It is a great ability to make yourself comfortable
It is a great ability to make yourself comfortable
It's expensive for the rest of your life, so don't mess with yourself.

I once read such a sentence on the Internet: "Life is so difficult, so don't mess with yourself. There's nothing you can't get through, and there's no one you can't forget."

if you think about it, it is true.

most of the time, the difficulties that we once thought we could not get through will pass quietly one day.

in fact, most of the difficulties in life come from the struggle between yourself and yourself.

only by letting go of yourself and making peace with yourself can you live comfortably.

it's expensive for the rest of your life, so don't mess with yourself.

Don't pay too much attention to other people's opinions

have seen such a story:

Father and son took to the street on a donkey, but passers-by pointed out that they were too cruel and let one donkey carry two people.

so the father came down to take the donkey and let his son ride the donkey. At this time, passers-by began to blame his son, saying that he was not filial at all.

Father and son had to change places and let the son lead the donkey and the father rode the donkey. But some passers-by said that my father was too cruel.

in desperation, father and son had to lead the donkey together.

I thought that this time, everyone would be satisfied, but who had ever thought that passers-by still clung to it.

it is said that father and son are too stupid to ride a donkey and insist on walking.

in this world, no one can satisfy everyone.

blindly wronged himself for others, not only did not live up to what everyone expected, but also lost the original self.

other people's opinions, once taken to heart, will disturb people's mind, lose self-confidence, and get confused.

as the writer Yu Hua wrote in his book living: "Life belongs to everyone's own feelings, not to the opinions of anyone else."

indeed, the day is our own, and we can only decide whether it is good or not and how to live it.

only by not paying attention to the opinions of others can you live your true self.

Ye Xiu in the TV series "full-time Master" is a person who doesn't care what other people think.

Ye Xiu, as the glory ceiling, is the only contestant to win three consecutive championships.

but as a result, he was envied and removed from the position of captain of the team by the manager.

Ye Xiu, who turned from champion to network manager, did not give up, but wanted to develop a new career and become a full-time master in a glorious world.

everyone thought he was whimsical, but he turned a deaf ear to it and did not take it to heart, but devoted himself to his own research.

It is because of this that he can return to the peak of glory.

mouth grows on others, since you can't stop other people's mouths, cover your own ears and do your own thing.

the opinions of others are far less important than you think. Those blurted remarks are not worth it, so you doubt and deny yourself for this.

so learn to go in one ear and out the other when it comes to the opinions of others.

just listen, don't worry about it.

Don't squeeze into the circle if you can't fit in.

Chen Xiaoyang wrote in "the experience of growing up": "sometimes circles are the same as mobile phone memory. When necessary, learn to choose and clean up. There is no need for circles that do not fit in."

indeed, not every circle can be integrated.

cherish those who can enter the circle.

and for those who blindly squeeze hard and it is difficult to join the circle, we should give up decisively. Otherwise, the loss outweighs the gain.

like Emma in the book Madame Bovary, she came from a humble background and married a rural doctor.

but her heart is higher than the sky, and she feels that she is no worse than the ladies in terms of figure and appearance.

for this reason, she always tries to find a chance to attend the count's party and wants to join the rich circle.

she envies the rich, and Emma would rather be heavily in debt and live a luxurious life in order to live a superior life.

her husband always advised her, but she turned a deaf ear to it.

She didn't feel fear until she received a subpoena from the court asking her to pay off her debts within 24 hours.

but even though she tried her best to raise money everywhere, she didn't borrow a single franc.

At that time, Emma was so desperate that she had no choice but to take arsenic and escape from the world.

does not belong to your circle, even if you squeeze in, it will only be counterproductive.

hurt yourself not to say, sometimes, even a family's sorrow.

Zhang Zhizhi's hard squeeze in the TV series "Dear self" hurt not only herself, but also her daughter.

in order to send her daughter to an elite kindergarten, Zhang Zhizhi tried her best to curry favor with the "boss" in the parental circle, Miao Miao mother.

in her opinion, to be able to talk to Miao Miao's mother is to successfully enter the aristocratic circle. But unexpectedly, others didn't take her seriously at all.

Zhang Zhizhi once failed to attend a parent-teacher meeting and was kicked out of the group by Miao Miao's mother.

when her daughter was isolated in kindergarten, Zhang Zhizhi made cookies all night, trying to make peace with Miao Miao's mother as soon as possible, thinking that her daughter could be respected again.

but her husband complained to her that her daughter could not understand her, and even said, "Mom likes Miao Miao better. If Miao Miao is happy, her mother will be happy."

the price of squeezing in a circle is that she is not the only one who gives in, but so is her daughter.

as Cai Kangyong said: "there are so many circles in life, we don't have to make a circle in every circle."

think about it, this is indeed the truth, it can not be integrated.In the circle, just let go and stop pushing hard.

instead of joining the circle of fame and suffering the cold shoulder around him, it is better to stick to his own small circle and make three or five friends.

wouldn't it be nice to have something to contact, nothing to think about, and peace on one side?

uncomfortable relationships, don't work hard to maintain

read this passage on the Internet: "any relationship that makes you feel uncomfortable will only slowly consume you, make you exhausted, lose initiative, and become depressed."

it is true that a good relationship is comfortable.

once this comfort is gone, there is no need to maintain the relationship.

writer Liu Yu once said that when she was studying abroad, she met a girl, and it wasn't long before the two became acquainted with each other.

but this relationship ended in failure.

the reason is that Liu Yu feels that they will never talk about going together.

back and forth, Liu Yu felt that they had no common topic and were very tired to get along with each other. even if they worked hard to maintain it, it was difficult to heat up, so they simply stopped being forced to go back to nodding friends.

A good relationship does not depend on the efforts of one person, but two-way efforts.

when I was in college, I became a stranger with a roommate.

At first we talked about everything, but I couldn't figure out her mood.

her face began to droop because she didn't have a word.

I asked her what was wrong, and she only told me it was all right.

after a day, she made friends with me as usual.

once, she fainted on the playground because of low blood sugar.

I was in a meeting when I received the message, so I couldn't go there immediately.

so I immediately texted her that I would be there after the meeting, but she didn't reply.

I didn't care much. I just rushed to the school hospital at the first moment after the end.

However, she turned a blind eye to my arrival.

I was depressed for a long time, and the other roommates loved me and told me the truth.

it turned out that I didn't have the first time to see her that day.

and didn't buy her two big bags of snacks as usual when she was sick.

in a fit of anger, she blocked me in her moments and did not reply to the message.

my roommate also told me that every time she was angry, she would speak ill of me, but she smiled in front of me.

after hearing this, I felt extremely chilled, and it had been difficult to read her mind, so I drifted away from her.

there are some relationships that make people feel aggrieved to pay, because they clearly give everything, but they are not people inside and outside.

this kind of relationship will only make people more and more uncomfortable and tired.

you treat them as treasures, but they treat you like grass.

since this is the case, it is better to let go decisively than to be entangled needlessly.

there is a saying on the Internet: "Don't always mess with yourself, do what you have to do with your heart." Don't care too much about other people's comments and don't blindly please others. "

it is true that in this life, it is not worth making yourself sad for others.

Don't take others' comments too seriously, just turn a deaf ear to them.

if you can't squeeze into the circle, don't be too reluctant, just be an outsider.

A relationship that is too uncomfortable, don't be too strong, just be a stranger.

Don't take everything seriously and don't mess with yourself.

making yourself comfortable is a person's greatest ability.

Life is not long, but the rest of life is expensive. If you look down on other people's affairs, you will be nicer to yourself.

", may you live a casual and happy life.

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