If you don't have a good mentality, you will be weak no matter how strong your ability is.
If you don't have a good mentality, you will be weak no matter how strong your ability is.
Having a good state of mind is the best way to maintain good health.

I remember a philosopher said: your state of mind is your life.

most of the time, we can't control what will happen, but what we can control is what kind of mentality we use to face it.

We can't change others, but we can change ourselves by changing our mindset.

the hallmark of a good mindset is to expect less, care less, and complain less.

No matter what fate you are, no matter what luck you are, with a good state of mind, you will be the biggest winner in life.

worry too much, because you expect too much

saw a fable on the Internet:

the little snail asked his mother:

"Why do we have to carry a heavy shell when we are born?"

Mother replied:

"because we don't have the support of bones, we can only crawl, so we need this shell to protect ourselves."

the little snail asked again, "Sister Caterpillar has no bones and can't climb fast. Why doesn't it have a shell?"

Mother replied:

"because the caterpillar sister will break her cocoon and become a butterfly, the sky will protect it."

the little snail is even more puzzled:

"so Brother Earthworm has no bones and can't break his cocoon into a plate, so why don't he have a heavy shell on his back?"

the mother snail replied:

"because the elder brother earthworm can drill the soil, the earth will protect it."

then the little snail suddenly began to cry: "originally we are so pitiful, the sky does not protect us, the earth does not protect us, what should we do?"

Mother snail smiled and comforted and said:

"Shell is our best protection, silly boy. So, we can live very well without heaven and earth, can't we? "

Zhuangzi said long ago: "those who are addicted to deep desires have shallow natural resources."

desire is human nature, which is not a problem.

however, once connected with the word "love" and affixed with the word "deep", desire becomes extravagant hope and the source of all evil.

Life is not bitter, what is bitter is that there are too many desires; the human heart is not tired, what is tired is asking too much.

We should expect less and be more contented. Only in this way can we live happily.

there is a sentence in Caigen Tan:

"all come to the present, the contented are in Wonderland, and the discontented are in the ordinary."

the more contented you are, the more you can enjoy the happiness of the moment.

it is painful because it cares too much

Tongcheng County Chronicles records a short story:

during the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty, a family surnamed Zhang in Tongcheng was repairing their ancestral house. in the process, they had a dispute with their neighbors because of the boundary of the house.

because the two mansions are ancestral property and have been around for a long time, who occupies this third of the land is originally an account that cannot be clearly remembered.

because this involves ancestral property, neither of them is willing to give in.

Zhang Jia advocated that he was the Bachelor of Arts in Wenhua Hall at that time, and also served as Shangshu in the Ministry of Etiquette.

in a fit of anger, the Zhang family wrote an urgent letter to Zhang Ying, asking him to take care of his neighbors.

after Zhang Ying finished reading the letter, she only wrote a poem with a stroke of her pen, and the poem said:

"the book of thousands of miles is only for the wall, so why not let him have three feet?" Thousands of miles of the Great Wall is still there today, but there was no Qin Shihuang at that time. "

after the family saw it, they were very touched and offered three feet of land voluntarily.

the Wu family was also embarrassed and gave up three feet of land, thus forming the famous six-foot alley.

it is not only a kind of mentality, but also a great wisdom to learn to regress and tolerate without haggling.

Zhou Guoping said: "A lot of the pain in life comes from blind competition."

the great wise must be modest, the great good will be tolerant, only the little wise will be aggressive, and the small good will haggle.

when you learn to control your mood with a mindset, you will be the winner in your life.

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if you have a broad heart, you will find peace everywhere in the ocean of life.

No progress is due to complaining too much

I have heard such a saying: "when you complain, you are losing the opportunity."

what are the characteristics of a great man?

every successful person has his or her own special charm, but what they have in common is that they are optimistic and never complain.

Confucius was excluded as an official in the State of Lu, and he was not welcome when he traveled around the world.

when he passed by the State of Song, the big tree resting under it was cut down; he encountered a siege between the State of Chen and Cai and did not light a fire for cooking for seven days; and at the gate of the State of Zheng, he was ridiculed as "panicked like a lost dog."

but Confucius never complained. He said:

"Don't complain about heaven, not especially others. He who knows me is heaven!"

Zeng Guofan warned his brothers in his letter from home:

"if you are too upset, you will always stop later." If Gai complains about the sky for no reason, then heaven will not allow it, and if there is no reason for people, then people will not be obeyed, and it is only natural to feel. "

for those who complain too much, the road will be difficult in the future.

if you complain about heaven for no reason, heaven will not agree; if you complain about people for no reason, you will not be convinced.

the theory of induction naturally follows.

people who like to complain, all they see are other people's problems, and they never look for reasons for themselves.The ability to reflect and the opportunity for progress.

so stop complaining and concentrate on improving yourself. One day, the lighthouse of light will illuminate your way and help you reach the other side of life.

keep a good mindset, good fortune will come naturally

Zhou Guoping said:

"A person's body is controlled by the mind, and a good state of mind is the best way to maintain good health."

A little less extravagant hope, more contentment, so that you can better enjoy the present happy time.

less care, more tolerance, let you feel the beauty of poetry and distance, always by your side.

A little less complaining and a little more effort, in fact, the footsteps of success are already quietly behind you.

having a good state of mind is the best way to maintain good health.

the mentality is not good, no matter how strong the ability is, he is also a weak person in life.

in fact, nothing is impossible in life.

as long as you put your mind right, face it bravely, and accept it sincerely, you will find that, in fact, a step back, the scenery of the sea and sky is more beautiful.

No matter what your life is, no matter what luck you have, I believe that having a good state of mind is the biggest winner in life.