Hu GE returned to speak for the first time, 180 million people broke the defense collectively, it's time to talk about him.
Hu GE returned to speak for the first time, 180 million people broke the defense collectively, it's time to talk about him.
Reading is the most worthwhile thing to pay.

browsing Zhihu the other day, I saw a very poignant question:

think about it, how long has it been since you read a complete book?

some people answer for a month, some say a year, and some even can't remember it clearly.

didn't find that it is easier to get books nowadays, but reading itself has become a luxury.

as the novel A Tale of two cities says:

"this is the best of times and the worst of times. We have everything in front of us, and we have nothing in front of us."

when the tide of the times is surging and we are trapped in it, how can we open up our own spiritual corner?

the answer may be hidden in this documentary called "but there are Books 2".

it is voiced by Hu GE, with a Douban score of 9.4, and now it has more than 20 million views.

the story of the encounter between several scholars and books in the film, gently told by Hu GE, healed countless people.

eight years ago, a missing person sticker covered with 28 exclamation marks appeared online.

"the librarian, wearing a metal-rimmed glasses, is learning Persian by himself."

this awesome man is one of the protagonists of the documentary.

his name is Gu Xiaojun and he is a librarian of the National Library of China.

What is even more amazing is that he knows not only Persian, but also more than a dozen languages such as Italian, Greek, Latin and so on.

it's hard for you to imagine that he taught all these languages by himself.

there is no doubt that this is a strange man like the "floor-sweeping monk" in The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils.

however, behind the legend is a warm story of a "scholar" who has been accompanied by books for 13 years.

in 2009, in order to read more Chinese and Western classical literature, Gu Xiaojun resolutely left his job and walked into the door of the National Library.

here, he reads books, learns languages and does research every day, simple and pure.

after working for so many years, Gu Xiaojun never thought of himself as a staff member. He thought he was a person who came to study.

although he gave up his promotion in the workplace, he also found his own poetry and distance.

compared with Gu Xiaojun, who has been with books all day, Yang Benfen, the "stove writer", has a much more bumpy reading experience.

Yang Benfen, 63, was saddened by his mother's death in 2003.

At that time, writing was the only way for her to heal her pain.

between washing vegetables and draining water, while waiting for the soup to boil, she seized all the time available to write.

within two years, Yang Benfen has written eight jin of manuscript paper.

by the time he was 80, Yang Benfen had already published three books in a row.

Why can Yang Benfen, who is over 60, write so many popular works?

the answer is reading.

when she was in college, she used to hide in the quilt and read with a flashlight.

this desire for books continues until after marriage.

although life was tight at that time, Yang Benfen tried to find someone to borrow a book whenever he heard that someone had a new book.

Please eat, help make clothes and insoles, and Yang Benfen always spares no effort as long as he can borrow books.

it is the accumulation of reading day after day that makes Yang Benfen go further and further on the road of writing.

you see, reading and not reading are different lives.

every book is a door to a world we have never set foot in.

when you read more and more books, your world will be wider and your life will have more possibilities.

maybe some people think it's too late to study now.

this is not the case.

There is a saying: "the best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, and the second is now."

if you want to read, don't hesitate, now is the best place to start.

April 20

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however, there are so many masterpieces that it is hard to avoid being blinded.

if you're still struggling, noLet's take a look at Uncle's list of recommended books first:


"Sea of Life"

every time my mood is depressed and negative, my uncle will open the "sea of life" of the Mai family.

the protagonist of the book has experienced ups and downs from respect to disdain.

but the cruel fate can not defeat him, no matter what kind of setbacks he encounters, he is always full of love and yearning for life.

through the ups and downs of life, a "sea of life", expressed his feelings after thorough enlightenment.

if you encounter some insurmountable hurdles, this book may give you courage and strength to face the difficulties.

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"the world"

"one step at a time, one step at a time, one step at a time. Is it bitter? chew!"

in Liang Xiaosheng's writings, you can see Zhou Bingkun's persistence in love, as well as the bitter struggle between several generations of the Zhou family and their fate.

The ordinary people in the

books who struggle to make progress in life are very much like us in real life.

how should we live in this world when we are impetuous, anxious and confused?

this book gives us a chance to rethink.

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"Moonlight falls on the left hand"

from growing in the mud to writing poems in the clouds, Yu Xiuhua lived out the highest state of life in the lowest circumstances of life.

those cruel realities have been turned into modern poems that poke people's hearts and are included in this collection of poems.

Zhan Qingyun said: "every time I study and work abroad, I always bring a copy of Yu Xiuhua."

Uncle hopes that everyone can also remind themselves with poems:

there is pain and beauty in this world. Life is not a poem, but poetry can be a life.

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Zeng Guofan's Economics course

Zeng Guofan is very interesting.

when you are 30 years old, you are determined to be a saint, drink with your friends, reflect on your beauty, and reflect on your dreams of getting rich.

he has experienced five major setbacks in his life, but it is admirable that he can get back on his feet every time.

as a historical figure highly respected by later generations, Zeng Guofan's life is of great reference significance.

how can a person with no background and mediocre qualifications get out of the new heights of life? The answer has already been given in the book.

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of course, it's not just what Uncle listed,

there are more good books of high quality waiting for you to read in "more Reading month".

Zhou Guoping said: "whenever a person has a hobby of reading, he will have a special vision of the world, and even have a rich and colorful world of his own."

Reading is the most worthwhile thing to pay.

Today is full of unknown and uncertain, a book, a paragraph, may enable you to find the Peach Blossom Garden of happiness.