Don't sulk, you'll really die.
Don't sulk, you'll really die.
If you control your emotions, you will be able to control your life.

the harm of anger is greater than you think

"I'm only 30 years old, how can I be diagnosed with cancer?"

when she said this, Lili had just come out of the hospital with a diagnosis report of advanced gastric cancer, like a bolt from the blue.

the doctor said that getting this disease has a lot to do with past habits:

unhealthy diet, unhealthy schedule and emotional instability may be the inducements.

looking back on my life in the past few years, since I had a second child, there have been a lot of chores in my family.

because her husband is away from home, Lily spends more than half her time in anger. Sometimes she loses her temper and doesn't say anything, and she doesn't have any appetite to eat.

after a long time, I began to have a stomachache every night, and then I had symptoms of bleeding, so I went to the hospital for an examination.

who knows, upon examination, it turned out to be cancer.

after hearing the news, Lili lost sleep for several nights. She began to reflect on herself and felt remorse for her past moodiness.

in fact, it's not just Lili. Search for "angry" and "bored to death" in casual chat records, and there are no fewer than a thousand related chat records.

do not realize that while these negative emotions affect our normal lives, they sometimes even kill us.

data show that in the latest global cancer data released by the International Agency for Cancer Research of the World Health Organization, the incidence of breast cancer in China is increasing twice as fast as the world.

looking at these life-related data, I don't know how you will feel.

this is never individual data. Because every cold data, no matter who spread it on, is a catastrophe.

the data of these reports are just reminders of the safety of our lives.

remind us--

every time we get angry, the retribution we bring is on ourselves.

negative emotions are far more harmful to the body than we think.

what is more terrible than being angry is to be "sulky"

there are even many people who hide and sulk whenever something goes wrong.

do not realize that what is more terrible than anger is that when you are angry, you do not vent or dredge it, but let it run amok in your body.

these days my old classmates had dinner together and heard a story.

said that one of our classmates had a physical problem a few days ago. When he was about to go downstairs one day, he suddenly felt chest pain and curled up on the ground.

seeing this, my husband quickly asked for leave to take her to the hospital.

after examination, the doctor found that she had severe hyperplasia and nodules of mammary glands.

then asked her if there was anything wrong with her recently.

only then did I know that in order to make money through financial management, this classmate invested more than a hundred thousand of the hard-earned savings of the family.

it is said that if it goes well, the annual return is quite good. In the first month of investment alone, the other party put thousands of yuan into her card.

when she saw the income, she didn't even think about it, so she threw in all the spare money her family could put into it.

who has ever thought that more than half a year later, not only did not see the income, but also can no longer contact each other.

she was afraid to tell her family that she was going to deal with the matter alone.

but more than a hundred thousand is not a small sum, and the money weighs on her not eating well, sleeping well, and experiencing emotional ups and downs.

I can't stand it any more, so she hides quietly on the balcony, and her negative emotions such as grievances, anger and hatred for her incompetence follow.

the Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic says: "anger hurts the liver, joys and sorrows, lungs, spleen and kidneys.


as time goes by, she has more and more physical problems.

first, I couldn't sleep at night, headaches and palpitations, and then unexplained chest tightness and chest pain, until I completely fainted, and then I made friends with my family.

the doctor said that if she goes on like this, she will have more and more physical problems, and hyperplasia on her breast is likely to develop into breast cancer.

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fortunately, it was discovered in time, and it is not too late for intervention and treatment.

but how many people, who have more or less physical problems, still want to put up with it and carry it on?

do not realize that negative emotions do great harm to the body.

after a long time, it has accumulated too much, and it may really kill you.

being in a bad mood drags down your life

I have read an article about the harm of anger to health.

but people live this life, trivial things continue, unfair treatment will come soon.

Today's children are disobedient, tomorrow's work is not going well.

there are always too many bad things in life that affect our mood.

there is an aunt next door to my house. Every time she goes to the vegetable market and comes back, she always talks about it in her kitchen for a long time.

said that the family was short, saying that the dishes were not fresh, and sometimes they were out of breath, and they would bring together the neighbors to reason together.

but in the end, she lived for most of her life and was angry for most of her life. in the end, she had to go to this vegetable market to buy vegetables and talk too much.And no one wants to reason for her anymore.

it's the same with her family. When the child breaks his job and her husband forgets to take out the trash, she can take it out and complain for a long time.

as a result, the child was careful every time he saw her with a straight face, and her husband was no longer willing to talk to her. It was supposed to be a happy family, and the temperature suddenly dropped to freezing point.

Today, the aunt in her fifties not only has a variety of basic diseases, but also has to run to the hospital every few days, and when something happens, she doesn't even have anyone to help.

everyone said that her life was ruined by her own bad mood.

and it is inevitable that people will be unhappy in this life.

in fact, over time, when you look back at the things that made you angry, you will find that it is nothing more than this.

because nothing is more important than your body.

but modern people are under a lot of pressure, and there are many things that lead to emotional loss of control.

but in any case, the most important thing in a person's life is to live a healthy life and live a decent life until he is old.

in the face of sudden negative emotions, in addition to self-counseling and resolution, we can also try to "control" it in a rational way.

"controlling anxiety" mentions a way to improve mood: rational emotional behavior therapy (REBT).

its proponents believe that emotion follows an ABC inducement formula.

A represents the person or thing you meet,

B represents your opinion on the matter, C represents your feelings and behavior, and Aban B leads to C.

so, when the environment remains the same, if we want to change C, the only thing we can change is B, that is, your view of the matter.

in short, learn to look at your current problems objectively and rationally, and constantly train yourself to look at them rationally.

at the same time, learn to face up to the negative emotions you may have.

emotions are just reminding you that it's time to solve the problems you encounter, not that you are obsessed with the emotions themselves.

Life is like a play, we get together because we are predestined; it is not easy to help each other until we are old, so whether we should cherish it or not.

there is no need to lose your temper over trifles; I am not angry when others are angry, and there is no one to replace me when I get sick.

if I am angry, who is happy, and sad and laborious; go early and go home early and think less about things when I am away from home.

Don't compare your neighbors, relatives and friends, let him go with the details of his children and grandchildren, rejoice in the birth of the baby, and let him go all the year round.

when we endure hardships and enjoy happiness together, immortals envy good companions; men and women, old and young, pay more attention, don't be angry.

Yes, nothing is more important than good health in one's life.

I hope to see you here, you can worry less and be more happy.

the rest of my life is still long. Only when you control your emotions can you control your life.

the rest of life is expensive. May we all get rid of negative emotions and have a happy life.