"Love yourself and live the life you like."
"Love yourself and live the life you like."
As long as you are worthy of your heart, there is nothing to regret.

Today I saw a sentence saying:

"if you live the life you want, God will make you pay the price, and in the end, this complete self is the interest that God gives you."

when I grow up, I find that everyone has a different definition of "ideal life".

We have seen different mountains and rivers, met different people, experienced their own things, and time has polished us into a different existence from anyone else in the world.

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then the life that each of us wants is certainly not the standard answer in the same popular success book.

A friend of mine left some time ago.

she was finally relieved. She could have had a good relax, but she couldn't relax at all.

because several people who worked with her before were sending a message to her that she should not quit this job.

my friend said that she understood the reasons why she was advised to stay, but why no one understood why she left.

A high salary is very attractive, but if you spoil your health, is there any chance of getting it back?

in everyone's eyes, this is a very good industry, but do you have to like what you think is good?

"does the ideal life in everyone's eyes also have to be the life I want to pursue?"


on issues that do not involve principles and bottom lines, as long as you do not hurt the interests of others in exchange for your own interests, then no one can judge right or wrong in your choice.

gossiping is terrible, because if you talk too much, you will easily suspect that you are wrong.

but those words are not worth fearing, because others have not walked your way and will not share anything for you.

Life is always cold and warm, you just need to stick to your choices and make efforts and take risks for your choices.

I like this passage written by Cai Kangyong in the book:

"never runs out of a deer, says he is an expert, and tells all the deer:

how many leaves a day, what time is the most appropriate, and how many chews on each leaf is the healthiest way to eat leaves and live the longest.

but we human beings will be very happy to have experts to tell us what to eat, how many steps to take, and how long to sleep.

although we can't do it 99% of the time, we like to be told the template so that we can emulate the goal.

over time, we also believe that a model really exists, that someone can really live like a model.

I think so.

imagine that one day, everyone will live the way they look in the model, have the same "perfect" partner and live exactly the same "ideal" life.

in the torrent of time, I can't tell who is others and who is who I really am.

the world is more than boring.

if everyone wants to be a champion, there will be no more champions.

if everyone likes to perform on the stage, there will be no applause in the auditorium and no one will appreciate the best performance.

on this great peak of life, there are majestic peaks and majestic hillsides. You can rest for a while when you are tired, save up enough strength, and then move on.

every place, there is every scenery, every step, has the meaning of every step.

nothing is absolute, there are many things, there is no right or wrong, only difference.

therefore, there is no need to rush to distinguish between black and white, or to argue about right and wrong.

only the battlefield is victory or defeat. In life, there are ten thousand people and ten thousand evaluation rules.

always feel that as we grow older and more experienced, our hearts will become more tolerant.

tolerance means that you can disagree, but try to understand.

understand that others don't agree with us, respect their choices, fulfill their wishes, and let go of our own obsession.

as the old saying goes, "seek benevolence, get benevolence, seek righteousness and get righteousness." Everyone wants different things, and the things they give up are naturally different.

as long as you are worthy of your heart, there is nothing to regret.

you just love yourself, live the life you want, and leave the rest to time.