In this life, except for life and death, it is all bruises.
In this life, except for life and death, it is all bruises.
If God is not blessed, you and I will start all over again.

there is a girl named "go rice" on Weibo, who has been thought of again recently.

in the early morning of March 17, 2012, the post-90s girl committed suicide to end her life because of depression. She said goodbye to the world for the last time through the regular send on Weibo.

it has been nearly 10 years since she left.

in the time since she left, there have been more than 4 million messages on this Weibo.

most of them are telling one thing: it's hard to live.

some time ago, news of suicides also occupied hot searches, and their sad stories made countless people cry.

first, a 19-year-old female Internet celebrity suffering from severe depression

@ Lo kitty

he committed suicide by drinking pesticides during the live broadcast, and in the end he died of ineffective rescue.

shortly after her death, the 25-year-old photographer

@ Lu Dawson

leave a suicide note on Weibo, disappearing forever outside the winter night landscape of Zhoushan.

every time I see similar news, it makes my uncle feel depressed.

the truth of life is more than that.

maybe you are having an emotional breakdown and feel hopeless at the moment, and don't compromise or surrender.

you still have love and future, and the dawn and dawn after the turn of the Jedi.

even if humble to dust, even if covered with bruises, it can still blossom in fine pieces.

what the world looks like depends on how you view it.

you see, even though life shatters the possibilities of life, there are still people who love the world hard.

do you remember the Yunnan "basketball girl" who once touched thousands of people on the Internet?

her name is Qian Hongyan. She was originally an ordinary little girl born in Yunnan. Her family is not good enough, but she is also happy.

when Qian Hongyan was four years old, a sudden car accident plunged her life into a tragedy.

she was involved in the bottom of the car, causing her to have to be amputated below the pelvis to save her life. At that time, medicine was underdeveloped, and it was a miracle to survive.

after the "ghost gate", Qian Hongyan's world has undergone earth-shaking changes.

the high cost of treatment makes their parents give everything they have, and they can't even afford to make a prosthetic limb. Qian Hongyan can only lie in bed all day, isolated from the rest of the world.

her parents are busy making a living, and she can only bear all the pain and grievances alone.

Qian Hongyan often lies on the window watching children of the same age go to school with their schoolbags on their backs, while she is alone.

the father could not bear to see his daughter's grief, so he tried to use tires and planks as tools for her to walk. But the rough material and ill-fitting outline make Qian Hongyan miserable.

until Grandpa found a shabby basketball in the junkyard, he cut the basketball in half, stuffed it with soft cotton and put it around Qian Hongyan's lower body.

in this way, basketball became Qian Hongyan's "leg", allowing her to get out of bed and see the outside world.

but then mocked onlookers and was overwhelmed by public opinion.

Qian Hongyan doesn't care. She knows that reading is her only way back.

by chance, Qian Hongyan came into contact with Zhang Honghu, a swimming coach for the disabled, and launched her brilliant sports career.

High paraplegia, in the concept of most people: this life is useless.

Qian Hongyan has never been without this idea, but she is still not at the mercy of fate and tries to find her own direction to forge ahead.

the pain and pain suffered in it is beyond words.

with her endurance and persistence, she has created a miracle in the history of swimming after ten years of sharpening.

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Qian Hongyan won 3 gold medals in the Yunnan Provincial Games;



won one gold medal and two silver medals in the National disabled Swimming Championships;

in 2010, he won three silver medals in the National disabled Swimming Championships;

in 2014, he won the championship at the Kunming Paralympic Games.

in the battle with fate, she lost her whole lower body, but she also won all her wonderful life.

she said that she wanted to take half of her body to the bigger world, so that more people could see her cry that she would never give up.

Zheng Tao, born in 1990, lost his arms when he was 6 years old when he touched a high-voltage wire.

until 2004, when the disabled Persons' Federation went to the grass-roots level to select athletes Miao Zi, Zheng Tao joined the Yunnan disabled swimming team with the idea that he "doesn't want to be a cripple."

lasted 8 years; trained eight or nine hours a day; the amputation part was infected many times; the new and old injuries were tortured repeatedly.

Zheng Tao finally stood on the championship podium of the Paralympic Games.

it is almost a pipe dream not to swim with arms, but to become the world's top athlete.

"Coach, if I don't touch my head against the wall, my grades will be inaccurate every time, so you don't have to be afraid of my pain."

at the mercy of fate, the dawn of the dream shines into reality.

Zheng Tao broke the world record of the Paralympic Games many times and won the championship three times in a row.The flying fish of the hand.

compared with normal life, Zheng Tao undoubtedly took a bad hand, but he still played the bad card out of Wang's verve.

neither Qian Hongyan nor Zheng Tao lived under the definition of others, nor were they bound by "insurmountable hurdles". They used their own actions to constantly break the difficulties and climb over the mountains, that is, to see the light.

and there are many people like them.

dare you run desperately in the endless darkness?

do you know whether the end of the darkness is the end or the cliff?

blind track and field athlete Liu Cuiqing gave us the answer.

Liu Cuiqing lost the opportunity to treat eye diseases because of poverty when he was young, and has been completely blind ever since.

after she entered the school for the blind and deaf-mute, she devoted herself to studying, and her biggest dream was to open a massage parlor for the blind so as not to make her mother so tired.

in 2009, the disabled Persons' Federation came to the school to pick people and chose Liu Cuiqing.

after running for 12 years, she fell and got up countless times, the sand and gravel was embedded in the flesh, and her skin was silted, and she didn't say, "I want to give up."

she is a well-deserved "Chinese flying woman" as she rides off the dust on the field.

take a detailed look at their past, each experience is unbearable, and the despair and sinister are too heavy to attach, but you will only see them get up again and again and limp forward courageously.

is tricked by fate, but can not shackle stubborn and proud souls, give them a chance, they will be able to reverse the Jedi and win their own lives.

only when you have experienced life and death can you realize the truth of life; only by working hard can you see that there is a long way to go.

being alive means everything.

Wang Xiaobo once said:

"later I learned that life is a slow process of being hammered. As people grow older, their extravagant hopes disappear day by day, and eventually become like hammered cattle.

but I didn't foresee it at the time. I feel like I'm going to go on forever, and nothing can hammer me.


and the so-called life is nothing more than a process of being hammered constantly.

No one's fate can soar. Even if you set foot on the top of the mountain, you may fall into the valley in the future. As long as you don't bow your head and start again, you will still see the moon.

the only thing we can do is to experience and feel, endure the pain, fight back, walk through the thick fog and gladly turn to the sun in the ever-changing journey of life.

if God is not blessed, you and I will start all over again.