If there is less internal friction, the heart will not be tired.
If there is less internal friction, the heart will not be tired.
May we know how to clear zero at the right time and keep things simple.


some people say that what really tires people is not hard work and trivial life, but internal friction.

it can't be seen or touched, but it binds you all the time, consumes you constantly, and makes you unable to focus, experience achievement, or even lose motivation to move forward.

only by staying away from internal friction can life be for the better.

stay away from emotional internal friction

have you ever had this experience?

for example, being criticized by the leader at work may be a very small thing, but you can't let go of your grievances for a long time.

for example, if a colleague you meet at the entrance of the staircase doesn't say hello to you, it may just be because time is urgent, but you will spend a long time wondering if there is anything wrong today.

for example, when you send a Wechat message to a friend and don't reply for a long time, you start to guess for no reason and think about all kinds of bad possibilities over and over again.

in fact, these are emotional internal friction. It seems to be a very small thing, but over time, it will affect work and life.

because time is the same for everyone, if you spend one more second on emotional troubles, you will spend one second less on solving the problem.

to stay away from emotional internal friction is to control your emotions.

when Zeng Guofan was a student at Yuelu Academy, he shared a dormitory.

after seeing this, the roommate was very angry and said, "your desk is in the window, blocking all the light from my desk!"

Zeng Guofan did not argue with him after hearing this, but asked him kindly:

"where should I put my desk?"

the roommate pointed to the bedside and said, "put it there."

Zeng Guofan smiled and let it go according to his opinion.

in the evening, Zeng Guofan studied hard, and the roommate said:

"if you don't study during the day, do you bother people when it's late at night?"

Zeng Guofan changed his reading to silent reading.

soon, Zeng Guofan passed the exam, but the roommate failed. He said sarcastically:

"if he hadn't taken away my good fengshui, how could he be admitted to Juren? He hasn't touched my light yet! "

Control your temper and avoid internal friction with others emotionally, so that you can stay away from troubles and focus on what you are doing right now.

if you have to guess what other people think whenever there is something, if you have a contradiction, you have to compete with others, and if you are misunderstood by others, you have to complain and sigh everywhere, which is not conducive to solving the problem.

the more you struggle with emotions, the more you will pull yourself into the abyss, and the more you struggle with emotions, the more you will get yourself into a quagmire.

Internal consumption of their own emotions, the final consumption of their own time and energy.

stay away from internal friction at work

I read a question and answer: "Why am I so busy all day that I don't have the slightest sense of progress and achievement?"

the highly praised answer is: "because you are always busy, big or small, busy with everything."

if you don't have a clear goal in your work, you want to grasp everything and do everything, and you may end up achieving nothing.

read a short story:

A father took his three sons to the prairie to hunt rabbits. Before arriving at the destination and everything was ready, the father asked his three sons a question: "what do you see?"

the boss replied, "I saw the shotguns in our hands, the rabbits running on the prairie, and the endless prairie."

Father shook his head and said, "No."

the second replied, "I saw my father, eldest brother, younger brother, shotgun, hare and the boundless prairie."

the father shook his head again: "No."

and the third replied with only one sentence: "I only saw the hare."

then the father said, "you got the right answer."

the book "only one thing is most important" mentions:

"doing several things at once will only distract you. If you expect everything to be successful, you must focus on your goal and do the most important thing."

if you have more choices, the road will bend; if you have more goals, your energy will be scattered.

sailing in the sea, you must move towards the light of the lighthouse so as not to yaw.

when walking in the mountains, you must follow the direction of the compass so as not to make a detour.

if we want to do a good job, we need to concentrate on our goals, ignore other unrelated troubles, and move forward with concentration and determination.

stay away from the internal friction of life

there is a "Sanqi Rule" that says:

70% of the functions of a mobile phone are useless;

A large house, 70% of the space is idle;

70% of the things at home are often not used.

think about it, it is true. For example, you only need a coat, but you buy unplanned pants and shoes to match it.

for example, one day, you suddenly want to bake a cake on a whim, so you buy an oven and a bunch of things online, and in the end, you may only use it once.

over time, your space becomes smaller and smaller, your environment becomes more and more crowded, and your heart becomes more and more crowded.Traffic jam.

to stay away from the internal friction of life is to make your material needs simple.

the ancient Greek sage Socrates lived a simple life. Regardless of the severe cold and heat, he wore an ordinary single coat, often did not wear shoes, and did not pay attention to eating.

one day, several students encouraged him to go for a stroll in the busy market.

they said with all their tongues, "there are many things in the market, such as beautiful things, good-looking things, fun things, clothing, food, housing and transportation." If you go, you will come back with a full load! "

Socrates thought about it, agreed to the student's suggestion, and decided to have a look.

as soon as Socrates entered the classroom the next day, the students immediately gathered around him and enthusiastically asked him to talk about the fruits of his fair trip.

he looked at everyone, paused and said:

"I really have a great harvest this time, that is, I found that there are so many things in this world that I don't need."

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most of the time, we feel that there is not enough time, we feel tired or tired every day, because we are often running for the insignificant 70%, but miss the most important 30% of life.

it is not that the more you have, the better. In life, the more you have, the happier you are.

as Thoreau said in Walden:

"A person can enjoy life more calmly and fully as long as he meets the basic needs of life and is no longer obsessed with fame and wealth."

have read a sentence:

people always interpret happiness as "having", having a house, a car, money and power.

but happiness is actually "nothing", worry-free, worry-free, disease-free and disaster-free.

"you" is mostly for others, and "nothing" is your own.

the world is impetuous and noisy. May we know how to clear zero at the right time and keep things simple.

in trivial life, no internal friction, no internal friction in the trivial life, be a simple and happy person.

, share with you.

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