"have mercy on me," said the old man in Changchun, who couldn't buy food online, stinging 260 million Chinese.
"have mercy on me," said the old man in Changchun, who couldn't buy food online, stinging 260 million Chinese.
The degree of civilization of a society is measured by the conscience of the vulnerable groups.


the epidemic situation in Jilin is still not optimistic.

as of March 29th, there were 14355 confirmed cases in Changchun City alone.

for many days, the material supply in Changchun is faced with great challenges.

some young people say that if they buy vegetables online, they can't get several APP.

even if the price of vegetables goes up, they can't be bought.

If you set the alarm clock three times a day, you can't get the food from Tmall supermarket.

Economic Observer also publishes

solve the problem that it is difficult for some residents to buy vegetables.

"one dish is difficult to get" has become the biggest difficulty for many Changchun people at present.

however, it is difficult for young people to buy vegetables, especially for old people.

on March 27th, a video scrubbing network.

an old man in Changchun, who does not know how to buy food online, stands at the door of a closed supermarket and wants to buy a la carte.

supermarket staff let the elderly order through Wechat according to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control.

The old man outside the door is like a bewildered child.

he hunched over the door and asked the staff inside the door: what Wechat? Where can I get it? Where can I get the Wechat?

he looked around for help to ask where to get Wechat to buy food.

The employee in the

door shouted to the effect that there was no way to sell it now.

the old man almost pleaded and said, "have mercy on me!"


the video in just a few tens of seconds makes people sad.

is there anything wrong with the faltering old man? He just wants to buy some food.

is there anything wrong with the supermarket staff? He is only complying with the requirements of prevention and control.

the more this happens, the more powerless I feel.

elderly people may not have been exposed to smartphones.

he has no idea what Wechat is, let alone how to buy vegetables online, so he can only take the money and wait in front of the supermarket.

but he couldn't understand why he couldn't even buy vegetables with money.

the sentence "pity me" hurts countless people's hearts.

as soon as the video is sent, it will swipe the network instantly.

many netizens were caught off guard by the old man's words.

on the same day, official

for this


incident responded.

the needs of the elderly are properly dealt with, and in the follow-up, the community will continue to pay attention to his living conditions.


event finally ended in a more satisfactory way.

but this is not the end.

how many elderly people are facing the Internet dilemma in places that have not been filmed by video?

many well-known Big Vs posted Weibo appeals to help the elderly:

A front-line volunteer was on duty at night. When he met an old man in his 90s, he was hungry at night and came out to find something to eat.

Today, young people can get information through multiple channels, and they can try their luck and voice on various platforms.

but what about the elderly? Without smartphones and children without them, how can they get through this difficult time?

it is worth pondering.

in the "epidemic + digital era", the elderly are facing various difficulties.

it is all too common that you can't buy food or use a smartphone.

this is not an isolated case, but a social phenomenon.

many old people have worked hard for most of their lives and experienced countless ups and downs, but they are helpless in the face of things that are changing with each passing day.

in the world they have struggled for most of their lives, they gradually become out of place.

for the first time in the past few years, I have clearly felt that we are so dependent on the Internet.

scan the health code for travel, use Wechat for shopping, block the epidemic, and buy vegetables online with APP.

you can go out without money, but you can't go out without a cell phone, otherwise, you will hit a brick wall everywhere.

however, these simple and convenient ways have become obstacles for many elderly people.

under the news of the old man's shopping, I saw the heart-piercing stories shared by netizens.

"the old man took the bus with a health green code around his neck. The driver said it was out of date and wanted to use a new one to let the old man off. The old man didn't understand and kept saying let me sit down. It's a long way to go. "

"if the bus does not recognize the printed health code, it depends on the Alipay real-time health code." After swiping his card, the old man had no choice but to go down, and asked, "is it really not possible?"

"Grandma doesn't have a smartphone because she can't read and can't use it, so it's not convenient to go anywhere during the epidemic."

there are numerous similar examples.

some old people are complained because they don't know how to operate, while others have to go out less because they don't have a smartphone.

of course, we can understand the need for health codes, itinerary codes and online shopping at a time when the epidemic is becoming normal.

however, while preventing the virus, many elderly people are also turned away.

too many old people are gradually "eliminated" by the times.

before, on a bus in Fushun, Liaoning Province, an old man was refused by the driver because he did not have a smart phone and could not scan the health code.

at that time, the driver let the old man off, and there was still a truckload of people waiting.

the old man says he really has something to do and can register.

During this period, some passengers shouted impatiently:

"what do you register? You go down! Hurry up! "

"if you don't go down again,Go, I'll call the police! "

under the siege of public criticism, five minutes later, the old man was finally driven out



got off the bus.

the old man's grievance and helplessness makes people feel very uncomfortable after reading it.

how long will he stand in the cold wind without a health code?

after the video was sent, Fushun bus Company responded that they had also been informed by the Transportation Bureau that all people must ride with health codes, and there were no special groups.

but what about the old people who use the geriatric machine?

what about people whose children are not around and don't know how to use health codes?

thinking that I will be old and unable to keep up with the times, I can't complain about the old people who "waste" their time.

is not unique.

A supermarket in Changsha once had a dispute because the old man could not show his health code.

the able-bodied supermarket staff yelled at the man who wanted to enter the supermarket, "what are you doing? don't let me in!"


the old man argued a few words and was still ready to go inside.

was picked up by the staff and thrown out.

the old man stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

I can understand the importance of virus prevention and control, but I can't agree with it. I treat the elderly with such a rude attitude.

as one netizen said, we may not all have children, but we must have parents.

I feel sick when I think that my parents may also encounter this kind of situation.

when did society develop to such an extent that an old man no longer has the right to enter the supermarket?

should so many old people who can't use smartphones or operate on the Internet stay at home until their voices disappear?

this is not a phenomenon in a civilized society.

in our society, we should have the freedom to let people run, as well as the freedom to let those who walk slowly live calmly.

for young people, the development of information technology is like a fish in water, but for the elderly, it has erected an invisible barrier, making it more and more difficult for them to walk.

it is as if they are isolated from civilization. The end of the wall is the brand-new world they have worked hard for. This end of the wall is unable to keep up with the development of the times, and they are forced to stay behind.

my parents, with me around in recent years, have taught me to surf the Internet hand in hand.

they can play Wechat, browse Douyin and shop online.

you can go to the hospital every time, register and print the results of color ultrasound, and you must be accompanied by me.

you can't leave your children to visit museums and scenic spots and book tickets online.

before, my father swept the code to ride a shared electric bike, taught for a long time, he finally remembered the steps.

but next time, he forgot and stood there at a loss.

I took my cell phone and started teaching from scratch, and he looked at me apologetically as if he had caused me a lot of trouble.

At that moment, I felt very sad.

when I was young, parents who felt omnipotent, like clumsy children in the digital age, tried to keep up with the times and didn't want to be left behind.

what about the old people whose children are not around?

what about old people who are older and less receptive than my parents?

it is always said that the elderly should learn to adapt to the environment and not rest on their laurels.

some people say that if you don't have a health code, you will go out less.

Dou Wentao once said: "sometimes when making moral judgment, I always feel a little guilty, you know, because people's situation is really different."


according to the release of the data of the 7th census, there are 264 million people aged 60 and over in China.

among them, the elderly who have not been to school and have only attended primary school account for 70% of the total elderly population.

you can't imagine that there is such a large group in our country that some of them can't even write words and can't even recognize their own names, let alone use smartphones.

all kinds of APP, all kinds of Mini Program, those complicated operations, even the young are sometimes confused, how do you require the old to adapt instantly?

in this digital age, many old people are struggling.

I quite agree with the saying that intelligent digitization should not only be digitized.

many elderly people who have tried their best for the development of society have been gradually "eliminated" in the new era.

Please wait a moment, those who are left behind.

one day, we will also grow old, face a new era, and be at a loss what to do.

will also feel angry and powerless about the familiar and unfamiliar world that I have lived all my life.

by then, we also need to be seen and help.

the degree of civilization of a society is measured by the conscience of treating vulnerable groups.

all groups are taken care of and people of all ages are properly arranged. this is a sign of social progress.

allow those who are slow to accept new things to be kind to those who are left behind, because their today may be our tomorrow.

allowing everyone to live with dignity is the real civilization, isn't it?