If a man shows several ways, he doesn't love you at all.
If a man shows several ways, he doesn't love you at all.
A partner determines a woman's happiness for the rest of her life, so you must choose carefully.

people always ask on the Internet: "how to tell whether a man loves me or not?"

you can't hide loving someone, and you can't hide if you don't love someone.

if a man has the following three behaviors, he doesn't love you at all.

I have a hot and cold attitude towards you

there is such a kind of man who is so sweet when he is with you that he will disappear as soon as he turns around and seldom contact you actively.

when you call him, he always says he's busy.

and when you are no longer disillusioned with him, he will suddenly appear in front of you and make a lot of excuses for his previous behavior.

if this happens, it will happen again and again.

then, this man doesn't love you at all and just treats you as a "spare".

besides you, there must be someone else to date.

to him, you are like a dress you don't like and don't want to throw away.

only when he doesn't have a change of clothes, will he remember to wear it, and then put it on the shelf.

there is a good saying:

"people who care about you have a thousand reasons to love you, and people who don't care about you have excuses to snub you."

if a man treats you hot and cold, it means he doesn't care about you at all.

to him, you are just an optional being.

you don't cherish it when you have it, and you don't miss it when you lose it.

this kind of man shows mercy everywhere, but never wholeheartedly.

when you encounter it, don't be soft-hearted. The sooner you get rid of it, the more responsible you will be to yourself.

stingy with you on time and money

for a person, the most important thing is life, time and money.

the most intuitive way to measure whether someone loves you or not is to look at the time and money he spends on you.

there is a saying:

"the most extravagant person in the world is the one who spends time with you. Everyone's time is valuable. To share your time with you is to give you your own world.


I think so.

if a person is always "busy" to you but has time to party and play games with friends, he is not busy, but you are not so important to him.

as Zhang ailing said:

"if a person is not free, it is because he does not want to be free; if a person can not leave, it is because he does not want to go away; if a person gives you too many excuses, it is because he does not want to care about you at all."

he is so stingy when he is in love. Can you expect him to be generous to you after marriage?

in his opinion, it may be a waste to go out for dinner and buy a bunch of flowers for the holidays.

Tu Lei said:

"money is not the only criterion for testing true love, but it can measure the depth of affection for each other."

people who love you are willing to give you everything they have, but they don't care about money.

in other words, you didn't completely walk into his heart.

indifferent to your joys and sorrows

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there is a kind of person who is described as "full of joy and anger."

on the outside, this may be a sign of maturity and breeding.

however, if you still look like you don't mind your own business in front of the people closest to you, it's indifference.

your joys and sorrows have nothing to do with him, he only cares about his own life.

A person who loves you will be happier than you when he sees you happy; when he sees you sad, he will be distressed and pitied.

even if two people quarrel, even if it is your fault, he can not apologize, but will never ignore you.

if you are crying bitterly here, but the other person does not care at all, eating, drinking and having fun, then he does not take you to heart.

even if you are sick, all you get is probably: "drink plenty of hot water". Will not take care of you carefully and considerately.

when you get along with this kind of man for a long time, you will feel unimportant and unworthy of being loved, thus losing your self-confidence.

I have seen a very reasonable passage that goes like this:


it is the enemy who rejoices in your sadness;

those who are happy for your happiness are friends;

those who are sorry for your sadness are the ones who should be put into their hearts.


every woman should be put into the heart of her lover. If not, you are looking for the wrong person.

look at whether a man loves you, don't listen to what he says, but look at what he does.

the person who loves you will never let you worry about gain or loss, he will give you the sense of security you want.

people who love you never care about their own efforts and are willing to give you everything they have.

people who love you will never ignore your feelings, and they don't want you to suffer any grievances.

some people say that women have three opportunities to change their lives. The first time is from my parents, the second is from myself, and the third is from my husband.

A partner determines a woman's happiness for the rest of her life, so you must choose carefully.

meet the wrong personThe wisest choice is to let go as soon as possible and stop the loss in time.

May each of us meet the right person for the rest of our lives, harvest sweet love, long years, accompanied by true feelings, and long happiness.

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