Eight habits that must be changed after the epidemic
Eight habits that must be changed after the epidemic
The greatest wealth is living, and the greatest happiness is peace.

A few days ago, I saw a sentence on the Internet: "Youth is only a few years old, and the epidemic accounts for three years."

it was a bit of a surprise when I boarded.

unconsciously, it has been three years since the epidemic.

time flies, a lot of things have changed, only the epidemic has not dissipated.

this epidemic has made us understand the importance of health and the value of peace.

money can't buy life, and benefits can't get back to health.

the greatest wealth is living, and the greatest happiness is peace.

everyone should be nicer, healthier and happier.

after the epidemic, put away the eight lifestyles that must be changed.

Don't stay up late, go to bed earlier

for many young people, staying up late is a common occurrence.

stay up late to work, stay up late to play, and sleep until the wee hours of the morning.

for a long time, physical fitness has declined sharply,


the epidemic force will also get worse and worse.

immunity is a person's greatest competitiveness.

only by getting enough sleep can a person have the ability to resist the virus.

if your health breaks down, there is no point in succeeding in your career.

Don't be sloppy, clean up a little more often

this epidemic has made us get into the habit of disinfection.

from disinfectant to hand sanitizer, the bedroom has also become a lot cleaner.

and the number of bacteria in the room also decreased.

usually we are sloppy at home, which is not only unhygienic, but also prone to germs and diseases.

my colleagues used to catch cold, but they seldom catch cold during the epidemic.

this also has a lot to do with the improvement of indoor environment.

at ordinary times, we must have more ventilation, frequent cleaning and disinfection.

the room is clean and tidy. If you look comfortable, you will feel much better.

Don't be too lazy, exercise more

Tolstoy said, "

Human life is sports.


exercise is the source of all life.

lazy and tired all day long, do not exercise, the body will lose vitality,

immunity will also get worse and worse.

the ancients said, "

work tirelessly.


learn to exercise in order to ensure your health and work efficiency.

do not need strenuous exercise, usually take a walk, fight boxing, keep the body slightly sweating, is the best exercise.

Don't think about it, relax a little bit

emotion is the greatest enemy of health.

now many people work from home and cannot go out.

mood is bound to be irritable.

The most important thing at this time is to learn to adjust your mindset.

learn to relax.

the epidemic will pass eventually, the pause button will not be pressed forever, and everything will be back on track.

regard this epidemic as a reminder of life.

stop your busy pace and sort out your life.

accumulate strength, and when this "late spring cold" is over, we will certainly be able to coruscate a new brilliance.

Don't be picky about food, eat a little miscellaneous

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says:


five grains are raised, five fruits are used to help, five animals are beneficial, and five vegetables are filled. The smell is mixed and taken, in order to replenish the essence. "

eat some meat, eggs, milk, vegetables, fruits, whole grains.

balanced nutrition can ensure good health.

many people are partial to picky eaters. In the long run, there will be problems with their health.

eating coarse grains and fruits and vegetables can effectively prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

Don't be picky or partial.

Sour, sweet, bitter, spicy and salty, hot and cold, warm and cool, you should eat some to ensure good health.

Don't be greedy, be more content

the beginning of 2022 gives us a sense of what is impermanent.

stop greedy for wealth, don't be obsessed with fame.

money can't buy life, and benefits can't get back to health.

instead of spending a lot of time paying for your greed, learn to be content.

you don't need too much money, just enough to spend.

healthy and healthy, family members are on the side, mediocrity is the best blessing.

Don't be discouraged, smile a little every day

A smile relieves a thousand sorrows.

there is a saying in traditional Chinese medicine that "often laugh and release the lungs".

laughter can also promote blood circulation and do a lot of cardiovascular benefits;

it can also strengthen the immune system, relieve tension and relieve stress.

laughter is the maintainer of health and the catalyst for the future.

so, keep an open mind and keep an optimistic attitude, and your life will take a turn for the better.

Don't overdraw, save a little money

the epidemic has taught us the importance of saving money.

I used to spend a lot of money and didn't have any money.

once there is no income, home loans and car loans are out of breath.

people will be reunited and separated, the moon will be full and missing.

when the accident comes, I have some savings on hand, which is a person's largest sense of security.

A friend said: when I used to cook at home, the celery leaves were all removed and thrown away.

this epidemic is in short supply, and celery leaves are washed and scrambled eggs.Yes.

I didn't understand why the old man was so frugal, but now I finally understand.

Don't be fooled by consumer loans, don't be blinded by material desires.

in the future life, don't overdraw, don't moonlight, you must save some money.

to save money is not to be stingy, but to save a peace of mind and a sense of security in your heart.

the happiness, health and happiness of life is "a little bit" plus "a little bit".

remember this, be happier, be healthier, and live longer.