If you have a good temper, you will be blessed forever.
If you have a good temper, you will be blessed forever.
May we all get rid of our bad temper and keep a good fortune.

there is a netizen who has been unable to make friends for many years and feels that his happiness is very weak, so he is appealing his grievances: are all blessings born?

the answer at the bottom lit up: "No, good fortune is repaired."


I think so.

the so-called blessing is not inborn good luck and success, but self-reflection in life, abandon obsession and delusion, and gain peace of mind.

as the old saying goes, "Blessing is born in vagueness, while disaster is born in complacency."


people have been practicing all their lives.

We should always be vigilant and get rid of those hidden bad temper, so as not to let them take away the good fortune.

the following three kinds of bad temper must not be used.

give up "arrogance" and treat others without arrogance

Jin Weichun, who is known as "the most talented person in Taiwan's journalism," revealed in his book "there is only one thing in Life" that he had repented every night for his arrogance.

he became the lead editor of Taiwan's China Times at the age of 29 and founded Business Weekly at the age of 35.

there are too many halos in life, and Jin Weichun is spoiled.

he is brilliant but "like to be a teacher". He likes to give advice whether others need it or not, only to embarrass each other.

when someone says he has finally figured something out, he can't help saying, "I told you so" and instantly demoted other people's feelings as a "belated confession."

the idea of "feeling very good" not only worsened his popularity, but also made him fall into a predicament.

he lost money in starting a business, but refused to admit that he couldn't. It was not until he was caught in a debt crisis that he was reborn through a self-reflection.

A life mentor said to him, "arrogance is a terminal disease because you can't see it."


only then did Jin Weichun wake up to the fact that he was modest on the surface, but he only maintained his demeanor, but in fact he was self-conscious and arrogant in his heart.

"being a teacher" is actually a problem, which not only delays and oppresses others, but also creates a major obstacle to yourself, making it impossible to move forward with an open mind.

the sentence "I told you so", the idea behind it is nothing more than taking credit and being superior, and it is also easy to extinguish each other's enthusiasm and deal a blow to other people's self-confidence.

Jin Weichun lamented that his arrogance had been hidden for decades without realizing it, and his relatives, friends and colleagues were all victims.

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even the mother who gave birth to him was above her, and after realizing this, he began to confess to his mother every night.

in fact, many people are unaware of their arrogance, get carried away with small achievements, and cannot hide their sense of superiority if they have better conditions. this condescending posture will give each other a sense of derogation.

philosopher Diderot said: "arrogant character will only hurt you occasionally, but arrogant expression will hurt you constantly."


this kind of invisible arrogance is most taboo in interpersonal communication, which will nibble away at each other's relationship.

only with constant vigilance and nowhere to hide can we protect every friendship and make it moist and long.

give up "anger", it is not easy to get angry

filmmaker Charlie Tyrell won an Oscar for best documentary short film for his erotic videotape of my dead father.

film, which drew tears from everyone.

Charlie's father, Greg, left a mysterious videotape when he died, but it was banned for 10 years before he was allowed to open it.

it was a trivial and intense recording of Greg arguing with his mother, Dale. And this noisy atmosphere has been accompanied by Greg's life.

Dale is keen on holding cocktail parties, turning the three children into props for display, requiring them to wear uniform uniforms at Christmas and write thank-you cards for opening presents.

she doesn't want Greg with a language barrier to go to class and complains loudly, "what a burden you are to me."

Dale is irritable and her sons will scold them when they are disobedient.

it can be said that the Greg brothers did not "grow up", but "survive".

however, Dale was also abused by her father when she was a child. At the age of 8, her father stabbed her arm with a bacon knife, leaving a scar.

it turns out that this irascible temperament has lasted for three generations, and everyone is not happy.

Greg, who was suddenly enlightened, decided to record the quarrel between him and his mother to warn him to control his temper and not to beat and scold his children.

he tried to bring joy to the children, going to the airport, repairing furniture and preparing for birthday parties. Even in the terminal stage of cancer, Charlie was encouraged to pursue his dream.

he wants to be a good father, trying all his life to restrain the "anger" from spreading to the next generation and let his children grow up in love.

who would have thought that anger is so powerful.

it is not only like a bomb, the consequences are unimaginable when it is out of control, but also infect others like a virus, causing great harm.

the scholar Hiltai said: "those who are easily angry show that they have not yet reached the state of self-control, and that it is the greatest victory to resist all evils with serenity.


getting angry easily is a sign of indulgence and lack of breeding, and the best way to cure anger is to wait.

keep peace of mind, be calm, let the anger go out, you can feel more friendliness and happiness, and make life on a smooth road.

give up "resentment" and don't do anything wrong.Complain

once read a group of comic stories, which shocked me deeply.

in the cartoon, everyone is carrying a heavy cross and is moving slowly and hard to his destination.

on the way, a man suddenly stopped and couldn't help complaining: "this cross is too heavy. How long are you going to carry it?"


he thought for a moment, then took out his knife and cut off some of the cross.

it was a lot easier, and his pace began to pick up.


in this way, he feels much more relaxed.

so he ran after the front of the line effortlessly. Watching the others carry a heavy load, he hummed happily.

who knows, a deep and wide gully suddenly appeared in front. There is no bridge on the ditch and there is no road around it.

he immediately became flustered: what should he do?

the people behind caught up one after another, and they built a bridge over the ditch with the cross they carried, and crossed the gully leisurely.

he wanted to do the same, but it was a pity that his cross had been cut so much that he could not cross the bridge at all.

so, when everyone else was moving towards the goal, only he stood still and repented.

Life is a journey with a heavy load.

all hardships and tribulations are as heavy and precious as this cross. Only by stopping complaining and facing positively can we gain the strength to cross the dangerous land.

however, most people are used to complaining, using difficulties as excuses, blaming others for reasons, and never face their own problems squarely. If they make a mistake, life will lead to a different divide.

Roman Roland said:


only by turning the mood of complaining about the environment into the strength of progress is the guarantee of success. "

stick to mindfulness and not be blinded by grievances when you encounter things, a positive attitude will lead to good results, and the problem can be easily solved.

psychologist Aurelius said:

"if you feel uncomfortable with everything around you, it's your feelings, not the things themselves." If you can adjust your feelings, you can cheer up at any time. "

if you allow your emotions to run rampant and get out of control, you are likely to turn ordinary things into troubles, and the losses outweigh the gain.

Anthony Robbins, a master of world potential motivation, once defined "the secret of success":

know how to control the power of pain and pleasure without being countered by it. If you can do this, you can take control of your life.

in the pursuit of a happy life, may you and I go all out:

give up "arrogance" and be humble to others;

give up "anger" and be peaceful;

give up "resentment" and be optimistic in case of trouble.

, may we all get rid of our bad temper and keep a good fortune.