It is not until middle age that people understand that the most poisonous partner in marriage is not having an affair.
It is not until middle age that people understand that the most poisonous partner in marriage is not having an affair.
Marriage is a safe haven, but not a paradise forever.


when you were young, when you first got married, when you were in love with each other, without the test of the world, you thought that the worst thing in the world was that your lover had an affair and changed her mind.

when I reach middle age, I have a deeper understanding of marriage and lover, and finally understand that the most poisonous partner in marriage is not cheating.

Happy marriages abound and are mostly the same in the world, but unhappy marriages are unhappy in their own way.

meeting these kinds of partners is far more terrifying than having an affair.

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always hit your partner

it is not until middle age that people understand that a husband and wife are not only having children, but also encouraging each other and accomplishing each other.

but always hit your partner, will only make you feel that marriage is a mistake, in his side, there is always endless cold.

Twenty years ago, Pingping was the most iconic girl in the courtyard. Her father chose Zhao Lei, the son of his old colleague.

Zhao Lei is tall, elegant and introverted, and his parents are double-working, with only sisters but no brothers, so he will not suffer in the past.

at first, many people envied the marriage, but after less than a year or two, it dried up at a speed visible to the naked eye, especially after giving birth to a son.

people only think that it costs a woman a lot to have children, but they don't know the real reason, which lies in her husband.

it was only after marriage that I found out that my husband's family is not the same kind of person as my own.

ordinary love to eat, wear, love to visit, the husband's family, do not eat, drink, do not move, and except for a few brothers and sisters, even the relatives of the family, do not move.

even if this is the case, not only do they do so themselves, but also all kinds of blows are mediocre:

she likes to read, so her husband satirizes her whether she wants to take the doctorate even though she is married.

she buys some fruit, but her husband is too delicate to pick on her;

she goes home to see her parents, and her husband comes home to find fault.

she bought wool to knit her own sweater, and her husband said that her donkey dung eggs were smooth.

in the eyes of her husband, any hobby is ostentatious, poor and fastidious. After living together for more than a decade, she is becoming more and more disappointed with her husband.

as a matter of fact, their family is really not poor, but no matter what she does, her husband is always frustrated and never says a good word.

Last year, after the girl went to college, Ping Ping found an excuse to live in another house, and the place where her husband didn't come easily was decorated by her.

as she is about to retire, she begins to live alone like a young man. although she is lonely, without her husband's torture, she is getting younger.

when it comes to the marriage of her children, she is not as anxious as some of her colleagues, probably because she has been married blindly for decades. She hopes that her children will slowly find someone who can appreciate and tolerate themselves.

it is difficult for people who have not experienced this kind of experience to understand the mediocre mood.

after decades of marriage, it is comfortable to be with someone who understands and appreciates you, but if the other person can only beat and squeeze you, that kind of sadness and torture can only be understood by yourself.

people who are prone to violence

this kind of violence includes cold violence.

Today, there are still some people who feel that domestic violence is a domestic affair and that there is no need to worry about it. Anyway, everyone will experience it.

if you meet such people, be sure to stay away from them. Although they are not necessarily bad people, they must be very cold and stupid.

because the harm of domestic violence to a family is incalculable! Not only the partner but also the children are affected.

most of the children who grow up in violent families show two extremes, either extremely cowardly without sense of security, or pass on the factors of violence in their parents and form another violent family.

Lucky people are cured by childhood all their lives, while unfortunate people try their best to cure childhood all their lives.

as far as society is concerned, the family is the smallest unit. only when the family is stable and harmonious can society develop steadily. Therefore, we should no longer think that domestic violence is a domestic affair. Unstable families will only create more unstable factors.

before getting married, everyone wants to spend the rest of their lives together with ups and downs, but after many people get married, they find that the biggest ups and downs in life are also given by pillows.

there is always a difference between zero and countless times of domestic violence.

if you encounter misfortune, please stop your loss in time, which is closer to happiness than thinking that the other person will correct it.

people who only use evasion to solve problems

Marriage is a safe haven, but it is not a paradise forever, it will not be happy forever, and it will not be without waves forever.

so if there is a problem between husband and wife, it must be solved in time, because evasion will only make the problem bigger and bigger.

but there is always a kind of person who will only run away when something happens and is called not to argue with you. This kind of partner is more hateful than the first two.

there was once such a man in the unit of friends, who looked straight, talked elegantly and personably, with only one drawback, that is, his marriage was unhappy.

A little girl who has not experienced personnel is obsessed by him. Even if she is a lover, she has to haunt him. Only a few married old aunts understand how hateful this man is!

A man's first wife is a talented woman in their unit. She is talented, beautiful and rich. After getting married, she becomes a housewife at ease.

but men are restless, never say they are married, and are vague about all kinds of ambiguity.

wife quality when coming homeAsk, ignore the explanation, either hide and ignore it, or let the other person be suspicious.

after forcing the other party into a crazy woman, he got out completely.

those who don't know sympathize with him, but those who know the truth scold him for being hateful.

many people think that they still have a lot of problems to avoid. In fact, husband and wife are not afraid of quarrels, so they are afraid of avoiding them.

it is obvious that they are the greatest villains, but they have portrayed themselves as victims in the eyes of the public, and this kind of behavior is the most abominable!