"even if you can't get married, it doesn't matter."
"even if you can't get married, it doesn't matter."
You can choose whatever you like.

what should I do if I am not destined to get married in this life?

there is an answer on the Internet, which makes sense:

I didn't come into this world to get married and have children.

but to see the world, to see how the flowers bloom and how the water flows.

how does the sun rise and the sun sets.


Marriage is just one of millions of ways of life.

if you don't like it and don't want it, you don't have to choose.

because falling in love and getting married is not the ultimate goal of life.

you can make yourself happy and make your life better.

so even if you can't get married, it doesn't matter.

I happened to see an interview video of Qin Lan the other day.

when asked about age and marriage.

she confessed:

"I don't want to get married yet. I'm not ready for it."

she also said that you can't get married for the sake of getting married, but respect your inner choice.

"but if you don't get married, people will say you're old or something."

"I get older when I get older. I don't care about the so-called twenties, thirties and forties at all.

if you can't meet someone you love and love you very much.

getting married for the sake of children, or for marriage, would be very boring. "

who says it's not.

the loneliness of two people together is far more sad than the loneliness of one person.

Besides, there are many more interesting things than falling in love and getting married.

when you are alone, you can live a wonderful life.

like a sister I know, she is thirty years old and still single.

she enjoys being single and living a happy life alone.

because of her work, she often travels around the country.

when she is not working, she will travel by herself.

when she occasionally stays at home, she also dresses herself up very delicately.

then about three or five friends come to dinner and chat.

walking on the road, she will be excited by the sudden sight of a tree and a flower.

when she returns to her own world, she will feel secure and satisfied with the filling of her heart.

she often says:

"even if I don't get married, I can live alone all my life.

because my own life is rich enough that I don't need to rely on the redemption of others. "

instead of expecting the salvation of others, it is better to become that beam of light.

after all, marriage is not something that can provide timely help. At best, it is just the icing on the cake.

Just because

can't get married doesn't mean you don't want to get married.

just the opposite.

it is precisely because of the high expectations for marriage that they are more cautious.

is also because I know what kind of love I want.

that's why I don't want to make do with it.

if you really want to get married, you must be with someone who likes and fits each other.

like this sentence:

"Love is the cornerstone of marriage, the courage and support to face the endless sufferings and accidents of the rest of life."

Deng Chao and Sun Li have been married for more than ten years, and they gradually make each other look like each other.

Sun Li said that Deng Chao has made a lot of changes for her because of love.

Xie Na and Zhang Jie have been together for more than ten years.

even with children, Zhang Jie still holds Xie Na as a treasure in the palm of his hand.

Big Zhang Wei said that he was originally a man who had no hope for love and marriage.

but after meeting her and marrying her, I found that marriage was such a happy thing.

only in the eyes of those who love each other, marriage is the best destination for love.

those who choose to be single, stay out of marriage, and may not even get married for the rest of their lives.

I believe it is not that they are not eager for marriage.

I just don't want to make do with it hastily and let marriage become the grave of love.

if you don't meet the person you want for the rest of your life.

then be alone. It's no big deal.

No one stipulates that one must get married all his life in order to be happy.

your lack is better than overuse. You look lonely, but in fact you shine brilliantly.

it is not terrible not to marry all one's life, but to lose the ability to love.

when you always maintain the perception of love and the courage to pursue true love.

you can always fall in love even if you don't get married.

Love is always beautiful, and so should marriage.

like a rainbow, you don't know until you meet it.

of course, if you prefer to be alone and don't want to get married, it's not impossible.

in the final analysis, no matter one person or two,

is to live a good life, in order to be happy.

all over the world, marriage is sweet to get married, and being single is the joy of being single.

you can choose whatever you like.