In adult marriage, the heart is better than the appearance.
In adult marriage, the heart is better than the appearance.
What keeps the intimate relationship as it is, it is caring about each other and being faithful to the oath.

what is marriage?

some people say that marriage is when you come back and buy a dish after you rush out the door.

once thought that love and marriage must be vigorous, love must love to the extreme.

later found that there are not so many earth-shaking in the adult world.

Desiring to be the Belle of the ball with top quality yet low priced black bridesmaid dresses? The confidence that you inspire will amaze you.

tenderness, long flow of water, can also make a happy story.

A truly mature view of marriage is in fact no more than ten words: heart is better than appearance, and understanding is more important than love.

marriages that only look at faces lose to reality

it is often said that this is the "age of looking at faces", but in the case of marriage, it is far from enough to look at faces alone.

Simi grew up with the favor of her brothers and sisters, and her biggest hobby was hanging around good-looking people.

A chance encounter on the street made her fall in love at first sight for Qi Chenggang, who returned from the army to visit relatives.

she made long-distance calls, wrote letters, and even traveled thousands of miles to Qi Chenggang's army.

under the stubborn struggle, she finally became the other party's "fiancee".

even if Qi Chenggang was punished later because of the problem of work style, and the whole family firmly opposed the marriage, she still insisted on marrying each other.

looking at her tall and handsome husband, Simi thought she would have a happy life.

but the reality is cruel, she gave wholeheartedly, can not stop her husband from cheating again and again.

in the end, Simei, whose heart was like ashes, filed for divorce.

at that time, the little girl who was bent on marrying a handsome guy not only did not reap happiness because of her lover's appearance, but became a middle-aged woman full of wind and frost in betrayal and consultation.

A marriage that only looks at appearance is like a castle in the air.

as long as there is a little temptation and test, you don't have to push, you will fall down.

think of the experience of another female friend around me.

when she took her boyfriend to the girlfriends' party for the first time, we were all surprised because each other was really "ugly".

small eyes and semi-bald hair are hard to connect with the self-styled "appearance association".

but after a meal, we all began to understand her decision.

her boyfriend not only takes good care of her from beginning to end, but also takes good care of her friends, speaks politely and wisely when it comes to work.

A person's appearance may deceive people, but the character revealed in the details cannot deceive people.

now, the two have a son and live a warm and happy life.

as the saying goes, "knowing the face but not the heart", the emotion caused by appearance is only temporary; the relationship that lasts for a long time because of character is a lifetime.

how many people rush into marriage because they are obsessed with good looks, but only get chicken feathers in the end.

the most important thing to get married is not the heart stirred by thunder and lightning, but the peace of mind that lasts forever.

A beautiful appearance will grow old, and only a loyal and kind-hearted personality can last.

"I know you" is rarer than "I love you"

when I was young and ignorant, I always thought "I love you" is worth everything.

in fact, the two people finally fall apart, not necessarily do not love, but do not understand.

in the movie "10,000 sentences at a time", a scene is impressive.

the leading actor and heroine happily went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a marriage license, while a couple came to apply for divorce.

the staff asked the couple who was about to divorce: "Why did you divorce?"

the two replied coldly, "I can't say."

after a while, the staff asked the man and woman, "Why did you get married?"

the two replied enthusiastically, "We can talk about it!"

the so-called "able to speak" is to have a common language and be able to read each other's mind.

Love may be just a moment of heartbeat, but you need to put yourself in other people's shoes.

I have read the love story of Asian flying man Su Bingtian and his wife Lin Yanfang.

as an athlete, Su Bingtian is out training all the year round and is unable to give enough company to his family. Sometimes, because of training, he even has to live in the training base for several months.

Lin Yanfang knows that her lover regards running as life. In order to accommodate each other's time, she often gets up at four or five o'clock in the morning and spends a few hours to see him.

the situation of meeting only once a month lasted for three years.

Su Bingtian also kept his wife's efforts in mind.

he calls his wife to report his itinerary every day, and every time he posts Weibo, he never forgets to leave his wife alone.

even if he got a good place in the competition, he would praise his wife "Wangfu".

"Marriage Pope" John Gottman said: a happy marriage is always curious about each other and never stop talking.

No matter how trivial life is, you can still see a bright spot in your lover and have a "desire to share" to open a dialogue, which is rarer than any gorgeous confession.

as Liao Yimei said, in this life, love and sex are not rare, what is rare is understanding.

only two souls who understand each other can illuminate each other on the road of life and reach the end of happiness.

Heart is better than appearance, understanding is more important than love

A good marriage is not a glamorous but fragile bubble, but growing enoughProtect the shells of two people.

those partners who see their nature through their appearance and understand and understand through confession have reaped the ultimate happiness.

in the recent hit "the World", Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan are such lovers.

at first, Zhou Bingkun fell in love with Zheng Juan at first sight.

when publishing the novel "I have never seen a living person prettier than your sister since childhood", the first thing that came to mind of Zhou Bingkun was Zheng Juan.

but at that time, he did not muster up the courage to express his love, but silently helped others to give Zheng Juan a living allowance.

with the passage of time, he was gradually moved by Zheng Juan's tenacity that she would never admit defeat in the face of misfortune, and the two finally came together.

and Zheng Juan also lived up to the trust of her lover.

when Zhou Bingkun was mistakenly arrested and imprisoned, it was Zheng Juan who braved the rumors and waited on his paralyzed old mother, doing housework inside and outside.

before Zhou Bingkun left, she gave all her savings to Zheng Juan, but Zheng Juan did not touch a penny and only spent 200 yuan left by her adoptive mother.

when Zhou Bingkun's brothers and sisters were admitted to university and became what everyone called pride, Zheng Juan saw through her husband's lack of self-confidence and embarrassment at a glance and quietly held his hand as a sign of comfort.

the couple helped each other in times of crisis and helped each other in mediocrity, allowing countless viewers to see the best and most simple appearance of love.

Fu Seoul once said: marriage is a choice, the most valuable thing is not that we have chosen each other among many choices, but that no matter how long it takes, we will still choose each other.

it is not easy to fall in love, and it is even more difficult to run a marriage.

it is not the surprise at first sight that determines how far two people can go, but the deep understanding, trust, and unreserved support over the years.

I have read a passage on the Internet:

the so-called wealth, beauty and external conditions in marriage are all empty.

Marriage is that when you are weakest, you wake up at midnight, feeling thirsty and uncomfortable. As long as you push the person next to you, the other person will know that you want water.

may not be so romantic, but it tells the truth of marriage in the adult world.

A happy marriage often does not need any grand momentum, but someone sets up the dusk for you, and someone asks you if the porridge is warm.

when the passion fades, dopamine dissipates, and what keeps the intimate relationship the same is time, habit, concern for each other, and loyalty to vows.

May you always believe in the beauty of marriage, and after the tediousness of firewood, rice and salt, you can still see light in each other's eyes and have a lifetime of happiness.