He announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry, which was distressed by the whole network.
He announced his withdrawal from the entertainment industry, which was distressed by the whole network.
Time never waits for anyone, and it works and cherishes it.

there has been a resurgence of internal entertainment recently, and the news that Deng Lun was fined 100 million for tax evasion caused a public outcry.

in order to ruin his future for a little money, "Lun" is an immoral artist, which is really sad and lamentable.

it's all gone, and the lesson of Weiya's tax evasion is still in front of us.

but this time Deng Lun knew the law and broke the law, but he was urged by the authorities many times, but he was unexpectedly unrepentant and did not thoroughly rectify the law.

the result of being blocked by the whole network is true or not!

in recent years, the high salary of star online celebrities is shocking, and many people are sharpening their heads in an attempt to get a piece of the pie.

but singer Liu Wei recently suddenly announced that he was "out of the entertainment industry."

was exposed, it really made my uncle red.

it turns out that he gave up his bright future and resolutely quit the circle in order to devote himself to taking care of his mother with recurrent cancer.

Weibo, Liu Wei posted old photos with his mother and wrote:

"my mother has given me a lot of love since I was a child, and now it's my turn to take care of her and love her! I hope everyone will pray for her, and she will surely recover from the danger. "

filial piety is moving.

you can't afford to wait for many things to live in the world. Fame, status and money are far less important than being with your family.

if you don't leave regrets for your family, your whole life is worth it.

the debt owed to parents is difficult to pay off in a lifetime

in one program, the program invited six pairs of parents and children.

the host asks parents first:

"if the child has cancer, how much is he willing to spend on treating the child?"

just asking such a hypothetical question, many parents can't help but turn red.

in order to save their children's lives, they are willing to give everything in exchange for:

"there is a glimmer of hope, and I have to treat her, too."

"even if you sell your house and land and have no money, you can go out and beg for money."

one mother said with tears in her eyes:

"it doesn't matter what you want to change, on me, take it."

they sacrifice everything for the sake of their children.

but when the program group asks them:

"if you have cancer yourself, how much are you willing to spend on it?"

this time, the parents actually retreated one after another:

"then give up", "then I will definitely not cure", "cause trouble to the child" …...

No one in the world except parents has such selfless and fearless love.

even if they have to choose between themselves and their children, they will not hesitate to choose their children.

after being rescued by rescue workers, the little guy sounded a loud cry, so that people at the scene could not help but burst into tears for this tenacious little life.

A day later, rescuers found the mother of the child in the depths of the rubble.

parents' love is an instinct, and even at the last moment of their lives, they will be desperate to become superheroes and help their children resist everything.

at any time, parents' love for their children is the purest.

parents' world is very small, except us, or us.

so stop complaining that your parents are verbose and in charge. Parents are the only ones who are willing to trade their lives for your well-being.

Life is a journey to pay off debts.

this life, owe parents too much, they give, do not ask for anything in return, they give, do not want.

Don't wait for the day when you want to raise your son, but don't wait for him to regret and chagrin. You've missed too much.

while it is still too late, pay more attention to and cherish them, and repay your parents' love and kindness.

reconciling with our parents is our lifelong practice

in the TV series "the World", the Zhou family has an uneasy daughter, Zhou Rong.

leave without saying goodbye for love, regardless of parents' worries and anxieties, go far away and blindly pursue their own poems and distances.

when he learned that his daughter Zhou Rong made a good decision, the father of Zhou was angry and angry and threatened to have nothing to do with his daughter's death.

but under the washing of time, the father of Zhou finally put aside his bitter feelings in his heart.

full of worries and thoughts have turned into the motivation to go to Guizhou to see my daughter.

it took nearly two years to collect soap alone. With so many bars of soap, I am not willing to use any of them. On weekdays, I just pick out the remaining pieces of soap that others use.

he made a bumpy journey to thousands of miles, taking a bus and climbing barren mountains. After many twists and turns, I finally found my daughter in the depths of the mountains in Guizhou.

when father and daughter looked at each other, Father Zhou had mixed feelings and thousands of words came to mind.

she swore, "just think of me as popping out of a crack in a stone. I have no father, no mother, no brother, no brother."


Father Zhou rebuked angrily:

"you don't want me as a father, but I still want a daughter!"

Children are the weakness of parents. In front of children, parents are always the first ones willing to give in.

one second, Father Zhou was still angry.

the next second, I couldn't stand my daughter crying, gave up all her toughness, compromised unconditionally, and bowed her head.

the father and daughter finally cleared the ice, and the father of Zhou also forgave his son-in-law. Behind this, there is a father's boxing love for his daughter.

the way parents express their love can sometimes seem so clumsy, harsh, and impersonal.

but when they see that you are not well and unhappy, they are more distressed than anyone else.

they always want to do their best, give everything for us, and even lose themselves and let go of their self-esteem.

No matter how small their children are, it is a big deal, and no matter how big their own affairs are, it is almost a belief that they go deep into the bone marrow.

"you don't know your parents' grace when you are young, but you are already middle-aged when you do." if you can, please be more patient with your parents and complain less.

the kindness of parents is the greatest kindness in the world.

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reconciling with parents is also the most important lesson for children.

fulfill filial piety in time and be kind to parents

Dong Qing once said:

"affection is a countdown to love. What we can do is to cherish the limited time and try our best not to regret our parents."

there are thousands of regrets in the world, but no one can surpass the regret of being separated from parents.

when you grow up, have you ever calculated carefully how much time we still have to spend with our parents in this life?

have seen a formula for calculating kinship:

suppose you are separated from your parents. if your parents are 50 years old, if your parents live for another 30 years, we will go home once a year for five days at a time.

put aside the time to eat, sleep, play with your cell phone and get together with friends, you can only spend 24 hours with your parents.

so, in the remaining 30 years, the time we can spend with our parents is 24X30=720 hours, 30 days, only 1 month!

I believe that many people must feel uncomfortable when they see the answer.

this is what we call "a long time to come".

sa Bing once recalled the past about his mother in the variety show Hello Life.

when the baby is born, he immediately sends Wechat to his mother:

"your two little grandchildren are born, Mom, and you are a grandmother."

but the news was doomed to be thrown into the sea like a stone without any response.

posting, sa suddenly realized that he would never get a Wechat reply from his mother again.

and she will never see the news again.

because, as early as 2013, sa Bei's mother died of a sudden cerebral hemorrhage.

the debt to his mother has become an inextricable pain in sa Bei's life.

at this time, he realized that family affection could not afford to be delayed, and if he missed it, he could no longer make up for it.

after his mother died, sa Bing opened his chat with his mother and wanted to hear her voice, but there were only a few words and not a single voice could be found.

in order to make up for the regret that his mother could not participate, he still keeps his mother's Wechat and shares his life from time to time.

his words are full of his thoughts for his mother.

after the death of his mother, in order not to repeat the regret of "the son wants to support but not wait", sa Bei brought his father to her side.

Home is the place where we grew up; our parents are the ones who grew up with us.

Home is home, life is still home; parents are there, heart still has a place to settle down.

in fact, parents don't want much, just a little more company.

and we always think that the future will be long, we want to work hard and wait, and then go to accompany our parents to enjoy the family.

only forget that our parents are getting older when we are running hard.

the departure of my parents may be an instant.

Don't run too far, don't walk too fast, don't wait until it's too late to understand the value of family affection, and then regret the "if".

what we can do now is to cherish the present before our parents' love disappears.

call your parents more often, give them a greeting from afar, tell them the interesting things around them, and reassure their parents.

often go home to see, hug your parents, listen to nagging, and enjoy a rare time together.

time never waits for anyone, but it works and cherishes it.

Don't let time steal the most precious happiness while it's still too late. Love them and accompany them.