"I miss you very much, but I won't look for you again."
"I miss you very much, but I won't look for you again."
Seabirds and fish are of different origins and are not from the same world.



saw such a message backstage yesterday, and she said:

"you are the only one I love deeply and can't get, the only one I've ever bought and shed tears, the one I want to dream at night, and the only one I want to forget.

I used to like you because I wanted to see you, see you and accompany you. Now love you, dare not ask, dare not look, dare not disturb. "

I think everyone who has experienced it can understand the pain.

if you want to love, you can't; if you want to have it, you can't have it; if you want to give up, you can't give up.

struggle again and again to continue to wait, but again and again in front of the reality to see those embarrassed and unbearable.

finally realized that it was impossible to be with this person, and realized that the relationship was fruitless, so I had to turn around and leave.

go back to a person's life circle and learn to live a person's life.

even if I miss him, I dare not, and I don't have the right to disturb him any more.

chatting with a friend, she suddenly asked me:

"when you say adult love, why is it so difficult?"

I said maybe it's not that adult love is difficult, but that people know too much about what kind of love and life they want.

it is because it is too sober that it is more difficult to love and love without scruples.

in addition to liking, consider whether it is appropriate or not.

consider not only each other, but also their families, cars, house tickets, children, and even the future.

Adult love, love alone is not enough, but also have responsibility and responsibility.

she asked: "knowing that it is impossible to be with this person, how can we restrain our missing him and the impulse to get close to him?"

I said, "this is very difficult, because missing this kind of thing is like the weeds in the wilderness, which cannot be burned or cut. When the wind blows, the weeds go up to the sky."


in fact, it doesn't take too much effort to really let go and forget.

it is you who accept the fact that you are no longer possible and face up to the result that he will never come back.

then, you need to take your life seriously.

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even if I miss him again, I don't easily inquire about him, snoop on his Weibo, let alone pick up my cell phone and call him in the dead of night.

Let him go back to the sea of people, to the world without you.

slowly transfer the expectations and hopes pinned on him back to himself, and pay more attention to what he thinks and thinks.

when he finally disappears, or when you are really fully awake, you will understand:

the world is so big that people who can't get together and can't get to the end may not be the same people from the very beginning.

you just walked for a while, and he got off at the station.

once read such a paragraph:

"the stars that cannot be picked are always the brightest.

the movie you miss is always the best. The person who is lost or missed is always the most unforgettable. "

if you refrain from looking for him, he may be glad you didn't disturb him.

you may be the only one who regrets and is reluctant to give up from the beginning to the end.

you stumble in the crowd, do not look at passers-by, do not change lovers.

he may be cosmopolitan and fall in love as he walks.

in this world, the most fickle is the human heart.

Today he likes pineapples, but tomorrow he may like something else.

I mean, when you can resist contacting and finding someone, he doesn't really matter.

it's just that you're used to giving him special and exceptional things that make him look light.

wait long enough for separation, all regrets and regrets will slowly fade away.

if you can resist the impulse and thought of not looking for him for the first time, try again, suppress it from now on, and stop looking for him.

seabirds and fish come from different sources and are not from the same world.

the future is so long, there are expectations for the rest of your life, and you will always meet someone who really belongs to you and suits you.

when that person comes, you miss him, and you can see him at any time.