Family way (good article in depth)
Family way (good article in depth)
Family is the foundation of a family.


Family skill is the foundation of a family.

Zeng Guofan said:

"the moral family has been handed down for more than ten generations.

the family of ploughing and reading takes the second place, and the family of poetry and books takes the second place.

there are only three generations of rich and noble families.


start reading

there is a saying in Yan's Family motto: "although children and grandchildren are stupid, they must read the classics."

Reading is the nobility with the lowest threshold and the starting point for a family to prosper.

through the ages, all big families that ring bells and eat their food have all made their fortune by reading.

Fan Zhongyan's family was poor when he was young, his father died of illness and his mother remarried.

he can only live in the temple and eat gruel and pickles.

when I am sleepy and tired, I wash my face with cold water and study hard day and night.

later, he became a scholar in high school and became a famous figure, leaving two family mottos for his children and grandchildren:

Don't be lazy in ploughing and reading, the foundation of starting a business; never give up words and paper, the treasure of the world.

the descendants of the Fan family studied hard, and a large number of famous ministers emerged from generation to generation.

Reading is not the only way out, but it is a very fair way, regardless of talent and origin, only focus on hard work and hard work.

money will be used up and power will dissipate. Only the knowledge you have learned can follow you all your life and become the foundation of your life.

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run a family frugally

diligence can open source, frugality can save money.

A man will be a little rich as long as he is industrious and frugal in his life.

A family will be well-off as long as it is industrious and frugal.

Zeng Guofan said: "No matter everyone's small family, scholar, agriculture, industry and commerce, they are industrious and frugal, and they are not unpopular; they are arrogant and tired, and they are not invincible."

A poor family can prosper even if it is industrious and frugal.


extravagance, no matter how much family business will be ruined.

the Zeng family has been ploughing and reading families from generation to generation, with eight-character family motto left in their ancestors:

Pig, vegetable, fish, book, morning, sweep, test, treasure.

that is, raising pigs, growing vegetables, feeding fish and reading, these four things at home;

and the four ways of running a family: getting up early, cleaning, offering sacrifices, and being good neighbors.

if you want to practice these eight words, you must be industrious and frugal.

the Zeng family has used this as a lesson for generations to cultivate a good family style and maintain its brilliance for hundreds of years.

and Shunqi

"Book of Rites" says: "Father and son Benedict, brothers in harmony, husband and wife, the fat of the family."

parents and children have deep feelings, brothers and sisters get along well with each other, and husband and wife are of one heart and one mind.

such a family must be a happy and prosperous family.

when families fight against each other and tear down each other, no one can see each other well, and no matter how rich the family is, it is bound to fall.

A family holds hands, no matter how hard it is to carry it together, and work together for a good day, no matter how poor it is, the family can get rich.

to live a life is to mix garlic with chicken feathers and touch the edge of the pot with a spoon.

No matter how close the family is, conflicts are inevitable.

you might as well be more tolerant and care less.

discuss big things, be considerate of small things, and forgive mistakes.

the family is happy with everything, and it can be resolved smoothly if it encounters a little difficulty.

filial piety and family protection

the Book of filial piety says: "filial piety is universal to the gods, and light to the four seas."

the family of filial piety, its love and sincerity can reach the gods and shine on the world.

wherever you go, you can connect with each other; no matter what you do, you can succeed.

filial piety is filial piety to parents and elders; fraternity is to unite brothers and sisters.

parents are the roots of a family; brothers and sisters are like branches intertwined with each other.

if the root is there, home is there; only with luxuriant branches and luxuriant leaves can you bear fruit.

filial piety is not only a person's character, but also a family atmosphere.

if a family wants to maintain peace and well-being, it must first pass on filial piety from generation to generation.

Father and son brothers watch and help each other, and when the big families are in harmony, the small families prosper one by one.

loyal and honest family

as the saying goes, "loyalty has been handed down for a long time, and poetry and books have saved the world for a long time."


whether the family fortune can last long depends on whether you have the virtue of honesty.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "if there is a good family, there must be Yu Qing; if it is not good, there will be aftermath."

families who often accumulate virtue and do good deeds are bound to have many blessings;


families who often do evil things are bound to cause a lot of disasters.

be kind-hearted, be kind to others, and never forget the word "loyalty".

can we go our own way, live our own life, and make the luck of the family flourish with each passing day.