For those who don't like to talk, please live hard.
For those who don't like to talk, please live hard.
In the time alone, weave your own rich life little by little.


when I was at school 20 years ago, I was inarticulate and unsociable, and people around me often said:

"you can't be so introverted. You should be more extroverted."

"you don't talk much, you won't have trouble, and you won't be able to muddle through in society in the future."

"you are good at everything, but you don't communicate with people very much, so you have a sense of distance."

At that time, I often wondered whether I should be more active and extroverted.

I didn't solve the confusion until I read Haruki Murakami's book, the Lion that loves Salad. He introduced himself like this:

"I am a quiet person, occasionally eloquent, but usually stuffy."

When he was in college, he sometimes didn't say a word to anyone for half a month.

he always refuses to do conversations and correspondence with strangers.

Haruki Murakami also tried to change his character when he was young.

At that time, he was running a bar, and Haruki Murakami forced himself to chat with some customers every day in order to make a living.

when the guests come, they greet each other with a smile: "Welcome!"

but the process was a great ordeal for him.

so he simply gave up the idea and stopped competing with himself:

"staying at the bottom of the well quietly is a dream I have had all my life. I am the kind of person who likes to be alone. I don't talk to anyone for an hour or two every day. Whether I run alone or write articles, I don't get bored. "

like a sentence very much, introversion is not a weakness, you should allow some people to have quiet youth.

not everyone has to be lively and outgoing. If you like to be a loner, you don't have to push yourself.

Life can be full of warm expressions, or it can be full of quiet beauty.

recently I watched a documentary called "Post-Zero", in which I was impressed by a little girl.

she is not talkative, other children are all huddled together, but she always plays alone and looks a little withdrawn.

when asked, "Why not play with other children?"

she gave an unexpected answer:

"I think it's good to play alone. Everyone has his own choice. I have the right."

after growing up, she has always maintained this acceptance of herself, brave and indifferent.

I will volunteer in kindergarten to help more children when I am on holiday. But instead of laughing and playing with the children, she sat alone and quietly helped them with their craftsmanship.

I agree with one sentence: "you may not be talkative, but you have to find your way of being."

Haruki Murakami knows very well that he is not fit to interact with others frequently, so he has always been very grateful for the work of the writer.

in his opinion, this job doesn't need to be too social, just need to be quietly immersed in creation.

when his friends around him break through difficulties in various industries and realize their ideals step by step, he devotes most of his time to the world of words.

when he is tired, he will open the window, take a breath of fresh air and relax his tired brain.

or pet the cat, play one of your favorite jazz songs, and enjoy your daily routine.

as soon as her debut novel "listen to the Wind Yin" was released, it won the Japanese Group Image New Talent Award, and "the Forest of Norway" was regarded as a classic by countless people.

character has never been a fixed template, there has never been a difference between good and bad, everyone has a way to get along with the world.

only when one gets along well with himself can one better embrace the world.

Zhang Xiaolong said, "I have never seen a life that is not lonely and shines brightly."

can't bear the lonely silence, how can he touch the glimmer of the high place?

there is a little boy with blond hair in Seattle, Washington. He doesn't like to go out, he doesn't like to play with his friends, and he doesn't even want his mother to ask him to eat.

what is he doing?

On weekdays, he always stays alone in his room, burying his little self in the big book the World Book Encyclopedia, flipping through it over and over again for hours.

or stay alone in an underground garage, concentrating on his treasured equipment.

this boy is the later founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates.

such solitude runs through his youth.

when he grows up, instead of having a social barrier because he is not talkative, he becomes a sparkling person on the social stage because of the energy he has accumulated in solitude over the years.

even if you are not good at words, as long as there is light in your heart, it will attract others to you.

in the list of postgraduate students to be admitted to Xiamen University, there is a particularly conspicuous name named Zhang Zhuangzhuang, which is even more named and praised by People's Daily.

Zhang Zhuangzhuang is an urban management assistant, and he is usually a quiet young man.

after the news that he was admitted as a graduate student at Xiamen University was blown up by the City Administration, many people expressed disbelief.

in fact, he did not transform suddenly, but grew up quietly in a lonely day.

every day after work, he gives up eating and playing together and hides into a small rented room to study hard.

others are chatting during their lunch break, he is looking up information; others are partying, and he is sinking in the sea of books.

people who don't like to talk often have a special force on their bodies.Quantity.

he would rather grow up alone than be consumed by gregariousness, determined and sober.

As the saying goes, "since you are introverted, you might as well become an introverted person."

instead of forcing yourself to change, you might as well be sensitive and thoughtful and cultivate yourself in your time alone.

when you are good enough, all social problems will be easily solved.

only when you have the perseverance to grow up in solitude can you have the strength to amaze everyone.

in the Big Bang Theory, Leonard says:

"maybe you don't fit in at school, maybe you're the smallest or weirdest child, or you don't have any friends, but it doesn't matter.

but my point is that when you spend time alone, such as assembling a computer or practicing the cello, what you're really doing is making yourself interesting. "

the famous host Lu Yu revealed in a program that he had serious social fears.

who would have thought that Luyu, who has been a host for decades and interviewed more than 10,000 people, turned out to be a quiet person in private.

she said that when she was on a plane, she was particularly afraid to sit with acquaintances because she didn't want to talk to people.

she is not talkative at dinner, so if the conversation turns to her, she will be on pins and needles, then scribble a few words and quickly change the subject.

After work, she usually stays at home alone, reading books and brushing dramas on the sofa.

sometimes I stay behind closed doors for several days, and I don't see anyone.

but she never feels dull and enjoys this way of life very much.

indeed, how can you feel lonely if your heart is rich and filled with more new things?

there are many things you can do when you are alone:

you can learn a new skill to recharge yourself;

you can also develop a special hobby to add fun to life.

or do a thorough cleaning, clean the room, but also clear your mind.

walking alone is a seclusion of the soul, and the real free and easy comes from inner peace.

so, you might as well be a lonely and not lonely person, let the vast world live in your heart.

"Xia Mu friend account" says:

"I must admit that most of my life is lonely, and growing up is the best game that can be played in loneliness."

if you are not talkative, live hard.

in the time alone, weave your own rich life little by little.

at this time, you, who do not like to talk, are full of spirit and have a universe in your heart.