More than 500 people in Shandong have been infected in 8 days, why can't they go on hot search?
More than 500 people in Shandong have been infected in 8 days, why can't they go on hot search?
Shandong people and Shandong culture are very much like the epitome of China.

in the past few days, the epidemic situation in Qingdao is fierce, which is quite heart-wrenching.

in a short period of 8 days, nearly 600 people were infected, most of them in Laixi, a small town in Jiaodong.

and most of the confirmed cases are school students and teachers.

Lacey is a very small city. It takes only half an hour to drive from the east to the west.

A small town that is usually unknown has suddenly surged so many cases that it has become the most serious epidemic in the mainland. The key is that the source has not yet been found, and the pressure can be imagined.

Lacey, on the cusp of the wind and waves, is fighting the epidemic urgently these days.

I read some reports and found that the Laixi people's way of fighting the epidemic has Shandong characteristics.

so I'd like to tell you about it.

tell me about Lacey and the interesting people from Shandong.

this is very Shandong

you may not have noticed that there have been few major outbreaks in Shandong since the epidemic in Wuhan.

Lacey's wave is probably the most serious.

however, although the scale is a bit scary, the atmosphere is calm.

before long, the number of new infections began to stabilize, with 43 new cases in Lacey as of 12:00 today.

this is very Shandong.

-when something big happens, it takes it very seriously, but it is silent and solves it with a dull head, which quickly turns the matter into a minor one.

after the outbreak of Lacey, the medical staff were all in place that night.

the first round of nucleic acid detection was completed in only 1 day.

the performance of the local people is also very Shandong.

Shandong big steamed buns are steaming again.

3000 dumplings followed, and the common people made them themselves.

it is all the more natural for the little brothers around to come to help.

A truck driver was stranded in Lacey for three days and there was nothing to eat in the car.

he sent a video on the Internet, and several groups of local people went to deliver food to him.

moved the driver into an uproar.

A local netizen left a message, also very Shandong--

"Sorry, we, Lacey, let the whole country know in this way."

just. So simple, so sensible, so positive.

what have the people of Shandong done?

as a matter of fact, people in Shandong usually don't say anything beautiful, but they don't do anything wrong in action.

-- probably what Confucius said, "hesitant in words but quick in deeds".

do you remember what Shandong did when the epidemic in Wuhan was at its worst?

just talk about donating vegetables:

Shouguang provides 600 tons of vegetables every day for more than ten days.

Heze donated 90 tons of yam, 90 tons of garlic, 60 tons of eggs and 35 tons of cabbage.

Lanling donated 200 tons of garlic.

Zoucheng donated 100 tons of mushrooms.

Linyi, donate 20 tons of dumplings and dumplings.

Tengzhou, donate 66 tons of potatoes.

Wuhan was short of goggles at that time, and Qingdao sent 20,000 pairs overnight.

there is a shortage of masks in Hubei, and Shandong sends more than 1 million masks every day.

there are also building materials, machinery and equipment, medical alcohol, disinfectant.

Shandong is "what you lack, you have what you need, and you give what you need."

then netizens coined a new word: moving rescue.

in the matter of supporting brothers, the magnanimity and righteousness of the people of Shandong are never just in their mouth.

two farmers in Jinan bought 10 tons of vegetables themselves, ate instant noodles all the way, and delivered them to Wuhan in 13 hours.

and the driver who nibbled on pancakes to deliver food to Wuhan, who said, "there is no money to contribute", moved countless people.

he is from Linyi, Shandong Province.

when something happens to someone's family, we all carry it together.

this is the gene engraved in the bones of Shandong people.

so every time there is a big disaster, you can always see Shandong people driving big trucks in front of them.

Last summer, there was a heavy rain in Henan.

Rescue teams and relief materials from Shandong have been continuously sent to Henan.

some people say that rescue teams from Shandong can be seen everywhere in Xinxiang, Henan Province.

"this is not Shandong, but the whole street is full of Shandong cars."

at the end of last year, Xi'an was closed because of the epidemic at the end of the Lunar New year.

Shandong has not only sent medical teams, but also sent Shandong specialty products one by one.

100000 big steamed buns, 12 tons of dumplings, hanging noodles from Texas, mutton from Mengshan, apples from Yiyuan.

some netizens said that when they saw the word "Shandong", they felt secure and confident.

at that time, because Xi'an was closed to the city, there was a girl studying in Yantai who could not go home during the winter vacation.

when she was celebrating the Spring Festival and staying in school alone, she almost burst into tears.

she has a roommate from Shandong who has already returned to her hometown in Weihai.

when I heard about this, I drove directly to school with my parents and took her back to her home.

there are comments from netizens:

"this operation is very Shandong."

Yes, people in Shandong often say, "isn't it just about multiple pairs of chopsticks?"

they deliberately understate and make it easy to say good things to you, so as to avoid putting a psychological burden on you.

then you will feel better about them.

Uncle NortheastBe moved

there was a popular post on the Internet before.

is Uncle Sun, a retired teacher from Liaoning, talking about several things that happened to him when he traveled to Shandong.

he said that one night, he ate at a steamed stuffed bun shop in Qufu, Shandong Province. because it was cold, he went to the convenience store next door to buy a bottle of wine to warm up.

as a result, when the waiter at the steamed stuffed bun shop saw him drinking, he immediately sent a small plate of peanuts. "I pay, but they don't accept it."

-- he buys wine elsewhere and people send peanuts. Uncle Sun thinks the people of Shandong are too real.

another time, in Heze, Uncle Sun was tired of shopping and wanted to have a rest in the Ginza Mall.

at a jewelry counter, he saw an armchair for customers and sat down.

when a salesman came over, he was startled and thought that he must have come to kick him out.

as a result, the Shandong girl said, "it's windy and cold at the door, so sit inside!"


Uncle Sun was so moved that when he came back, he specially wrote down these little things.

are all trivial matters, but they do show the kindness of Shandong people.

although not all people in Shandong are like this, it must be said that Shandong people are generally simple, kind-hearted, warm-hearted and polite.

one side of water and land raises a side of people.

people in the same place will be more or less alike in character and behavior.

how good are Shandong people?

there are endless stories about the topic of "how good Shandong people are".

A netizen said that once I went to a printing shop and the owner was from Shandong.

as soon as I heard his accent, I knew he was a fellow-townsman from Shandong. He not only didn't ask for money, but also ordered two more staples.

another netizen said that when I went to Qingdao a few years ago, I wanted to take a taxi to a place.

also specially got off to help show the way.

Last autumn, in Qixia, Yantai, a netizen also met such a "silly big sister".

that day, he was thirsty when he was driving, and there was no water in the car.

there happened to be a big sister selling apples by the side of the road, so he wanted to buy an apple to quench his thirst.

as a result, when the eldest sister heard that he just wanted to quench his thirst, she stuffed him some big red apples and said, "then it's free."

netizens were surprised and insisted on giving money, but the eldest sister simply confiscated it: "if you eat a few apples, you don't want any money!"

the kindness and enthusiasm of the Shandong people moved this outsider into a mess.

later he learned that the eldest sister was a fruit grower, a cart of apples, and she grew them at home.

but home-grown, it is also money.

it seems that the phrase "affection for Shandong and kindness to Qilu" is not in vain.

Shandong heroes can be seen everywhere

not only is he kind, but the people of Shandong are also righteous.

"Don't gossip, show the Shandong hero Wu Erlang."

this is a classic Shan Dong fast book.

there is no Wu Song now, but the people of Shandong who "let out a roar of injustice on the road" can be seen everywhere.

some time ago, Mr. Ren from Jining, Shandong Province, drove a big truck to deliver goods.

on the way, I suddenly found that a Hebei driver seemed to have touched someone.

he looked intently. Isn't this the person who touched himself two days ago?

Mr. Ren immediately jumped out of the truck, took a video to leave evidence, and yelled "he touched porcelain" to remind the driver.

when he saw the porcelain man, a strong man came, turned around and ran away in horror.

when the Hebei driver understood it, he was very grateful and wanted to give Mr. Ren some money.

Shandong Dahan is generally determined not to return good deeds.

he cares more about the title of "good man" than money.

if you praise him as "knight-errant liver and righteous courage" and "Shandong hero", he will be extremely happy.

"be a good person" is the great wisdom of Shandong people

as a mainlander who has lived in Shandong for 18 years, I should know Shandong people very well.

as the group most deeply influenced by the thought of Confucius and Mencius in China, they especially talk about "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and trust".

be loyal to superiors, loyal to friends and filial piety to the elderly.

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because people have lived on this side of the land for thousands of years, they have a very thorough understanding of human nature and have formed a very stable culture.

they especially know how people should get along with each other in order to achieve the most harmonious state.

their honesty, kindness and emphasis on affection are in fact an excellent survival strategy.

"only by being a good person can you live well."

is the core truth of life that they have groped out for a long time.

so people pay special attention to what others think of themselves, and all want to be recognized as a "good person".

in order to get this recognition, they will try their best to be nice to others.

over time, most people really become very good people.

they have honest faces, are not good at words, and are sincere and loyal to others.

they may live frugally on their own, but they are especially generous to their relatives and friends.

they all seem to have implanted Mini Program with "think of others" in their bones.

try to respond to other people's demands as much as possible, while others have difficulties in helping them carry them.