If you can't manage your emotions well, your pattern is not enough.
If you can't manage your emotions well, your pattern is not enough.
I believe that you can gradually make peace with yourself and make peace with the world.

Wang Xiaobo said: "all people's pain is essentially anger at their own incompetence."

indeed, in life, there are always all kinds of difficulties, unhappiness, dissatisfaction and dissatisfaction.

but people who are really capable know how to control their emotions, don't get angry with others easily, and even turn adversity into a driving force.

is influenced by emotion, which is the expression of the weak

the blogger's desk told such a story.

when he was the director of an education company, he had a girl with excellent personal ability.

the table intends to train the girl to be the project manager.

unexpectedly, the girl was in the middle of the project when she broke up with her boyfriend.

when we first broke up, the employees under the opponent either got angry for no reason or patted the desk in the office.

what is even more exasperating is that she disappears because she is depressed and can't even get through to her cell phone.

as a result, the progress of the group project was repeatedly delayed, which led to the final failure, causing the company to lose a lot of money.

after learning the specific situation, a senior executive of the company said:

"if this girl doesn't grow and change, her height in the workplace will stop there."

people are not vegetation, everyone has times of depression and depression.

but if a person is always swayed by emotions, he must be weak.

not bringing personal emotions to work is the most basic accomplishment of a workplace person;

it is also a necessary quality for those who become important not to let their emotions implicate innocent people.

Xunzi once warned the world: "anger is not enough to seize, but joy is not enough."

keep in mind that if you want to control your life, you first need to control your emotions.

there is no natural good temper, but the pattern is different

A bad mood brings bad luck, while a good temper accumulates good character.

and the so-called good temper is a person's pattern and capacity.

when Huang Bo was not famous, he played a thief.

because of his unremarkable appearance, the deputy director questioned at first glance: "what is this? who found it?"

being criticized in public made Huang Bo very humiliated.

perhaps the happiest thing to do is to have a fight with the deputy director and then leave.

but Huang Bo cherished this opportunity that he could not get. After adjusting his state of mind, he waited graciously for the machine to be turned on.

after filming, Huang Bo's performance made the deputy director shut up.

instead of being arrogant, Huang Bo humbly went to the director for advice: "I have another way of acting. Do you think this is all right?"

Huang Bo has put forward three sets of plans in a row, all of which have been approved by the director.

from the bottom of his heart, the director recognized the unattractive young actor.

because he has never seen anyone willing to pay so much attention to such a small role.

it turns out that the director has the right eye.

in the days that followed, Huang Bo, with his own efforts and free control of emotions, shot a series of good works and won the title of film actor one by one.

you see, in this world, there is no natural good temper, there are only differences in pattern and vision.

people with big patterns know that temper can't change anything at all; on the contrary, they also know that speaking with strength is the best way to solve the problem.

therefore, when they encounter problems, they will not waste their time on self-friction.

on the contrary, he likes to deal with current problems with the Terminator's thinking and from a long-term point of view.

is also good at using dialectical thinking to face the current dilemma from each other's point of view.

Nan Huaijin also lamented: "first-class people, capable, no temper."

flatter or disgrace, you win

I have heard such a saying: "Xin Ning is wise, and Zhisheng is successful."

indeed, if a person can maintain emotional stability, humiliation and disgrace, it is the first step to success.

Dong Qing's elegance is the envy of many people, and Dong Qing's ability is also what many people yearn for.

but what many people do not know is that Dong Qing's first half of his life was not smooth.

because of the failure of the college entrance examination, Dong Qing can only enter a junior college.

in this case, many people will give up, but Dong Qing has made special efforts to reduce the gap with others.

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however, society is cruel.

because of her lack of academic qualifications, she was often snubbed when she first entered the workplace, and she was often sent to do chores that had nothing to do with the host.

although she is a little depressed, she feels that improving her level is the top priority at the moment.

as a result, she began continuous study and self-examination between her work, and successfully won a bachelor's degree in television.

with the improvement of her education and vision, she also went from Zhejiang TV to Oriental Satellite TV, from Oriental Satellite TV to CCTV, and won the top ten hosts one by one.

as fame grows, many people send flowers and palmsSound.

but Dong Qing was very indifferent and continued to move forward at her own pace.

not only won a double master's degree from East China normal University and Shanghai Theatre Academy, but also successfully transformed from host to producer.

in the face of the ups and downs in life, Dong Qing is always calm and modest.

because she knows that the most important thing in life is not to be frivolous in triumph, not to be depressed in frustration, and to deal with ordinary things with a normal heart.

Napoleon once said, "he who can control his emotions is greater than the general who can take down a city."

this is because people who know how to be responsible for their emotions also know how to take responsibility for their own lives.

only by being bearish about temporary gains and losses can we win long-term development; only by laughing at temporary honors and disgraces can we reap a bright future.

people with a strong heart have long given up their emotions

Gumi once said: "the difficulty of life is not to make you angry, but to become more leisurely."

it is true that people with a strong heart have long given up their emotions.

when they have nothing to do, they know how to learn and develop their skills; when something happens, they can control themselves and gain magnanimity.

if you want to achieve "emotional freedom" as soon as possible, you might as well try the following:

keep calm

when it comes to something that makes you anxious, don't rush to make a decision.

you can take a deep breath for 30 seconds, calm yourself down, and then think and act.

when you calm down, you may find that what happened above is trivial, and what is angry is not worth mentioning at all.

think of others

people often get angry because they think from their own standpoint.

when you look at things from a different point of view, the contradiction will naturally disappear, and the heaven and earth will naturally widen.

people with large patterns will never confine themselves to their own small world.

learn to decompress

the best way to face emotions and stress is not to suppress or endure, but to learn to release.

when you find that you can't control your emotions, you can't help running, dancing and listening to music.

when you immerse yourself in something better, you may be able to make your mood more stable and relieve stress.

in the days to come, I hope you can open up the pattern, not happy with things, not sad with yourself.

I also hope you can build a strong heart and achieve emotional freedom and mental stability as soon as possible.

, I believe you can gradually make peace with yourself and make peace with the world.