My mother answered the phone on speakerphone. Five minutes later, my father became a big joke in Deyang, Sichuan Province.
My mother answered the phone on speakerphone. Five minutes later, my father became a big joke in Deyang, Sichuan Province.
A life with bitterness, sweetness, laughter and tears.



in 2015, I was 20.

when I woke up, I didn't remember what I dreamed about. I only remember the feeling of fear, which was so dark that I couldn't breathe.

I got up in the morning and went to class drowsily all morning. Take a part-time job with roommates in the afternoon.

on my way to work, I suddenly received a call from the Fujian Public Security Bureau.

he asked, are you Tao Yuqing's daughter?

I said, yeah, why?

he said, your father is with us, and we need you to come over.

I thought at that time that my father was so grumpy that he had another fight with someone else.


my father is a typical Sichuan man, impatient and grumpy.

but he dotes on me and never gets angry.

at home, no matter how much he quarreled with my mother, if I stopped him, he would calm down.

maybe I am his "old girl".

my parents were 45 when they gave birth to me.

our family is in a small village under Deyang, Sichuan. My father has two brothers above.

he has been unable to get a wife because his family is poor.

until 1993, after being introduced, I married my mother.

my mother is a widow, and my ex-husband leaves two sons and a daughter. At that time, the eldest brother was 22, the second sister was 13, and the youngest brother was 9 years old.

to be honest, when parents are together, they don't have much emotional basis, and they are more based on realistic factors.

it's too difficult for my mother to raise three children by one woman.

coupled with the fact that the eldest brother was not treated in time when he was a child, he suffered from cerebral palsy.

often run around the village to do damage, and sometimes beat people up.

even if my father is poor, it is better than her to bear it alone.

as for my father, he is still single in his 40s. My mother is almost his only chance to get married.

A marriage without feelings is doomed to be unharmonious.

the family has never stopped quarrelling for as long as I can remember.

Dad is impatient and wants to do everything quickly. On the other hand, my mother does everything slowly and likes slow work to do fine work.

two people have completely opposite personalities and ideas, so it is difficult to run in.

the only thing they are similar to is being nice to me.


my mother is soft-tempered and lets me do everything and let me do everything.

my father regards me as the tip of his heart.

at that time, during the holidays, everyone would go to the big collection.

my father likes to put me on his shoulder, hold me high, and stroll all the way.

remember the stewed meat in the market, which is very delicious. But for my family, it's too expensive, just like a luxury.

and every time my father sees my eager eyes, he buys me something to relieve my cravings.

my father is a man with good hands. When I was a child, most of the toys were made by my father.

rattan balls, woodcut dolls. He can't afford it, but he's willing to make it for me.

one birthday, I watched other students eat cake and blow out candles on their birthday. I want it, too.

however, there is no pastry room in our house.

my father fried a few eggs and put a candle on it for me to blow.

I was overjoyed at that time.

back in the past, although my family was poor, it didn't delay me to become a little princess.

because the most important condition to be a princess is not to have money, but to have someone willing to give you infinite love.


my father is also very kind to my brothers and sisters.

even though they are not his own.

maybe he doesn't know what love is, but he knows what a man's responsibility is.

after my parents got married, he supported my second sister and younger brother until they graduated from junior high school until they were able to go out to work.

Big Brother is out of his mind, so my father takes him everywhere to seek medical advice and give him treatment.

later, after taking a prescription prescribed by a barefoot doctor, he slowly got better.

my father doesn't have much education and can only sell coolies all his life.

he has been in his fifties since I was in primary school.

the city dwellers are about to retire, and he not only has to farm, but also picks bricks for me to go to school every day.

bricks are priced in terms of "blocks".

A brick weighs about five jin.

and the price of picking a brick is now unimaginably low.

there are only five cents. Yes, it's only five cents.

A small piece of money that others don't bother to stoop to pick up on the ground, but my father wants to earn it back.

when he came home in the evening, the soles of his feet were covered with blisters.

my father will first soak in hot water and then prick it with needles one by one.

I asked him, doesn't it hurt?

he smiled and said, "it won't hurt if my girl blows."

I will blow gently and think of him as soon as possible.

because early the next morning, he will go to the construction site again.


my uncle and my father have the same temper.

sometimes two people can quarrel with each other when they drink. If there is a big contradiction, it will start, very much.The supreme knife.

my uncle is crazy.

I remember that one day when I was in the third and fourth grade, he was drunk and insisted on coming to my house to watch TV at 12:00 in the morning.

it was so noisy that I couldn't sleep, so I turned it off.

he went crazy with wine and tried to cut me with a kitchen knife. My father was so angry that he drove him away.

this is a thing of the past, so is it.

until I was admitted to junior high school, my father got drunk one day and didn't tell me.

he was worried that my uncle's vendetta would hurt me. After that day, I quietly followed me to school every day and walked with me for more than a year.

I was shocked.

my father, who is so thick, should care about me so delicately.

in fact, fatherly love is like this.

nothing can be said on the mouth, but in an unknown place, accompany silently and pay silently.


looking back on the past, I found that most of the beautiful moments between myself and my father were in my childhood.

because he has been going out to work since I was in junior high school.

it was around 2008. My elder brother got married in other places, and the second elder sister married far away from Xinjiang.

the eldest brother's condition has greatly improved, and he can take care of himself. My father took him to the construction site in Beijing.

has been a migrant worker ever since.

No matter how tired migrant workers are, they earn a little more than farming at home.

it's just that there were many black-hearted bosses at that time.

wages will not be paid until the end of the year, and they will be deducted by all kinds.

after a year, my father and eldest brother can't earn much money.

it was only when I was in junior high school that I felt the poverty of my family. Because I went to study in town and saw a small world.

but every week, my mother can only give me 10 yuan.

the embarrassed life can no longer support the pride that my father guarded me when I was a child.

I don't want to admit it, but I begin to feel inferior inside.


there is a man named Huang Defa in our village.

Our collection of maternity wedding dresses is sure to catch everyone’s attention. is the best place to shop for a dress.

I worked in Fujian before. I said I earned more and introduced my father to the past.

so after the Spring Festival, my father took my eldest brother to Fujian.

when I put my father on the train, I began to cry inexplicably.

my father touched my head and said, Why are you crying? my father has gone to make money.

it was 2009, and the whole era was like that train, speeding up and roaring forward.

more and more found that the importance of money, a lot of small hair around them have entered the factory.

I also wavered in my study. When I took the high school entrance examination, I got cold feet and didn't want to read it.

want to make money quickly.

my mother agreed with me and asked me to go to work early.

only my father calls me once a month to encourage me to read on. He will find a way for tuition fees and living expenses.

he said, if you go to college, you won't have to work as hard as your father in your life. Don't be afraid of the hardship in front of you, the good days are all ahead.


during the Spring Festival that year, my father and eldest brother stayed in Fujian and did not come back.

my mother said that my father is old, and if he comes back for the Spring Festival, it will be very difficult to find a job, and the factory will not want him.

it makes me sad.

it is for me that he wants to leave his hometown in his prime and work to earn money. I can't even be reunited during the Spring Festival.

I secretly vowed in my heart that I must study hard, or I would be sorry for my father's hard work over the years.

and my dad never came home again.

then it was the second year of high school, and rumors spread in the village.

I live in high school and go home once a month.

National Day holiday, go to Fa Xiao's house in my village.

she asked me if your mother and Huang Defa were real. Every time you go to school, your mother runs away.

Yes, it's Huang Defa who introduced my father to Fujian.

my mother had an affair with him.


in the face of a little question, I was too embarrassed to say a word, so I ran home with a red face.

I asked my mother if there was such a thing.

my mother refused to admit it.

but it happened that a phone call came in at this time. My mother is in a hurry. She must be flustered. I accidentally pressed the speakerphone when I got through, and the first sentence I heard was my wife.

it's that Huang Defa, no doubt.

I grabbed it and scolded him. And then I had a fight with my mom.

when I ran out of the house, I saw the onlookers of the neighbors with a clear look on their faces. I'm afraid my father has already become a big joke in Deyang.

after that, I went home almost every month and I quarreled with my mother about Huang Defa.