I appreciate such a living woman (must read at the age of 30-50)
I appreciate such a living woman (must read at the age of 30-50)
If the heart is in full bloom, if people come slowly to the warm breeze.

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not long ago, among the 2021 Chinese people of the year, there was a deaf girl who was very admirable.

when she was half a year old, she lost her hearing function due to misuse of drugs and lived in a silent world.

but instead of giving up, she learned to "listen" and "speak" by reading lips with the help of her parents.

later, with his tenacious perseverance and firm belief, he was admitted to a remote Yao township all the way until he was admitted to the doctorate of Tsinghua University.

she is the most inspirational girl, Jiang Mengnan.

this girl, who will never admit defeat and dares to fight and dare to forge ahead, has lived an admirable look.

for a woman, the best way to live is to live as a tree, to take root down and to grow upward.

be responsible for your life and keep a positive attitude all the time.

take root downward and consolidate the economic foundation

when we were young, we always thought it was too vulgar to talk about money. It was only after going through the world that we realized that we couldn't do without money.

No one in this world will be your safe haven forever, but as long as you have money in your pocket, you won't panic when something happens.

actress Liu Yuling once said in a talk show:

I learned a lesson from my father that everything is business.

so, I work hard to save some money. I call it a "screw you" fund.

if you have this money, when something bad happens in your life, someone forces you or dismisses you, you can say to him, "screw you!"

money is the strength of a woman's life.

when women are financially independent, they can buy what they want and live the life they want.

in the TV series "growing up of vulgar Girls" with a rating of 9.1, Chen Jialing, 39, is getting married with her boyfriend of four years.

however, when you go to try on a wedding dress with your boyfriend, you have to choose the style specified by your mother-in-law; to decorate the new house, you have to decorate according to your mother-in-law's advice, because your mother-in-law pays the money, and the workers only listen to your mother-in-law.

in the face of such a strong mother-in-law, Chen Jialing felt very sad. She suddenly realized that this day of compromise was not the life she wanted.

so she decisively broke up with her boyfriend, quit her job and returned to her hometown in Tainan alone.

she used her savings to buy a small house she liked in her hometown and decorated it in her favorite style.

spend your own money, you don't have to look at others' faces, you can do whatever you want, and your life will be comfortable and comfortable.

there is a question and answer on Zhihu: "how important is it that women have money?"

there is a highly praised answer is: "Women have financial power, so that you are not attached to men, but also to let you live calmly, calmly, down-to-earth, free."

A woman who is financially independent deserves the most appreciation.

they know how to take root down, consolidate the economic foundation, and give themselves more choices.

if a woman wants to live well, she must have the ability to make money and give herself enough confidence and confidence.

grow up and enrich the knowledge reserve

Su Qin said:

"place your demands on yourself, not on others."

in life, if women want to control their own destiny, they have to rely on themselves.

We must have independent thinking and constantly enrich our knowledge in exchange for a wonderful life.

the writer Li Xiaoyi is like this, a person who constantly grows and strives for himself.

she once said that she did not like to be called a "beautiful writer" and that she wanted to prove herself with high growth.

Li Xiaoyi began to write at the age of 36.

became the bestseller of the year at the age of 37, earning millions in royalties;

set up his own cultural company at the age of 38; become a producer and host at 41.

she has published six best-selling books in seven years and has been Dangdang's Literary contribution Award and influential writer for seven consecutive years.

there are no born lucky people in this world. It is only some people who work ten times harder to make success seem effortless.

Li Xiaoyi gets up at 4:45 every morning, writes 2500 words every day, and keeps reading about 40, 000 words a day.

Li Xiaoyi read nearly a hundred biographies of women in the Republic of China in order to write the book "the woman with the scent of the Soul."

she also bought and studied all the top five motivational, emotional and biographical books on the bestseller list.

all these years, the waste manuscripts she wrote every day are a thick stack.

it was with this hard work that Li Xiaoyi became the envy of everyone.

Women should keep the ability to learn at all times, work hard quietly on the things they like, and achieve themselves.

there is a good saying:

"in this world, there is no one-to-one correspondence between effort and success, but every laziness you steal today will become a myriad of pits tomorrow."

the roads that are too comfortable are all downhill. Only when you try your best to grow upward, can you get closer and closer to success.

youdao is that the harder you work, the luckier you will be.

to improve yourself upward, it is not to move anyone, nor to show anyone.

it's about having the ability to live it the way you like at any time.All my life.

stretch to the sun, not afraid of the wind and rain of life

the splash in the TV series "Love between the Mountains and the Sea" makes me see a woman's best living condition in the face of adversity.

Shuihua had a childhood boyfriend, but her father married him to a man she didn't like for the sake of profit.

Water spray also resisted, but in the end, he was afraid of his father's embarrassment, so he gave in.

I wanted to live an ordinary life like this, but soon after the marriage, my husband broke his legs in an accident and could no longer stand up.

in the face of such great changes, the spray did not escape, but was determined to let the family live a good life.

suffering did not defeat her, but made her stronger.

optimistic splash firmly believes that as long as they work hard enough and positive, they will be able to make their families live a happy life.

she not only has to take care of her disabled husband and young daughter, but also has to earn money to support her family.

people who have sunshine in their hearts will not only warm the people around them, but also be nourished by the sun.

thanks to the efforts of water spray, her husband put on a prosthetic leg and can stand up again, and her own cultivation of Pleurotus ostreatus was also successful.

Life never believes in tears. Only optimistic people can get through the wind and rain and get out of the mud.

when you get through the deepest despair, you will find that those who can't kill you will eventually make you stronger.


in the popular TV series "the World" some time ago, Zheng Juan also used her good mentality to explain to us the power of Xiangyang stretching.

in the face of suffering, she did not give in, but supported her and her family through the most difficult years with her optimism.

like this sentence very much:

"there are not only strong winds and torrential rains, but also heavy snow in life.

as long as there is always a sun of hope in the sky in your heart, the light of happiness will shine on you forever. "

optimistic women never give in to suffering, because they know that the dark clouds will go away sooner or later.

in the face of misfortune, instead of wandering in pain, it is better to face up to the difficulties and face them with a positive and optimistic attitude.

"everything in the world is affectionate, but it is rare to be at ease",

the best way for a woman to live is to have a warm sun in her heart, not to lose hope, not to be afraid of wind and rain.

Life is not easy, unsatisfactory things often happen, but although in difficulties, but also should not be confused, open-minded and calm, optimistic.

if the heart is in full bloom, if one is in full bloom, if one comes slowly to the warm breeze.

once read such a sentence:

"time is fleeting, the moment is fragrant, and the skin will give you years of brilliance at best.

but beyond that, what you need more is the power that can bring you grace and peace throughout your life, which is independence. "

it may be an advantage for a woman to be beautiful, but she must be able to live a beautiful life.

living up to yourself, dreams and years is the most beautiful way for a woman to live up to her.

take root downward, always maintain economic independence, and make a solid life.

grow up, constantly strive to refine yourself, so that life can lead a healthy life.

stretch to the sun, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and make your life enjoyable.

people live a lifetime, rely on mountains will fall, rely on everyone can run, only rely on their own is the king.

Life is full of ups and downs, learn to set sail by yourself, and rely on yourself in order to live more and more advanced.

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