It has long been doomed whether husband and wife can grow old together.
It has long been doomed whether husband and wife can grow old together.
​ trust each other, better and better; cherish gratitude, stay together until old.

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youdao is:

"all the consequences start from the cause."

all laws are determined by heaven.

the origin of emotion is a fate;

the longevity of marriage is a cycle of cause and effect.

couples can walk to the end, there must be the following three points, see if you have one?

if the three values are the same, it is easy to be happy

the Analects of Confucius says:

"different ways do not conspire with each other, and different aspirations do not make friends with each other."

birds of a feather flock together.

any long-term relationship must have the same frequency, otherwise it will only fall apart.

therefore, love may not be white, only when the three values are the same can we be happy.

Zhu Shuzhen, a famous poetess of the Song Dynasty, experienced an extremely painful marriage.

Zhu Shuzhen, who was born into an official family, grew up well-off and full of poetry books.

in the Song Dynasty of Chongwen and Yanwu at that time, the ideal lover in Zhu Shuzhen's mind was naturally all excellent in poems and songs.

it is a pity that her father betrothed her to a pointless official.

at first, Zhu Shuzhen was full of fantasies about her husband and hoped to communicate more with her husband to enhance her relationship.

it is a pity that Chu Shu-Chen's true feelings are exchanged for only her husband's evil words and punches.

Zhu Shuzhen is miserable to get along with such a vulgar and shallow person.

full of poetry, no one appreciates it, and there is not even a trace of common interest and hobby.

their marriage life gradually ran counter to each other. Many years later, Zhu Shuzhen chose to jump into the river and kill herself, ending this unhappy marriage.

Behind the three values lies the growth process and way of thinking of the two people.

you like going to the movies, and he mocks that you are not worth the money;

you enjoy being comfortable with what happens, and he laughs at you for not being self-motivated;

you are willing to buy fuel, rice, oil and salt, and he disdains you to be covered in lampblack.

it was obviously an exchange of heart and heart, but in the end it became a conversation between chickens and ducks.

couples who can't even talk together will never be able to understand and tolerate.

it's like wearing a pair of foot-sharpening shoes, the longer you run in, the more painful it will be. How do you spend the rest of your life?

Marriage life is like building a house in partnership. It is far from enough to rely on the efforts of one person. If you want to walk for a long time, it depends on whether the three values can match.

the most important thing in the so-called matchmaking is not the match of the family, but the consistency of the three values.

as the saying goes, "there is no need for strong integration in different circles, different values, and no need to go together."

A truly long-lasting marriage must have the same values.

Trust each other and get better and better


"it takes ten years to build the same ferry and a hundred years to sleep together."

it is providence for two people to meet each other, and it depends on man to keep each other.

mutual trust and honesty are the basic prerequisites for a marriage to last.

there is such an experiment:

requires a person to wear an eye patch, with the help of the other side, cross a road and go back to the starting point, as long as he succeeds, he can get a valuable prize.

simple requirements have attracted many couples and couples to sign up for participation.

but very few people can really get the prize.

it turns out that people who are blindfolded will be affected by the sound of sirens next to their ears without taking a few steps.

Trust disintegrates at this moment, and people will unconsciously take off the blindfold, and naturally they will not be able to reach the end.

The same is true in marriage. Only by falling in love will you give up halfway. Only by trusting each other can you have the rest of your life.

once two people have suspicion, there will be a gap, even if it is a different dream in the same bed.

as the old saying goes:

"if you marry as husband and wife, there is no doubt about your love."

suspicion is the most pointless thing.

If you have too much suspicion, even if you have nothing to do, you will have trouble for no reason.

when I hear my cell phone ring, I suspect someone.

I was worried about having an affair when I saw that I was laughing with others.

the biggest taboo in marriage is suspicion.

only when we know each other for a long time can we not doubt each other.

it is a long and insipid process for two people to meet each other.

having trust is the best antistaling agent for happiness.

cherish and be grateful, stay together until you are old

the elders often say:

"A couple has a hundred days of kindness, a hundred days of husband and wife is as deep as the sea."

feelings are mutual. It's not easy to be husband and wife. Don't wait until you miss it.

there is such a story:

there is an old couple selling pancakes. If something goes wrong, they will complain to each other and lose their temper.

on this day, the business was too busy and the two quarreled bitterly.

the husband shouted: "I am so tired, you are not satisfied, if you go on like this, I will be impolite!"

the wife shouted, not to be outdone,

"I don't do less work. You only know yourself." Come if you dare, and I won't live either! "

as the two quarreled more and more fiercely, the neighbor next door came forward and shouted, "somebody, there are free pancakes here. Come and get them!"

the couple were worried and hurried up to protect the pancakes.

but the man smiled and said:

"you don't care about each other anyway, and you don't want to live and want this pancake.What's the use? "

immediately, the couple fell silent.

the most terrible thing about a family is not poverty, but ungratitude.

Home is not a battlefield. If there are only accusations and complaints and lack of warmth and understanding, the feelings will naturally become weaker and weaker.

those who can stay together to the old family tend to be more grateful than picky.

husband and wife can not be accompanied by Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) without the escort of gratitude.

gratitude is understanding and cherishing.

only by cherishing each other's efforts can we be less critical, less complaining, and less blaming.

only in such a family can husband and wife fall in love and grow old together.

A writer said:

"the depressed family atmosphere is easy to soak for a long time."

in this world, all partners who have never been bored for a long time are not born with each other, but because they know how to inject gratitude into life.

husband and wife are mutual, and only by paying attention to each other and being grateful and cherishing each other, can they really last forever.

"would like to win the heart of one person, white heads will not be separated."

it is husband and wife who depend on each other from beginning to end;

it is husband and wife who stay in bed with each other when they are ill, and it is also husband and wife who never give up when they are old.

what can really make two people go to the end is the matching values, mutual trust, and gratitude from the bottom of their hearts.

with these three kinds of husband and wife, you can have Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling), have long happiness, and have a happy family and everything.