In the WeChat group, it is often these three types of people who seldom talk and do not quit.
In the WeChat group, it is often these three types of people who seldom talk and do not quit.
No one can beat time, but they can use it efficiently to improve themselves.

WeChat group is regarded as an online social occasion by more and more people.

in their spare time, people like to share all kinds of life trivia and interesting things.

however, there is always a group of people who have been "silent" for years in every group.

in the WeChat group, it is often these three types of people who seldom speak but do not quit.

people who like to be alone

as long as you turn on your phone, you can always see countless messages pop up.

before we know it, we spend more and more time chatting, leaving less time for ourselves, and our mood gradually becomes restless.

once read such a story on the Internet.

one netizen said that for a time, she became physically and mentally exhausted because she was addicted to WeChat group chat.

it turns out that one day, she met an old classmate on the road and joined the classmate group.

the students chatted enthusiastically in the group, which made her miss the beauty of the school days.

in order to "return" to her school days, she spends her spare time chatting with her classmates in the WeChat group every day, and often stares at the group for fear of missing out on the group news.

over time, she found that her life did not become full because she was reunited with her old classmates, but became more empty and helpless.

later, she simply put down her phone, turned off the group message reminder, and spent the time she had spent chatting to relax herself.

she also said that rather than chatting with her old classmates in the WeChat group every day, she enjoys putting down her phone and vacating her time without outside interference.

Thoreau said, "even with the best people can be tiresome, and when I am alone, I become myself."

Zeng naively thought that people who seldom spoke in WeChat groups were because they were not interested in chatting topics in the group, or because there were people in the group he hated.

nowadays, it is not that people who just know how to talk very little in a group do not like to participate in topic discussions, nor do they mean that they have met people who can't talk with each other.

instead, people who rarely speak in a group prefer to be alone than to talk in a group.

because things are complicated in the world, when you get along with yourself, you can always put aside your impetuosity, calm down and get to know yourself, and find your inner strength from it.

as Zhou Guoping said:

"solitude is a wonderful moment and experience in life. Although there is some loneliness, there is a kind of fulfillment in loneliness."

people with a sense of proportion

I don't know if you have found out:

when some people in the WeChat group complain about their sufferings and bewilderment for comfort, there are always self-righteous people who come out to tell them what to do, and make a lot of unhappiness.

when the bell rang in the middle of the night, people kept sending messages to the group, affecting other people's rest.

these people always regard the WeChat group as a stage to show themselves, while disturbing other members of the group.

author Jenny Joe has had such an experience.

she and a friend are in the same WeChat group, but this friend often comes out to chat with her in the WeChat group regardless of whether she is busy or not.

every time, she answers her friend's questions patiently.

but once, a friend openly asked her about the price of her new house in the group.

as a result, many friends in the group who did not know that she had bought a house came to ask her when she bought the house and so on.

originally, when and how much to buy a house is her personal privacy, but it was revealed by this friend in the WeChat group without her consent.

when they chat in a group, they never consider the feelings of others, but only their own temporary desire for sharing.

it is often offensive to chat with such people in a group.

there is a saying in "Gui Guzi Ben Fu":

"A lot of words must be short."

as I walked, I found that a person with a sense of proportion seldom chatted in the group.

in their eyes, the chat in the WeChat group is across the screen, can not see each other's facial expressions, it is easy to misunderstand because of an expression or a punctuation mark.

so they choose to use silence instead of chatting.

if you are lucky enough to meet such a person, please remember that he must cherish the relationship between you. You should cherish it.

people who promote themselves

once saw such a question on the Internet: "Why do you always feel like you don't have time to study?"

one at the bottom replied, "because you spend a lot of time socializing."

on reflection, this is indeed the case.

most of the time, we finally enter the state of learning, but because of a sudden WeChat group message reminder, we can't help but pick up our cell phone to check it and join the chat.

but, waitAfter the chat of the WeChat group, I found that the time that should have been studied had passed, and I was not in a state to continue learning.

as the saying goes:

"as your social network becomes more and more developed, your interpersonal relationships become closer, you know more and more people, and you have more and more complex things to do, you must have less and less time to calm down and learn."

the writer Brother Qing once told such a story.

once, when brother Qing communicated and wrote with a colleague, the colleague said that he had nothing to write about.

when Brother Qing asked her what she thought of the hot news these days, she said she was not in the habit of paying attention to the hot news.

Brother Qing then asked her what she thought of the recent popular TV dramas and variety shows.

she replied that she was not interested in these things.

Brother Qing asked her curiously what she was doing after work and whether she was learning anything related to the industry.

she said that when she got home, she usually chatted with friends in WeChat group, or scanned moments and played games.

you can see where you spend your energy. You can deceive yourself, but you can't deceive others all the time.

there is no lack of hard-working people in the world, and those who are most afraid of being stronger than you are even harder than you.

if you don't try to run forward today, you may be eliminated tomorrow.

No one can beat time, but they can use it efficiently to improve themselves.

those who seldom chat in WeChat groups know this well.

it's not that they don't like chatting in groups, but they are well aware of the impermanence of the world and the uncertainty of their lives.

that's why they spend their time constantly updating their abilities, giving them the ability to control life and make it possible.

agrees with a line from the TV series "the Great Girl":

"my friend, can't you cherish it if you can't hold it in your hand all day like a toy in a child's hand? Each of us has our own ideas and lives, and we should respect each other's space. "

people who seldom chat in WeChat groups don't mean they don't want to pay attention to their friends, nor do they mean that they don't care about their friends.

on the contrary, he just needs his own time and space to cultivate his mind.

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he must be a person who doesn't like to cause trouble and responsibility to others;

he is just trying to improve precisely in order to meet a better self.

years are long, life is short, and energy is expensive. May you have these three kinds of friends in your WeChat group, and may you be the most authentic yourself in your WeChat group.

, share with your friends.