It's boring to force people to return to Wechat.
It's boring to force people to return to Wechat.
Those who are not sincere enough will not blow the evening breeze together.

"since you don't want to reply to the message, I won't force you from now on."

"if my love embarrasses you, don't frown, I'll just go."

just before going to bed last night, I saw this dynamic in moments.

it was a girl who posted the news.

"I like him very much, but his attitude always makes me feel that my love is a kind of disturbance and superfluous to him."

she said she couldn't help but want to talk to a boy every day, so she took the initiative to send him Wechat every day.

but he seldom replied to the messages she sent.

he didn't even bother to tell her the perfunctory "oh" and "um".

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at first, she comforted herself that he might be too busy and stressed to check his cell phone.

or make excuses for him, thinking that he should be in a bad mood, so he doesn't want to talk to anyone.

later, she realized that she was deceiving herself when she thought these reasons were funny to herself.

she asked me, "will anyone really be so busy that they don't even have time to go back to Wechat?"

I thought about it and said to her:

"he may be really busy, but you may also be really unimportant."

because if he is an important person, he is reluctant to give up, and he will not let you wander in hope and disappointment and wait so long.

most of the time, the indifference, neglect, and indifference you feel are not an illusion.

the person who disappoints you will only let you down countless times.

waiting is a long and painful process.

the first second after the message is sent, you start staring at your phone.

phone rings, your heart seems to be in your throat.

while longing for news from him, he was afraid that it was not from him.

when he doesn't reply, you think about the words you sent over and over again.

thought that something was wrong, which made him angry.

in the chat interface, green dialogs occupy most of the screen, while white dialogs rarely appear.

all your expectations will be disillusioned without waiting for his response.

you'd like to ask him why he didn't reply to your message.

but you held back.

because, you know, it's no fun to force people to reply.

what you get reluctantly, it's hard to last.

there is a saying circulating on the Internet:

"sometimes if I send a message to someone who is very important and he has not answered me, I will delete that dialog box."

because I always feel that seeing that dialog box is like seeing my own humility and ingratiation. "


No one is willing to give up a person who has loved for a long time and loved deeply.

it's just that when the other party is much more indifferent and has been perfunctory for a long time, disappointment is enough.

I like you, yes, but my love has a time limit, a bottom line, dignity and needs to be responded to.

I have taken 99 steps towards you, but you still refuse to take the first step.

No matter how much I like it, I will go back in place and never take the last step.

because my pride does not allow me to humble myself to dust.

A valley without an echo is not worth jumping.

feelings of this kind of thing, only like each other, go in both directions can have the meaning of the beginning.

it takes a lot of courage to take the initiative to like someone and pursue a love.

when you have him in your heart, it means you give him the right to hurt himself.

before that, maybe you imagined 180 possibilities for you to be happy together.

but the reality is always on the contrary, it is always difficult for us to have and enjoy love in the way we expect.

in this case, timely stop loss is the best choice.

"sometimes, the people we like don't like us, which is really painful.

loveliness is not the stars and the moon or any big scene, love is occasional luck.

there are 7 billion people on earth, and there is always someone who climbs the moon for you. "

Life is a sea of mountains and rivers, and there are always people who come over the mountains to love you.

in front of the person who loves you, he will take the initiative to find you, reply to you on Wechat, and care about you without your reluctance and coercion.

he treats you well out of sincerity and love.

as for the person who needs repeated reminders to be free, forget it.

people who are not sincere enough will not blow the evening wind together.