If you win more than 5, it means you are in good health.
If you win more than 5, it means you are in good health.
A healthy body is the source of all happiness.

Gordon said:

"the poorest people do not give up their health for the sake of money, but the richest people willingly give up all their money for the sake of health."

healthy body is the source of all happiness.

No matter who it is, it should be well guarded.

Let's see if you are healthy.

if you win more than 5 items, you pay great attention to your health every day.

if you win more than 10, congratulations, your mentality and appearance are very young, and you know how to love yourself.


eat meat reasonably

the lighter the diet, the better.

being too light can easily lead to malnutrition and bury a lot of hidden dangers to the body.

eating too light makes aging worse.

therefore, the diet should not be too light, but also to eat some meat appropriately and reasonably.


have a heart that loves beauty

moderate "love of beauty" is not only the need of personal physical and mental health, but also the need of modern civilization.

keep it neat


, let yourself glow.

having a beauty-loving mentality can not only beautify oneself and add spirit, but also beautify the society and become a "beautiful scenery".

it is also good for social activities and physical and mental health.


not tangled

when you reach a certain age, let go of what you should let go and let go of what you should let go.

Don't embarrass yourself, wronge yourself, stop trying to be brave, stop obsessing.

We have passed the age of wayward, and life can no longer be wasted by you.

if you don't cherish it, who really cares?

if you know how to let go, you will have a better state of mind, be more open-minded, and naturally live longer and happier.


willing to accept trendy things

The era of

has changed, and the concept of life is constantly changing and updating.

We should not always live by the old ideas, but also know how to keep pace with the times and learn more about the new ideas now.

if you are willing to keep learning, to explore this wonderful world, and to accept the latest things and ideas, then you must be a person who enjoys life.


have an optimistic attitude

according to the Journal of psychologists:

"optimists have a positive attitude towards life, have a clear purpose and a strong sense of social identity, and they are healthier than pessimists."

We should strive to maintain an optimistic attitude and actively seek the meaning of life.

work hard, focus on spending time with your family, improve your mental state, and like to help others.


likes to make friends

as the saying goes, "many friends, many ways."

means that people are familiar with people and do things easily.

Friends can help people relieve stress, solve difficulties, and encourage healthy living habits.


lose things regularly

if you are a person who cleans up your belongings regularly and is willing to throw away things you don't use, congratulations, you've got another one.

this shows that you are good at organizing your life.

keep the necessities of life at home and throw them away if they are dirty and messy.

in life, don't buy things you don't need; buy what is necessary.

when you finish cleaning up, you will find that it is the same home, but you seem to be more comfortable.


have lovers around

A young couple is a companion in old age, and it is most important for a couple to stay together all their lives until they are old.

A home-cooked meal, coarse cloth, knowing the cold, knowing the heat and getting married.

when you get older, a partner who really knows how to know the cold and the hot is the most precious asset in this life.

If you have a sweet lover around you, your life will be happier and warmer, and you will naturally live a healthier and longer life.


likes to play with children

if you like to play with your children,

likes to tease children, which shows that you have a pure childlike innocence.

if you are secretly laughing in the morning, lively in the afternoon, humming a small tune, and snoring to sleep at night.

that means your life must be very happy, full of fun and childish fun.


get a little fat

now many people one-sidedly pursue "thinness is beauty", but in fact, those who are slightly fat live longer.

some studies have found that

"in old age, slightly obese people have higher bone mineral density, lower mortality, lower incidence of respiratory diseases, osteoporosis and diabetes, and stronger adaptability to the environment.

when diseases such as influenza occur, the thin elderly are more likely to be infected, while the slightly obese elderly are relatively better. "


prefer to walk

A new study of 2603 men and women shows that

"people who walk for 30 minutes a day can be defined as healthy people."

No matter how high their body fat content is, they live longer than those who walk less than 30 minutes a day.

similarly, studies have shown that obese women canAdd 10 minutes of exercise to improve their heart health.

so you might as well take a walk after lunch and try to do more exercise in various ways every day.