For the rest of your life, love someone who spoils you with his body.
For the rest of your life, love someone who spoils you with his body.
May we all meet someone who laughs with you, makes trouble with you, and tastes warm and cold with you all over the world.

have read a sentence:

people who really love you will not say many words that love you, but will do a lot of things that love you. Love can be silent, but there must be actions.

I think so.

because love is not only a noun, but also a verb, which needs to be realized by action, not by mouth.

and a person who really loves you, he may not say sweet words, but he will certainly put it into practice and spoil you with practical actions.

avoid startling, disturbing, wandering around, and having no branches to rely on.

the rest of my life is not long. Instead of stumbling in the whirlpool of love, love someone who spoils you with your body.

good love is full of you

Psychology says: "when a group of people laugh, everyone will look at the person they like."

because you can't hide when you like someone, even if you cover your mouth, love will come out of your eyes.

True love is like this, as if there is light in your eyes, and all you can see is you.

when you are around, his eyes are full of you; when you are away, he thinks about you, too.

like du Jiang, the "spoiled wife demon" in the entertainment industry, his love with Huo Siyan is sweet to countless people.

when Huo Siyan ate, he looked at her with a smile in his eyes, with both heartache and infinite love in his eyes.

and there are many such scenes.

Huo Siyan sat opposite du Jiang and ate. The two briefly looked at each other, and all that appeared in du Jiang's eyes was tenderness.

when du Jiang got home, the first person he looked at was not his son, but his wife, Huo Siyan.

worried that Huo Siyan could not keep up with her physical strength during the festival, du Jiang specially came to help, not afraid of dirt or tiredness, only for her eyes to affirm.


the writer Proparkus once said: "the eyes are the forerunner of the love story that first declares tenderness."

because I meet you, all I can see is tenderness; because I love you, even the corners of my eyes are full of smiles.

so, whether a person loves you or not, the eyes will not lie.

the man who loves you has tenderness and light in his eyes.

but do not love you man, the eyes are alienated, the eyes are indifferent.

May we all find the one whose eyes are full of you for the rest of our life. He will spoil you into a child and give you the best.

when you are with such a person, you are gentle at the bottom of your heart, and your eyes are also yours.

A good marriage has a temperature in the arm

cartoonist Jimmy once said:

for girls who are too old to listen to love, what they want after all is the care of temperature and action, rather than the care of mobile phones on time.

for women, what we want is not too much commitment, but the action behind the commitment, real care and love.

but it so happens that in this world, there are many people who make promises, but very few people take actions.

if there is a person who hands you a tissue when you cry, lends you your shoulder when you are sad, and gives you a warm hug when you are upset.

I think this is true love.

in the movie "No questions about the East and the West", there is a scene:

Wang Minjia once fell into despair after being badly beaten and disfigured.

she said she didn't even dare to close her eyes, because as soon as she closed her eyes, she felt like she was falling, all the way down, and it was very dark.

when Chen Peng heard this, he held her tightly in his arms and said something:

Don't be afraid. I'm the one who supports you. I'll fall with you.

No matter how deep you fall, I will hold it for you below.

I'm not afraid of anything. I'm just afraid of pushing me away when you fall. I don't want me to hold it for you.

you see, men who love you are like this:

he will try his best to protect you, keep you warm all your life, and protect you for the rest of your life.

and you will take off all the camouflage and strength in front of him, and then boldly hand yourself over to him.

because you know, his arm has always been there, and it has always been your warm support.

We always say that life is really hard, but with a loved one, no matter how bitter the day will become very sweet, no matter how trivial marriage will become wonderful.

A good companion will soften his mouth

see a story on the Internet:

I played chess with my wife yesterday. After five moves, I was in sight of winning the game.

my wife pulled a long face and insisted that a horse could walk "Tian Zi" because it was a Chollima, so I put up with it.

also said that soldiers can retrogression, because they are special forces, I also put up with it.

didn't take two steps. I had to let the elephant cross the river and said it was Dumbo. I put up with it again.


so all day long, talking and laughing, I happily went to mop the floor, wash clothes and cook. He poured me a glass of wine at dinner.

it turns out that a person who loves you very much will connive at you everywhere, allowing you occasional capriciousness and small temper.

he does notIt's not that I can't beat you, it's not that I don't have a temper, but because I love you and love you, so I will take the initiative to compromise and take the initiative to be soft, even if I am reasonable, I will easily forgive you.

in an intimate relationship, there are always stumbles and disputes. These are all small episodes in life.

but those who love you will resolve these contradictions one by one and will not lose their temper at you at will, let alone criticize or criticize you.

Yes, a good partner, not how many sweet words, not how many promises, but to give you a down-to-earth and peace of mind.

in front of him, there is no wind and rain, no blizzard, only tenderness and doting.

if you find that your partner spoils you more and more, gives way to you more and more, and loves you more and more, don't hesitate, you really find the right person.

time is long, time is wasted, and living with a partner who understands your joys and sorrows, knows your cold and warm, gentle temper and warm heart, is the most affectionate fireworks world.

Ni Yining, a female writer, said: "whether you listen to love or see it, it is not as reliable as feeling love with your body."

because promises may deteriorate, feelings may fade, but the body will not lie.

whether he loves you, whether he loves you, whether he spoils you or not, the body will have the answer.

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those who love you look at you; those who don't love you don't see you at all.

there is a temperature for those who love you, and perfunctory smiles for those who don't love you.

those who love you will tolerate you and give way to you, while those who do not love you will dislike you in addition to accusation.

, may we all meet a person who spoils you with his body, hold you in the palm of his hand, put you on the tip of his heart, laugh with you, accompany you to experience the world, and taste the warmth and warmth of the world with you.

the mountains and rivers are vast, there are fireworks in the world, all of them are you, all of them are you.