Don't get angry when something happens, don't argue about right or wrong, don't argue about winning or losing.
Don't get angry when something happens, don't argue about right or wrong, don't argue about winning or losing.
The still water runs deep, and the wise man is silent.

I have read a sentence: "Don't get angry when something happens, don't argue between right and wrong, and win or lose, is the great wisdom of dealing with people."

if you think about it, it is true.

all people's troubles come from inner restlessness.

there are people who can keep calm, see through right and wrong, put down their gains and losses, live a thorough, free and easy life, and take their time.

is not angry, it is a kind of modification to

when the word "anger" is taken apart, it is "slave heart". When a person is angry, his heart is enslaved.

I have read a story of "the angry donkey".

there was a donkey who was grinding without complaining in the mill when suddenly a stray dog came up and wagged its tail and said sarcastically:

"Oh, what a poor silly donkey you are. You only deserve to grind in the yard. Your whole life is not as happy as mine!"

after hearing this, the donkey was furious and rushed up quickly.

but the dog ran too fast to catch up. The more he thought about it, the angrier he became, and he was in no mood to work at all.

at this time, the owner's eight-year-old son ran over to ride a donkey. the donkey had no place to vent and kicked the child out, breaking his head and bleeding.

the owner was so angry that he sold the donkey directly to the slaughterhouse.

Donkey's tragedy, in fact, we have all experienced it more or less in real life.

in life, you will always meet people who judge you.

therefore, if you lose your mind and fight a lot, you will only lose control of your emotions and lead to an irreparable stalemate. In the end, you will suffer losses.

as the saying goes: "

one patience can make a hundred humiliations, and a quiet one can control a hundred anger.


angry but silent, angry words can not be heard, let go of others, but also let go of yourself.

Goethe's poems were widely praised at that time, but some people were prejudiced.

once, Goethe met a critic on a narrow path.

critics have always disliked Goethe's works, and he said proudly, "I never make way for fools."

instead of getting angry, Goethe backed down to the side of the road and smiled and said, "I'm just the opposite."

in the face of unpleasant things, laughing away is the most powerful counterattack.

be like a river. If you encounter obstacles, you should avoid them. If you can't get around them, you will accumulate strength and spread over.

Su Dongpo said a sentence:

"suddenly come without surprise, and without anger for no reason." The hostage-taker is very large, and his ambition is very far away. "

to be a man, win in kindness, lose in temper, and be expensive in atmosphere.

you can control your life only if you can keep your temper under control.

indisputable, it is a pattern

I saw a question on the Internet: "what kind of experience is it to argue with people?"

there is an answer in the comment area that says what most people really think:

at that time, I was blushing and incoherent. I just wanted to overwhelm each other. When I looked back, I thought of an exquisite rebuttal, and then the more I thought about it, the more angry I became.

you have had a similar experience, right?

after arguing with others, I felt even more remorseful that I didn't play well afterwards.

one quarrel, two injuries, only do some unnecessary consumption.

entrepreneur Musk once said:

"I don't argue with people now, because everyone can only think at his cognitive level."

in the future, some people will say that two plus two equals ten. I will say that you are really good, and you are absolutely right! "

I'd rather have a fight with a sensible man than have a word with a fool.

not arguing easily is not only the wisdom of doing things, but also the pattern of being a man.

Fu Bi, the famous prime minister of the Northern Song Dynasty, was good at debate.

once, a poor scholar stopped him in the street and said, "I hear you are eloquent. Let me ask you a question."

Fu Bi Wensheng replied, "Yes, please go ahead."

"what should you do if someone openly insults you?"

"I'll pretend I didn't hear it."

the man laughed at Fu Bi as a turtle with a shrunken head, got a false name and turned away.

the servant on the side was in a hurry.

Fu Bi said, "this man came with anger." If I argue with him, I must be blushing. Even if he is defeated by the quarrel, he is still unconvinced and futile. "

Zhuangzi said, "

there is no argument.


if you are wrong, it is useless to say more; if you are right, the truth will come out naturally.

porcelain should never fight against bricks, and people with low awareness do not have to try to correct it.

in this way, we do not interfere with each other and are at peace with each other in their respective worlds.

the still water runs deep, and the wise man is silent.

learn to be silent and patient, think more rationally, and devote yourself to self-cultivation. This is the great pattern of being a man.

No dispute, it is a kind of wisdom

the moral Classic says: "

the way of heaven is beneficial but not harmful; the way of saints is for it but not for it.


to fight, but not to be reconciled, in order to fight for breath.

however, if you ask too much, you actually have a hard time with yourself.

read a short story.

there was a fisherman who went out happily for a fishing team and came back humming a song even though the net was empty. He lived a simple and happy life.

one day, he accidentally caught a piece of gold and was ecstatic. He didn't sing that night and fantasized about the future.

the next day, he sold the gold and borrowed a usury, bought a fishing boat, hired some fishermen, and started a fishing business.

over the years, the business has become bigger and bigger.

but he can no longer laugh. Every day he either worries about the weather or wants to compete with other fishing teams for fish prices. There is no peace of mind for a moment.

A tornado struck the boat on the rocks and suffered heavy losses. The fisherman fell to the extreme and walked dejectedly on the beach.

then he saw a tramp lying on the beach, humming in the sun.

the fisherman asked inexplicably, "you have nothing. How can you be so happy?"

the tramp said, "I have sunshine, health and freedom. Why should I not be happy?"

the fisherman suddenly realized that he remembered that he used to be a contented person, just because he blindly fought for it and lost his instinct to be happy.

Nan Huaijin, a master of Sinology, said:


in life, only those who are confused by desires must distinguish between superior and inferior. Do not fight, it is the ultimate state of life.


do not fight, not do not pursue, but do not demand, know what to do, what is the most appropriate.

Love, but cannot be sought, is the norm of life. What should come will come eventually, and it is useless to force what should not come.

just do your best and don't push too hard for results.

"Cai Gentan" said: "the husband only does not fight, the world can not compete with it."

the most graceful scenery in life is nothing but stillness and contentment, contentment, calmness and inner calmness.

Laozi said, "those who are good at fighting do not get angry, those who are gentle do not argue, and those who are good at winning do not fight."

the atmosphere can be achieved only by being calm; silence is the best excuse; if you keep a normal mind, you will have a lot less trouble in life.

A man's life is a process of constant reconciliation with himself and the world.

mindset is the most important factor in living a good life.

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