If the position is different, a few words are precious; if the cognition is different, there is no need to argue.
If the position is different, a few words are precious; if the cognition is different, there is no need to argue.
May you and I both be cultured people in the world.


as the ancients said, "knowledge is always clear."

people who know the common sense of dealing with people are called sensible, and sensible people all know that when people encounter different situations in their lives, their position and cognition will be different.

as the saying goes, "do not persuade others to be good without suffering."

If the position of

is different, it is more precious to say a few words; if the cognition is different, there is no need to argue.

the position is different, a few words are more expensive

there is a saying in the book: "there is no time for relegation."

people who are good at talking all know how to push themselves and others, understand that they are in different positions, have different feelings about the same thing, and will not speak out because of their momentary feelings.

During the Spring and Autumn period, one winter, the State of Qi snowed heavily for three days and three nights in a row.

Duke Qi Jinggong, wearing a fox armpit robe, sat in the charcoal-burning hall enjoying the snow, feeling that the scenery was clear and strange, and hoped that the snow would fall for a few more days.

when Yanzi came, Lord Jing said to him, "it has snowed heavily for three days, but it is not cold at all. Spring is coming!"

Yanzi looked at Jing Gong beside him, wrapped in leather robes and indoors, and asked, "does the king really feel cold?"

Jinggong nodded and said, "I'm not a child. I don't even know whether it's cold or warm."

Yan Zi Ming Bai Jinggong did not understand what he meant, so he said directly:

"when Gu Zhi Xianjun is full, he thinks that some people are hungry and warm, and that others are still cold, but why don't you think of others?"

Jing Gong woke up like a dream and immediately ordered the provision of food and clothing to help the hungry and cold-stricken people.

there is a saying in Daojing: "especially its noble words."

A man should be cautious in his words, cherish his words, and don't boast in his own position.

in life, there are always many people who do not know how to think of others and often talk casually from their own point of view, but do not realize that the words they inadvertently say have become hurtful arrows, and they are unaware of being hated by others.

while people with high EQ are always smiling and silent, just because they understand that there is no empathy in this world, different positions, less words is expensive, in order to avoid hurtful and annoying.

Cognition is different, so there is no need to argue

Wise men are not good at talking, and the subtleties of truth cannot be expressed by words.

for those who are self-righteous, the wise disdain to argue with them, because they have different cognitive levels, and it is useless to argue.

during the Spring and Autumn period, a doctor named Gao Yangying in the State of Song wanted to build a house and sent someone to cut down a batch of lumber. as soon as it was delivered, he urged the craftsmen to start work.

the craftsman looked at the wood piled on the ground and said to him:

"the construction cannot be started yet. The wood just cut down contains too much moisture and has a flexible texture. It will bend after being loaded with mud."

A house built with wet wood is easy to collapse over a long period of time. "

Gao Yang should be self-righteous and say:

"have you ever thought that wet wood will harden when it dries, thin mud will become lighter when it dries, and hardened wood will support lighter soil? isn't it easier to bear load?"

he continued to urge the craftsman to start work, and the craftsman had to do what he told him to do, and soon a new house was built.

Gao Yang should still be complacent. If he hadn't impressed the craftsman with his wisdom, how could he live in a new house so soon?

after a while, the house collapsed, as the craftsman said.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi Qiushui: "Summer worms cannot talk about ice."

everyone was born in a family with different levels of education and different levels of cognition.

people with low awareness can only pay attention to the immediate benefits, while those with high awareness make long-term plans.

so the cognition is different, there is no need to argue, otherwise it will only hurt the goodwill, and it will not be good for others or yourself.

the days are lived by themselves, and what everyone has to protect is also their own interests. With different cognition, there is no need to argue.

learn to shut up at the right time and leave the answer with time to verify. Arguing is only a waste of time, and no one can convince the other.

avoid life, judge others by yourself

there is a saying of the sages: "so things, or act or follow, or brag or brag, or strong or win, or carry or win."

there are many forms of things in the world, just like all living beings, each has its own temperament, its own hobbies, its own dislikes, and everyone's preferences are not the same.

when you get along with others, don't judge others by yourself.

during the five dynasties and Ten Kingdoms, there was a man named Li Zairen

when he first took office

, the two men were at odds with each other and actually got into a fight.

he was so angry that he wanted to punish the two men severely.

After thinking about it for a long time, he finally came up with a brilliant idea. Li Zairen usually hates eating pork, which makes him sick to his stomach and nauseous.

he thought: aren't you deliberately disgusted by fighting when I'm going to the office? I'm going to disgust you, too.

so he ordered people to bring cakes and pork from the kitchen, and asked the two fighters to eat cakes and pork face to face.

the two men in the fight were a little worried at first. after knowing the punishment, they snickered in their hearts, but they still frowned on the surface and could not swallow.

Li Zairen watched them eat sadly and said, "the next time I do it again, I'll add lard to the pork and get bored to death."

after the old man left, the people next to him finally couldn't help laughing.

as the saying goes, "his honey is my arsenic."

the same things have different values in front of different people, and everyone's joys and sorrows are not the same.

self-righteous good is not true good, and self-righteous evil is not true evil.

everything in the world has its own standpoint, and it seems to be taken for granted from its own point of view, but it may not be so pleasing to the eye on others.

if you judge others by yourself, you will only do bad things with good intentions, and even arouse resentment.

there is a saying in the book: "it is based on saints: they know themselves, but they do not see themselves."

people should be self-aware, not self-righteous, different positions, precious words, different cognition, no need to argue, taboos in life, and measure others by themselves.

A few words is a kind of self-cultivation. I don't know the whole picture and don't comment.

non-argument is a kind of wisdom, and there is no need to force it if the cognition is different.

do not judge others by yourself, is a kind of kindness, can not do empathy, at least to be tolerant and compassionate.

May you and I all be cultured, wise, kind and compassionate people and give the world a trace of warmth and light in this cold world.