Hu GE finally Guan Xuan, congratulations to the whole network!
Hu GE finally Guan Xuan, congratulations to the whole network!
Ten years ago, Hu GE was born with Li Xiaoyao, and ten years later, he was reborn with Mei Changsu.

recently, the cast of the new drama "County Party Committee Courtyard" directed by Kong Sheng has aroused heated discussion on the Internet.

it is expected that the name of "Hu GE" is prominently on the list.

later, Hu GE himself responded on Weibo: "Mei Xiaoge will take office soon."

after many years, the audience was thrilled to see Hu GE and director Kong Sheng working together again.

I still remember that in 2015, Nirvana in Fire was on the screen.

the name Mei Changsu entered the audience's field of vision and was unforgettable for a long time.

"yesterday's youth, a lonely shadow on his way home. In the hearts of future generations, the wind blows and the clouds disperse. "

he is not only the young commander of Red Yanjun reborn in the fire, but also the resourceful Jiang Zuo first. Such a life has a fatalistic coincidence with Hu GE.

in the play, Mei Changsu once said:

"now that I have survived, I will not live in vain."

this line is about the experience of Mei Changsu, and it is also the most real life of Hu GE.

from the young Li Xiaoyao, to the humiliated Mei Changsu, to the now calm and upright Mei Xiaoge, Hu GE floated all the way, growing up and being reborn.

in 1982, Hu GE was born into an ordinary family in Xuhui District, Shanghai.

his arrival brought a lot of laughter to the family, but the parents were worried about how to make the child extroverted.

At that time, Hu GE didn't like to talk to anyone but his parents.

his parents are worried that it will be difficult for him to integrate into society in the future, and the shy Hu GE probably never thought that he would become an actor in the future.

in order to change his character, his parents took him to the Shanghai Little Star Art Troupe, and Hu GE happened to be one of the more than 30,000 children who admitted only 60.

however, for Hu GE, the days when young stars were studying were full of pain and depression.

A silent and introverted child doesn't even want to say more, let alone let him show his talent.

on weekdays, Hu GE hides either at the end or in the corner.

when I got back to school, I saw that none of the students I had learned could, and Hu GE felt a little better than everyone else.

in this process, young Hu GE builds self-confidence little by little.

2001 was the fork in Hu GE's life.

the 19-year-old was first admitted to the Director Department of the Central Academy of Drama with the second place in his major, and then to the Shanghai Theatre Academy acting Department with the third place in his major.

because of the experience of shooting commercials in junior high school, Hu GE's dream of becoming a director sprouted early in his heart.

The reality in front of him is that if he goes to Beijing, he will not only give up the fame he has accumulated in Shanghai, but also ask his family for money to solve the problem of tuition fees.

ideal to the left, reality to the right, Hu GE hesitant.

finally, the acting teacher showed him the way:

"if you want to be a director, it's hard to get a good chance, but if you want to learn acting, according to your current conditions, I believe you can become a male number one before you graduate."

unexpectedly, a few years later, the teacher was right to the point.

when he was a freshman, a friend suddenly contacted Hu GE and invited him to meet with a director of the Tang Dynasty Film and Television Company.

at that time, the film and television of the Tang Dynasty was very popular in the circle, with works and fame, which was a dream place for many students.

Hu GE didn't think he had such good luck. When he came back from the appointment, he didn't take it to heart.

but before long, the director suddenly called to tell him that the Tang Dynasty had plans to sign a contract with him.

the surprise suddenly fell on Hu GE.

later, Hu GE officially signed a contract with the film and television of the Tang Dynasty and starred in the first TV series "Dandelion".

although there was little response, he became a leading actor before graduation, making Hu GE often lament his luck.

in 2005, the costume fairy drama Chinese Paladin 1 was broadcast.

Li Xiaoyao, with red lips and white teeth, stepped on the sword, smiled in high spirits, and became a dreamy immortal memory of a generation.

actor Hu GE became famous overnight.

that year, he was in his early twenties, and before he graduated, he was already called "the first student in ancient costume".

fame and applause came with a flood of heat, pushing him to the center of the vanity fair.

Hu GE at that time was not only briefly complacent, but also confused and unaccustomed.

in his recollection, he said that he had gone too smoothly at that time. Although he was popular, he was not ready for it.

but now that I have reached that position, I have to cater to the people who like him.

After the popularity of

, in addition to filming, various interviews, variety shows and advertisements also became tasks that Hu GE had to complete.

it was an extremely tense day, and he dared not relax, let alone stop, and was pushed forward by all kinds of work every day.

however, no one expected that a sudden accident would drive him directly into the abyss.

in August 2006, Hu GE was in a car accident on his way to Shanghai, causing serious injuries to his right face and right eye.

when consciousness was restored, Hu GE's first reaction was to touch his face.

to his horror, the whole face felt bloody and unconscious. At that time, Hu GE guessed that his eyes might be gone.

"if I am blind and half my face is disfigured, what can I do in the future?"

Hu GE lay in his hospital bed and asked himself again and again in his heart.

Fortunately, life and eyes were saved in the end.

the doctor sighed that if the wound went forward or backward one millimeter, it would be really dangerous.

Unfortunately, there are more than 100 stitches on the face and neck, suggesting that it is not easy to recover.

the day after the rescue, Hu GE saw himself after the accident in the mirror in the bathroom.

the head is 1.5 times bigger, and the whole face is puffy. Looking at this strange face, he is very calm.

until the evening of September 5, when I saw the news of the death of my fellow friend Zhang Mian, the strong surface that Hu GE had been creating was instantly crushed.

At the same time, Hu GE, who has lost a friend, still has to face his unoptimistic facial injury.

the muscles of half his face are damaged, and many expressions and eyes can't be played out.

in the days when he was so busy that he lost his life, he wanted to stop countless times, but at the cost of disfigurement, it was too tragic for an actor.

after the car accident, Hu GE did not intend to continue to be an actor.

but his colleagues stayed with him for more than a year, and the crew of "shooting Eagle" told him directly: if we don't change people, we'll wait for you.

from that moment on, he suddenly realized that he was carrying the hopes of many people.

he dared not and did not want to live up to these expectations.

in June 2007, Hu GE announced his comeback after a series of operations, large and small.

in an interview, Hu GE, who faced the media camera for the first time after the accident, was covered with fear and unease.

it's like a person who has been alone in a dark corner for a long time and suddenly has to face the sun.

he is afraid to face the camera, in front of the public, every pore of his body is shouting to leave.

but he knows better that he still has things to do.

after returning to the set, Hu GE felt familiar and unfamiliar.

familiar with the bangs that are the same as before, it is strange that the staff have to spend a lot of time and energy every day to cover up the scars left by his right eye.

himself suddenly became a kind of trouble, which made Hu GE feel very depressed.

the day the shooting of "shooting Sculpture" was completed, Hu GE could not stop.

in front of everyone, he hurriedly left the scene and finally burst into tears, and all his grievances broke out at this moment.

"as an actor, what can you hide?" Hu GE has been asking himself from the bottom of his heart.

in 2012, Hu GE posted a jigsaw puzzle of his recent photo and Li Xiaoyao on Weibo, and wrote:

"A face that cannot go back, a transformation that cannot be sought."

he decided to say goodbye to the former Li Xiaoyao and stop hiding and avoiding who he is now.

for him, the left face is the past and the right face is the present. Together, it is the most authentic and complete Hu GE.

after figuring it out, Hu GE began to get out of costume dramas and try various roles.

in Shangri-La, he is a rugged Kangba man.

in the Revolution of 1911, he played Lin Juemin, whose face was as jade as jade and his intestines as iron.

in the 49 Day Festival, he is a resolute soldier Dai Tao.

Finally, he stepped onto the stage of the play and played the role of patient number five.

he has been breaking through himself over the years, trying to show people a different Hu GE.

Nirvana in Fire was a hit in 2015.

in the play, Mei Changsu brushed past death, cut his bones and changed his face, becoming the top of the list and messing up the world.

such a unique character who suffers from illness is interpreted by Hu GE.

there is no doubt that Hu GE has conquered countless audiences with his acting skills.

netizens commented one after another, only Hu GE and Chang Su.

when Mei Changsu came slowly with his whole clothes and hair in the play, we seemed to see another Hu GE.

Hu GE was born with Li Xiaoyao ten years ago, and ten years later, he was reborn with Mei Changsu.

nowadays Hu GE is no longer an idol, but an actor.

A car accident, dormant for ten years, brought Hu GE not only a change in appearance, but also a heavy precipitation in his mind.

after experiencing the test of life and death, Hu GE lost his youthful frivolity and impetuosity, and had a new thinking and understanding of his career and life.

when he walked to the center of Vanity Fair again, he often wondered, "do I live again in order to be more popular?"

definitely not. He felt that since he had survived, he was burdened with some special missions.

so, at the most popular time, Hu GE suddenly decided to leave the film circle for a while.


disappeared from the public eye, he chose to go to college and seize the time to recharge himself.

sometimes, people see him picking up garbage in Qinghai and doing public welfare in a low profile.

he also went to Yunnan and donated a primary school in the name of Zhang Mian.

years later, talking about the car accident again, Hu GE has been able to face it calmly.

A friend told him, "my wish in life is to heal the scars of your eyes."

Hu GE replied, "then my car accident was not in vain."

obviously, the setback did not knock him down, but sharpened a more determined Hu GE.

Today's Hu GE is worthy of his suffering and living.Come down, live out the meaning, this is his persistence.