From now on, you have to stop doing nine things to yourself.
From now on, you have to stop doing nine things to yourself.
In the past, it was just an experience, but today, it is a freshman.

some people say:

"time will wash out the effect of cosmetic surgery, just as the snow pile gradually melts when it meets the spring sun. Only the brightness of the heart can nourish a long-lasting feast for the eyes."

in our lives, we always want too much when we are young, but when we mature, we feel that all extravagance is vain.

to live thoroughly is to be able to follow your heart in the process of spoiling gains and losses, and to be calm in fame and fortune.

when you stop fighting with yourself and know the trade-off of life, you can feel like a new life every day.

Don't abuse human feelings

it is said that if there are many friends, it is easy to walk, but only those who have experienced great right and wrong know:

Human favors are consumables, one less at a time.

ask for help, not only owe a favor, but also bear the psychological pressure, always thinking about looking for opportunities to return to each other.

so, it looks like it can be cheaper for a while, but the interest will be more expensive later on.

if you can solve things with money, use money as much as possible, and then use love when there is no way out.

it's a good thing to make more friends, but in the end, you have to go on your own.

stop clinging to the past

I have heard a very realistic sentence:

"every day you live now is the youngest day of the rest of your life."

yesterday's events are both bitter and sweet, but they are all in the past and cannot be recalled.

after the moon sets and the sun rises, everything changes, and you will usher in a whole new challenge.

We can look back on the past, but remember, don't stay in the past and hesitate to move forward.

in the past, it was just an experience, but today, it is a new life.

the only way to achieve your future is to make every day better.

Don't stay up all night

A sleep experiment has been done abroad.

compared people who slept only six hours a day with those who slept eight hours.

look, however, in a short period of 5 days, those who do not get enough sleep have fine lines and dark circles under their eyes.

however, staying up late to become addicted and playing with your cell phone all night not only affects your mental outlook.

over time, you will find that your mind becomes numb and always lacks an impulse to life.

"Sleep Revolution" says:

"the loss of control in life begins with the constant postponement of falling asleep."

if you want to control your life, you might as well start by grasping the morning light.

Don't just forgive

each of us will meet some people who have hurt ourselves more or less in our lives.

and I want to say to you, "you don't have to force yourself to forgive everyone."

there is not so much empathy in this world.

sometimes, your kindness will only make the other person grow more powerful minions.

instead of wronging yourself, it is better to express your emotions generously. When the bottom line is drawn, the other party will back down in the face of difficulties.

Please remember that we can be kind-hearted, but we are not gods after all.

the first thing to live is to please yourself, not to benefit sentient beings.

Don't snub your parents

Yu Guangzhong once wrote a famous poem:

"when I was a child, homesickness was a small stamp. I was at this end and my mother was at the other end."

We must admit that the days to come are not long.

the fate between us and our parents has been in the countdown since the moment we were born.

Don't snub your parents. Although they seldom express their thoughts to their children, their thoughts will only increase.

filial piety to parents is not only to repay the kindness, but also to let oneself have no regrets.

Don't wait for love or filial piety for the rest of your life.

Don't stop practicing

think about it:

if you were to spend a month on a desert island and there were only three things left with you, what would you bring?

Dong Qing's answer is: "Books, seeds and lovers."

because books can bring spiritual satisfaction, it is a spiritual practice.

seed, which takes root and sprouts when it comes to water, can bring hope, and it is a spiritual practice.

and lovers, who can accompany themselves to share joys and sorrows, is an emotional practice.

in the final analysis, life is about self-cultivation and sexual cultivation.

never give up being a better self, and don't forget to be a qualified lover.

you don't have to please everyone

one of the great blessings in life is to meet the one who knows you best in the best of times.

as written in Catcher in the Rye:

"if you know each other, you are bound to cherish each other, and if you cherish the truth, you are only sincere."

Friendship or love is too humble to be doomed to be long-term.

in a comfortable relationship, there is no need to please too much, let alone haggle.

if you find that the other person can't go both ways with you, it's better to separate as soon as possible and invite the right person into life.

you don't have to please everyone. True love is walking shoulder to shoulder.

stop blindly comparing with others

have you ever heard of Crab's Law?

if you put a crab in a bamboo basket, it will certainly climb out.

if you put a group of crabs in a bamboo basket, none of them can climb out.

because every time there is a horseWhen the crab climbs up, the other crabs will pull it down.

just go on and on until they die together.

the true maturity is to pursue a better self inward, not to pull each other down.

from now on, don't compare with others and be yourself.

Don't be stingy with praise

did you find out? Those who are never stingy in praise have an affinity.

they can always find the bright spots of the people around them and make friends with such people, both physically and mentally.

A person with high EQ has not only a pair of ears that are good at listening, but also a pair of eyes that find beauty.

all relationships need to be managed, and the goodwill you unleash will one day be returned to you.

likes a sentence very much:

"what gets better is never life, but yourself. Facing and accepting calmly is the beginning of your own growth."

there is a long way to go. You have to work hard but don't be impatient. Manage yourself patiently. Life will give you a satisfactory answer.

, may you get what you want and get what you want.

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