Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
Hate a person, the most advanced way of dealing with
For the rest of my life, take everything I meet as a nutrient and grow upward all the time.

logician Yin Haiguang, who is upright by nature, always gets angry every time he sees grievances.

once, when he was eating, he suddenly thought of someone he hated, and for a moment he was so angry that he couldn't even eat.

Yin Haiguang was often in a bad mood and died of gastric cancer at the age of 50, while the person who made him angry every day lived to be 89.

if you hate someone in an angry way, you are punishing yourself, and you will only end up paying the bill.

in the future, if you meet someone you hate, you should learn to deal with it at a high level.

silently alienate

the way adults end a relationship is not quarrel and collapse, but silent alienation.

Zhang Yimou and Zhang Weiping have been partners for 16 years, and they have made 11 films together, ushering in the blockbuster era.

they also share a common dream: when they are old and stop making movies, they will travel together and find a place with beautiful scenery to rest.

but later, the differences between the two became bigger and bigger.

Zhang Weiping pays more attention to commercial interests, while Zhang Yimou immerses himself in his own artistic creation.

Zhang Weiping repeatedly interfered with Zhang Yimou's film creation, so after co-shooting the last film, the Thirteen Women of Jinling, the two parted ways.

When he left Zhang Weiping, Zhang Yimou didn't even say hello to him.

incredible Zhang Weiping called to talk to Zhang Yimou, but the assistant always answered the phone.

Zhang Weiping shouted through the air: "Brother, why don't you just talk to me face to face and tell me something?"

but to this day, Zhang Yimou has not come forward to make any response.

as Mo Yan wrote in the article:

"if you don't like it, you don't like it. There's no reason why." It's like a gust of wind, all you have to do is pat the dust on your body, turn around and walk away quietly. "

different ways do not conspire with each other, and different aspirations are not friends with each other.

instead of tearing his face, it is better to exit quietly.

Silent alienation is the greatest dignity for each other.

never speak ill of him

Li ao often scolds his former friend Yu Guangzhong on various occasions, calling him a "flattering poet."

in "Li ao has something to say" by Phoenix Satellite TV, Li ao also called Yu Guangzhong a "liar," saying that he had serious personality problems and his literary level was much worse than his own.

the writer Liu Shahe stood up to complain for Yu Guangzhong, but Yu Guangzhong never fought back and remained silent.

someone asked Yu Guangzhong, "Li ao picked on you and scolded you every day, but you never responded. Why?"

Yu Guangzhong's answer is very good: "Li ao scolds me every day, which shows that he cannot live without me, but I ignore him, which proves that I can live without him."

many people in life, when they meet people they don't like, speak ill of others before and after others, in an attempt to make everyone agree with their own views.

but in fact, no matter what you say, it will not change others, but will make yourself hostile and disgusting.

it is better to look down on annoying people than to look down on them.

invite annoying people out of your life, whether in your life or in your mind.

there is no need to speak ill of you behind your back and downgrade yourself.

strive to move towards a higher circle

I have read such a paragraph:

"in this world, there are many bad people, terrible people, people with abnormal brains. We work hard, just to give ourselves a chance not to get in touch with them. "

hate a person, the best way to fight back is to try to be good.

bestselling author Yang Xiwen used to work as a waitress in a restaurant before he became famous.

Yang Xiwen likes to read and write. In his spare time, he hides in the corner to read and write. He never goes shopping with other waiters and discusses the most popular clothes nowadays.

Over time, she was ostracized and isolated by the girls who worked with her.

when she is going to read in the library after work, the landlady will say sarcastically, "just you, still reading?"

but mockery did not stop her from working hard, but became the driving force for her upward growth.

she has read nearly 200 books and has insisted on writing articles and publishing them on her own media platform.

later, by chance, her text was chosen by a publishing house and helped her publish her first book.

she finally relied on her own efforts to stay away from those she hated.

later, Yang Xiwen wrote in his book: "hard work is never to prove that you work hard, but to have a better life and to maintain a continuous and upward goal, so that life will be a history of evolution."

there is a saying I like very much. I would rather spend time practicing an imperfect self than wasting time expecting a perfect person.

hate a person, the best way to deal with is to let yourself out of that circle.

when you become strong, the person you hate disappears.

finally, I would like to share with you a paragraph that I like very much:

"No matter who you meet, it should appear in your life, there is a reason, can teach you a lesson, this person will bring you something, or surprise or growth.

the existence of some people is to make us feel the beauty of life, while the existence of some people is to test us and hone our resilience.To make us grow. "

, for the rest of my life, take everything I meet as a nutrient and grow upward all the time.