Men who don't love you will say these three words frequently.
Men who don't love you will say these three words frequently.
The difference between people does not lie in whether they make mistakes, but in their different attitudes after making mistakes.


A listener left a message backstage, saying that she was less and less aware of her boyfriend's care and love for her.

"in the past, no matter what I said or did, he would follow me and would do it with me. Now no matter what I say or do, he doesn't care. Even the way he looks at me is not as gentle as he used to be. "

it is often said that true love, like a cough, cannot be hidden.

in fact, it is the same if you don't like it, there are clues to be found.

for example, the following three sentences, I believe that people who do not love you will often say to you.

are you bored

people who are really nice to you will never leave you alone just because of their emotions.

people who are really nice to you are those who want to hold you in their arms and love you even if they are too angry to speak.

but if there is no you in the heart of the person, he will not take care of your feelings, will only find you annoying and annoying.

I saw a couple quarreling in the street. The girl hasn't said anything yet, but the boy's voice is getting louder and louder. The girls began to apologize, but the boys refused to forgive them.

there are more and more onlookers, and the girls want to go home and discuss it again, giving each other a step down.

the boy said, "would you please stop doing this all the time? is it annoying?"

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before the girl reacted, he said, "Why didn't I think you had so much to do before?" If you keep doing this, I'll be very tired. I really can't. Let's split up. "

then he left her and left alone.

if a person really loves you, he won't abandon you after a fight.

only those who do not love you will use you as an excuse to be unreasonable, dislike you, hate you, and then leave you.

because I don't love anymore, so I don't care.

whatever you want

when a relationship reaches a cold period, the conversation between two people often goes like this:

"Let's have dinner together. I miss you."

"whatever you want."

"I think you are a little cold to me."

"think whatever you want."

"do you like someone else and don't like me?"

"if you think so, I can't help it."

this indifferent, indifferent attitude is the most hurtful in an intimate relationship.

Sanmao also said:

"probably the biggest disappointment to a person is that I don't want you to know about me anymore, and I don't want to know about you at all."

exclude you from his world and turn a blind eye to your existence.

if he treats you like this, it means he starts to give up on you, or even doesn't love you, at least not as much as he used to.

because he cares about a person's words, he will care about what she says, what she does, and all the mood changes.

only if you don't love and don't feel, will you be so light and don't mind your own business.

We are just friends

there is a pain in love that makes everyone think you are a couple, but in fact he only treats you as a friend.

you may have held hands, kissed, hugged, been together day and night, confided in each other, and done all the things couples do.

but in his heart, your identity is just a friend.

more than friendship, but far less than love, such ambiguity will only make people feel aggrieved.

A friend is just a perfunctory person who rejects your words in disguise.

because you can't be friends if you really like someone.

as long as you take one more look at her and miss her for another minute, you can't help but want to have it.

in the pure friendship between men and women, either neither side feels it, or one party loves deeply, while the other pretends to be deaf and dumb.

I don't love you and don't reject you, so use my friends as a shield and continue to enjoy your love.

if you meet such a person, you should stay away from it no matter how much you like it.

your love is precious. Don't waste it on someone who isn't worth it.

all the reasons you can think of are correct, and the person who disappoints you once will only let you down countless times.

instead of forcing someone who doesn't love you to feel pity and affection for you, be brave and take the initiative to leave and end.

"the lights have gone out on the way home, and no one has kept you for dinner. If we don't go back, it will be too late. "

so, when you can't feel love, stop the loss in time.

especially if the person you like says these three words to you frequently, he is already rejecting you.

not taking the initiative and not responding is the best answer.

in adult love, knowing how to exit politely is both sober and interesting.