and should bear corresponding responsibility for the occurrence of the accident.

Ms. Zhang appealed against the judgment of first instance.

Fortunately, the second instance overturned the judgment of first instance, and Ms. Zhang did not have to bear any responsibility!

the court's summary is intriguing:

Ms. Zhang, as an act of kindness between neighbors and friends, help each other.The good moral style of helping, uniting and being friendly is worthy of recognition.

both sides are very distressed when the child is injured. The parents of the child should treat the accident correctly and should not vent their anger on Ms. Zhang.

it is a good thing to be happy to help others. Seeing that others are in trouble and being able to stand up and act bravely is the inevitable choice to carry forward the social atmosphere of upward goodness.

ideally, you release goodwill, the other party accepts it, and returns it with goodwill, thus forming a virtuous circle.

However, due to the complexity of environment and human nature, this kind of virtuous circle may not always exist.

there are always some people in the world who enjoy it quietly and quietly when you help.

once he finds that his interests are hurt, he will bite you in turn.

it is typical to repay good with vengeance and bite kindness with kindness.

therefore, the release of goodwill depends on the object, and there are conditions.

so, how to treat goodwill fairly and protect our goodwill from infringement?

A piece of news from the last two years may serve as a reference.

A 19-year-old girl who had no money for miscarriage due to unexpected pregnancy begged a chief doctor surnamed Zeng to operate for her free of charge.

at first, Director Zeng disagreed, because the hospital stipulated that the operation could only be done with the consent of the patient's family members.

secondly, Director Zeng was also afraid of leaving sequelae after the operation, so the girl's family came to the door.

but the girl could not help begging, and the soft-hearted Director Zeng finally gave up his principle and agreed to operate on her.

after the operation, Director Zeng arranged a ward for her, and the girl was very happy.

later, somehow, the girl suddenly changed her face and insisted on asking Director Zeng for money, asking someone to pay for her child and threatening her with a knife.... He is a different person before and after.

Finally, someone called the police and the girl was taken away by the security guard, and Director Zeng was unharmed.

how did Director Zeng get away?

in fact, as a doctor, Director Zeng must not have encountered such a thing for the first time.

before she decided to have the surgery, she came up with a comprehensive strategy-not to go out of the consulting room and let the surveillance cameras take pictures of everything.

after the arrival of the police, Director Zeng took out a complete surveillance video, which recorded the whole process of consultation and negotiation in detail.

We should learn from Director Zeng and be a good person with "tricks".

for example, before agreeing to help pick up a friend's child, take the initiative to talk about security risks and, if necessary, ask the other person to write a waiver for you.

By the same token, neighbors can follow this strategy if they want to ride in your electric car.

A good man must do it, of course, but your kindness must have armor.

Advanced goodness is a thunderbolt means of both Bodhisattva's heart and Vajra's ambush.

Roman Roland once said, "doing good with the good will make him better, and doing good with the evil will make him worse."


indeed, unprincipled goodness nourishes "evil".

this kind of "evil" can sometimes hurt you by carelessness, such as the story of "the Farmer and the Snake".

therefore, everyone's kindness must be a little sharp.

of course, no matter what kind of kindness it is, we should give the doer the greatest kindness and tolerance, so as to form a positive cycle of good deeds.

otherwise, when people in need can only cry and despair, it will be too late.