Good marriage: talk about money, talk about love, talk about the future
Good marriage: talk about money, talk about love, talk about the future
May you meet someone and bring you all the warmth and romance, sunshine and beauty of the world.

having a happy marriage is the infinite yearning in everyone's heart.

however, yearning is beautiful, but reality is broken.

the marriages of too many people are full of contradictions and disputes. They can't leave if they want to, but they can't live well if they think about it.

but there are exceptions. There are always some people who have a happy marriage and make their life look like the envy of others.

if you delve into their marriage life, you will find that most good marriages are inseparable from these three points.

talk about money

A survey on partners and money has been done abroad, and it is found that

78% of couples who talk about money at least once a week are happy;

and only 50% of couples who talk about money only once in a few months are happy.

in other words, in an intimate relationship, partners who often talk about money will feel happier.

this reminds me of the marriage between my college classmate Nana and her husband.

the two of them have not avoided talking about money since the beginning of their relationship.

Nana is a girl who likes to be careful, and her husband has a good plan for money.

they made an appointment to save 60% of their monthly income for future expenses such as buying a house and educating their children.

to this end, they have set up a joint account and transfer money regularly every month, and if this month is not enough, they will make up next month.

and this habit continues from before marriage to after marriage.

now they have savings, a house and a lovely son.

In addition, don't worry that they will have conflicts because of the problem of spending money.

because they will review the month's expenses together and discuss some major expenses with each other.

It can be said that talking about money does not affect their marriage, but strengthens each other's relationship.

I have heard a sentence:

"A good marriage should not only be full of fireworks, but also have a consistent view of money."

because, in marriage, what we have to run in is not only each other's temper and temperament, but also our respective attitudes towards money.

the two partners boldly talk about money, not to calculate, to take advantage, but to know whether two people can get along through money.

you know, marriage is different from love, love can be romantic, while marriage is real.

to face the reality, we need to face up to many problems, including chicken and dog scraps, including daily expenses, including taking medicine when sick.

you see, marriage is inseparable from money.

A good marriage can stand the test of talking about money.

they are negotiated and discussed in terms of money, depend on each other materially, do not hide, do not calculate, be honest, and trust each other.

this is the responsibility for marriage, but also the awe of marriage.

say love

there is an impressive scene in the hit drama "the World" some time ago.

Zhou Bingkun was injured and was admitted to the hospital. Sun Xiaoning, who had a crush on him, came here in a hurry when he heard the news.

in order not to hurt his wife Zheng Juan, Zhou Bingkun took advantage of this opportunity to completely reject Sun Xiaoning's love.

this is what he said:

"your sister-in-law is the pillar of my family and the backbone of my heart.

my mother is quite right. People like Zheng Juan were sent to the house by God.

it is a great honor for anyone to have such a person, and adults and children will follow suit.

You said that if your sister-in-law didn't want me, I wouldn't even have a place to cry. "

it was these words that made Sun Xiaoning retreat in the face of difficulties and made Zheng Juan understand her position in Zhou Bingkun's heart.

people say that marriage is the grave of love.

but in Zhou Bingkun and Zheng Juan, we see the best appearance of love.

their love is not lost with time, but dies with marriage, but becomes more and more firm in the accumulation of years and more stable under the nourishment of marriage.

see such a sentence in the book:

"for marriage, the ideal state is not 'falling in love', but 'walking in love'."

A good marriage is two people who love each other, because love goes hand in hand for a lifetime.

although there have been frictions, contradictions, and even fierce disputes, there have been thoughts of divorce.

but two people who come together because of love are not easily defeated by the trivialities of marriage, but fall in love with each other again and again in the quarreling and reconciled world.

like a lyric:

"if this is a long-distance run in love, it is inevitable to stumble. Simple plain life is also a kind of seasoning, as long as you can hold on to love. "

It is true that there is no everlasting love in this world, but there is always a reason for us to love forever.

or his character, or her kindness; or his thoughtfulness, or her tenderness.

Love is mobile, and under the nourishment of love, marriage will become fresh and lasting.

talk about the future

collected a sentence:

"Life is long, just the right love is the most comfortable, kiss you before going to bed, hug you in the middle of the night, wake up with you, this is the future I want.


if you love someone, you want to have a future with Ta.

if we say that there are too many unworth in the world, but because of your arrival, all the unworthiness has become worth it.

he will work hard and make money for you, just to give you a warm home and a happy marriage.

in all his plans for the future, there is a you.

like Brother Zhao in moments, he works very hard and works very hard, often forgetting to have lunch or eating late because he is so busy with receiving clients.

sometimes, when he encounters a deliberate embarrassment from an unreasonable customer, he still smiles all over his face and makes amends for it.

talking about the future, he said that what he wants to do most now is to save money to buy a house, marry his girlfriend home, and then get married and have children.

you see, when a person meets true love, he will seriously consider the future.

he may not say a lot of words that love you, but he actually does a lot of things that love you;

he may not have too many plans for himself, but he has thought about everything about you.

he will invite you to participate in the rest of his life and work with you for a common marriage, including buying a house and a car, having children, providing for the aged, and so on.

the man who doesn't love you, his promise to you is illusory.

there is no specific wedding date, no plan to buy a house or car, no idea of settling down in any city.

He doesn't want to talk to you about the future, or he doesn't want to have a future with you at all.

have read a sentence:

"everyone is an egoist, and only in front of a loved one will he become an altruist."

A man who doesn't love you is an egoist from beginning to end. He thinks more about himself and the present.

and the man who loves you will become an altruist when he meets you. He thinks more about you and the future.

years are long and marriage is not easy. If you meet someone who really loves you, please know how to cherish it.

emotion expert Tu Lei once said:

"Marriage is not based on easy talk, but on long-term behavior and giving."

Marriage is a spiritual practice.

A good marriage can stand the test of money, stand the test of time, still have love for the lover, and still look forward to the future.

I hope that everyone who enters into marriage can keep their original heart, and the one they love will go from meeting to falling white.

I also hope that everyone who yearns for marriage can encounter love and spend the rest of his life to love and live.

, may you meet someone who will bring you all the warmth and romance, sunshine and beauty of the world.

in the days to come, the long stream is you, the firewood, rice, oil and salt is you, and the affectionate white head is also you.