More than 20,000 people were infected in Shanghai, and Zhang Wenhong was scolded: the epidemic is endless, and this is the truth we must know.
More than 20,000 people were infected in Shanghai, and Zhang Wenhong was scolded: the epidemic is endless, and this is the truth we must know.
I hope our tomorrow will be better.



At the end of March, the epidemic situation became more and more serious, and there were more and more new infections every day.

on the 29th and 30th alone, there were more than 10,000 new infections in Shanghai, with a total of more than 20,000 in this round.

I look at the infection of the epidemic in Shanghai every day, and my mood is really mixed.

it feels like looking at a high achiever who has been for many years, suddenly playing abnormally, and failing in science.

although I know that the difficulty of the examination questions has increased, it is high achiever who is exploring a better way to solve the questions, but she is still a little shocked.

in the past two days, many netizens have been questioning Shanghai's prevention and control strategy, scolding Shanghai, Zhang Wenhong, and scolding them for screwing up prevention and control.

I just went to Zhang Wenhong's Weibo and found that the recent comments were simply unreadable.

not long ago, he was "the people's favorite expert". In the twinkling of an eye, he became a "junk net macro".

it is not easy to think of Zhang Wenhong, who was scolded while struggling to fight the epidemic.

the mood must be more complicated than ours.

too many strange things have happened in the past two years of the epidemic.

also gives people too much insight that they have never seen before.

I've figured out a few things recently, and I'd like to share them with you.

things change a lot

I don't know how many people remember how "naive" we were at the beginning of the epidemic.

at that time, most people thought the epidemic would be over soon.

it broke out in January 2020, and we thought it would be fine in February.

-everyone suffocated the virus by staying at home for a month.

but no.

then we thought March would be fine.

-when spring comes and the weather gets warmer, the virus will disappear from the heat.

but no.

the fact is that until March, two years later, we are still working hard to fight the epidemic, and we still do not know when it will end.

looking back at the news, you will find that in the early days, the vast majority of people were wrong about the epidemic.

around the beginning of March, we thought it was the second half of the epidemic.

some experts believe that the epidemic will end in April 2020.

some experts say that when the specific medicine comes out, it will be able to hold the virus.

more experts say that as long as the vaccine comes out, mass immunization can be achieved if the vaccination rate exceeds 70%.

even experts can't judge, the media, the public. Not to mention.

It can be said that almost no one has accurately predicted that the epidemic will come to this day in this way.

this epidemic has made everyone understand one truth:

things change a lot.

there are many things in the world that are beyond people's ability to predict.

you think if you go east, it must go south.

you think you will win, but it just makes you lose.

you think that if it takes three or two days, it may take more than ten years.

you think it can be solved by dividing three or five into two, and it may deal with you for 800 rounds.

so never be too sure of what hasn't happened.

most things in the world are hidden variables.

it's still good to think of more "just in case" and make more preparations.

one of the signs of maturity is to understand the complexity and variety of things, rather than always seeing things in a simple and absolute way.

during the period of change, it is best to be stable

there is a piece of news, which is very heart-wrenching:

undersea fishing lost more than 4 billion last year, and lost three years of profits in one year.

Zhang Yong, founder of Haidilao and a great god of the industry, admitted that it was mainly because he misjudged the situation.

in June 2020, he thought the epidemic would end in September 2020, so he opened new stores in the face of the epidemic.

In the past year, more than 700 stores have been opened, and the total number of stores has doubled.

as a result, the epidemic occurred repeatedly in 2021, with few restaurant guests, high rents and rising food prices.

Haidilao could not cover the loss and had to decide to close 300 stores.

As soon as this is turned on and off, it loses billions of dollars.

the lesson is painful.

but like Haidilao, because of misjudgment


, the number of people who have caused great losses is innumerable.

Life is like this sometimes. A small mistake in judgment may lose half your life's hard work.

so when the variables are too large, we should try our best to be stable.

do not act rashly, let alone gamble with too much cost.

otherwise, if something goes wrong, the fall may make it impossible for you to get up.

still need to save some money

is also a piece of news a few days ago.

A 41-year-old man in the closed area of Quanzhou, Fujian Province, tricked epidemic prevention workers into going out to buy vegetables and went out to work.

After he was found, he was detained for five days.

this news really makes people feel very bad.

I can't help thinking of the brother who crossed the Yangtze River during the epidemic in Wuhan.

at that time, Huanggang, Hubei Province closed the city, a man in order to go out to work, a man rowed a wooden basin across the Yangtze River, to Jiangxi.

A wooden basin, a bucket and a stick crossed the Yangtze River in this way.

the result is not easy to pass, but alsoHe was found by the Jiangxi police and was persuaded to return.

the epidemic is so serious, why do they have to go to great pains to sneak out to work?

forced by life, do you still love your work?

but on the other hand, if people run out like this, the epidemic may be out of control.

it is not easy for them to understand.

therefore, this problem is really unsolvable.

in fact, in the past two years of the epidemic, my biggest feeling is that people usually have to save some money.

most of us may not be as bitter as the men in the news.

but not too careless.

because an accident can happen at any time.

epidemic situation, unemployment, industry decline, sudden illness.

It's really hard to have no money.

therefore, when economic strength does not allow it, it is still necessary to exercise some restraint in life.

Don't always pursue big brands, top-end products, and limited edition.

try to ensure that your savings are not less than about three months' income for a rainy day.

an adult should be able to see the crisis in the distance.

you should know that accidents can happen at any time.

and when something goes wrong, money works best.

if you have money to spare, you will not panic.

occupation needs backup

many industries have been hit by the epidemic.

Tourism, entertainment, catering, aviation, import and export, real estate.

many people have lost their jobs and reduced their wages, but they cannot find a new way out.

but I saw an interview with a tour guide girl before, and it was very refreshing.

she used to take a delegation abroad, but as soon as the epidemic came, she soon lost her job.

colleagues who lost their jobs all complained bitterly and didn't know what to do, waiting at home for the epidemic to pass.

but she quickly found a new job-- live broadcasting.

because she has been an international tour guide for many years, she likes to study foreign customs and customs and has read a lot of related books.

so she talks about the scenic spots and cultures of many countries.

coupled with the fact that she is already eloquent, she does a good job of live broadcast.

she said her income was higher than before.

it's quite enviable.

in fact, this epidemic gives us a reminder:

one cannot have only one ability to make a living.

otherwise, if something happens to the industry, there may be nothing you can do about it.

people should have a sense of vigilance.

when the years are quiet, just think, if this business can not be done, what else can I do?

then make a professional backup according to your specialty.

for example, tourists also pay attention to the media, and catering workers also study ecological farms.

be a planB, so that you have the second competitiveness, so that you won't go blind when you lose your job.

still pay attention to state affairs

Omicron was detected in South Africa in November 2021.

at that time, it seemed to be just unremarkable news in a faraway country.

but only four months later, O'Micron came to us and seriously affected our lives.

have you found that in this era when the world is closely connected and the situation is changing rapidly, you are no longer allowed to "ignore things outside the window and only read the books of sages"?

otherwise, it won't take long for you to become a living antique, with outdated cognition, wrong decisions, and difficulties.

so we should still pay attention to state affairs and even world events.

because every corner of the world may be closely related to you.

the more you know the world and the more sensitive you are to the news, the more likely you are to seize opportunities, make the right decisions, and live a good life.

unlock new skills in time

on January 23, 2020, Wuhan issued a notice requiring that "citizens must wear masks when entering public places."

at that time, we did not realize that two years later, masks have become a very important necessity of our life.

now going out without a mask is really as uneasy as not wearing clothes.

apart from masks, life has changed too much in the past two years.

A lot of new words that we have never heard of before are now familiar to us:

flow adjustment, close connection, mixed detection, health code, nucleic acid detection, square cabin hospital, dynamic zero clearance, precise prevention and control, group immunity …...

there are layers of increase, malicious return to hometown, flood irrigation.

I often think that if a person is closed before January 2020, it will be very strange to come out today: what are you all talking about? It's only been two years. Has the world changed so much?

Yes, the world has been changing with each passing day in the past two years. It seems that something new happens every day.

one after another "unexpected" and "real surprise" come one after another, making people feel anxious, tired and strange.

and we have to keep up and unlock all kinds of new skills.

use health codes.

help children with online lessons.

get vaccinated in time.

be familiar with epidemic prevention policy.

so that you can live a normal life.

in fact, the epidemic is only part of this era.

there are more changes taking place quietly, and many people are not aware of it.

now the society is accelerating into the era of science and technology, and many skills needThey want us to unlock it.

such as buying tickets online, navigating with maps, learning courses online, judging the authenticity of information, sending photos to cloud space.

these skills, like common sense of the epidemic, are just as important to us.

if in the age of science and technology, you can't scan the code, make voice calls, or use taxi-hailing software, it will be like being unable to use health codes during the epidemic period, and life will be very inconvenient.

so don't be lazy, the skills you should learn must be learned, and the older you get, the more you should learn them in a down-to-earth manner.

Don't let yourself be an ancient person living in the world of technology.

learn to think of others

A relative of mine, the situation at home is very much like the epitome of the whole environment.

she and her husband run a ramen restaurant, the eldest junior high school and the second kindergarten.

there is also a mother who is in her seventies and is in poor health. She has severe kidney disease and cannot be vaccinated.

in the past two years, her family's ramen restaurant business is not as good as before, the income is meagre.

when the restaurant was closed due to a serious epidemic, the money in the family could not get in, and the two children were still at home for online classes, chickens and dogs jumping, which was really anxious and confusing.

she sometimes thinks that she might as well just let it go. People should eat, play, and finally group immunity, and the epidemic will pass.

but on second thought, what if mom gets infected?

he is old and still ill. He can't be vaccinated, so he probably can't bear it.

then she suddenly calmed down and felt that she still couldn't let go.

I'd rather have a bad business than keep my mother alive.

in fact, the country is also facing the choice question of "money or death".

has been on strict guard, and the economy must be greatly affected.

but if you let go, a lot of people will die.

now people have a lot of debate about the epidemic prevention policy, and they all think they are right.

may be essentially because of different positions.

businessmen don't understand that there are old people at home.

if you are not short of money, you can't open the pot at home without understanding.

in fact, as long as you think of others, you can figure it out immediately.

people can't just think from their own standpoint.

the epidemic is a disaster we all face, and we need to understand and support each other.

We should compete with the virus, not with our compatriots.

how small people are

how small is novel coronavirus?

1 million novel coronavirus adds up to the size of one human cell.

now novel coronavirus from all over the world fills a Coke bottle.

two years ago in March, there was only about one tablespoon.

but it is such an unseen and untouchable little thing that makes us miserable.

and this little thing also has its mysterious world.

as we all know, new crown virus strains have been popular for several generations in the world.

but it is difficult for ordinary people to go


, how O'Micron mutated, how it developed, and what a fierce battle with Delta became so contagious.

it is impossible for human beings to predict how, when and what characteristics the new "poison king" will come into being.

We can only hope that it is milder and less toxic, so that we can avoid the threat of COVID-19.

in the past, humans were very proud to think that we had conquered tigers and lions, built tall buildings, and that we were the masters of the earth.

there are too many things we don't know and can't handle.

with the efforts of all mankind, it may be difficult to eliminate a small virus in a Coke bottle.

this epidemic has made us realize our smallness and incompetence again, and understand the diversity and complexity of the world again.

if you can be more modest and think in the future, it will be worth the hard work this time.

speaking of this, I can't help sighing that we may really be a generation witnessing history.

the impact of the epidemic, the development of science and technology, and the turbulence of the world pattern.

in such a big era, everyone is a little ant.

be wrapped, pulled, ignored, frightened. Forced to run in a hurry.

But even so, most people are still trying to control the parts that can be controlled.

try to make life easier, better and more down-to-earth.

We know we are small, but we want to be born like ants and beautiful as gods.

this is the most moving part.

Thank you for every one of you who are traveling together in the big era. I hope our tomorrow will be better.



, let more people see it.

Li Yue,