Don't fool around all your life, do these four things right first.
Don't fool around all your life, do these four things right first.
If a man is kind, heaven will not deceive him.

there is a classic saying in

how steel is made:

"A man's most precious thing is life, which belongs to him only once. A man's life should be spent like this: when he looks back on the past, he should not regret wasting his time, nor should he be ashamed of mediocrity."

Life can be busy, but we can't be busy. We must spend our precious time and energy on important things.

find the right position

Socrates has a famous saying: "know yourself."

in fact, we can easily get to know others, but it is often difficult to know ourselves clearly.

some people don't know what they want for the rest of their lives.

in fact, the most difficult thing for a person is to know himself.

everyone wants to live a wonderful life, just like a rainbow in the sky.

only by finding the right place for yourself can you live a meaningful life.

sometimes, we work very hard, but fail to achieve the desired results, so we need to calm down and think about whether there is something wrong with the direction of your efforts.

people must not be bound, what others think and think, that is other people's business, as for you, it all depends on how you measure yourself.

We need to find our own position, have self-knowledge, and know what we are suitable for.

Let's not be jealous of how other people's lives are, because that's someone else's position, and what you have must be the most suitable for you.

what suits you is the best, and you don't have to blindly follow others.

Life is like making a movie. Everyone has their own roles, and there are boundaries between them.

do not bring the role of work to the family, nor the role of the family to work.

finding your own position as a person can save you a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Zeng Guofan's letter from the Family says: "there is no other way to seek a job. It is nothing but a specialty."

from the minister of the army to the governor of Liangjiang, and then to the commander-in-chief of the Hunan army, Zeng Guofan found his place and successfully opened up a world.

at all times, you should have a clear understanding of where you are.

make the right friends

when you are away from home, you can't do without friends. If there are many friends, it is easy to walk, but it is difficult to know people and distinguish people.

the Book of the later Han Dynasty says:

"and good human settlements, such as entering the room of Zhilan, not hearing its fragrance for a long time, and poor human settlements, such as entering the restaurant of abalone, for a long time but not smelling it."

We must look at the right people when we make friends. If we make the right friends, we will get a good experience.

people learn from each other. If you have good friends and good character, you will do the same in the future.

if a friend has a bad heart and bad character, he will also affect you.

who you make friends with will determine your life.

as the saying goes, "learn from good people and learn from robbers."

friends will affect your life, so be sure to choose the right one.

in fact, a true friend is one who can share weal and woe with you and dare to criticize you.

Friends are like two trees leaning against each other, supporting and growing each other in the wind and rain.

to make friends, you have to make friends that are worth making. Only such friends can bring you positive energy.

A true friend can read each other's heart, know what the other person needs, and offer help instead of asking for something.

Zeng Guo

Fan was quite insightful about the way of making friends, and he summed up the benefits of "eight friends and nine no friends", what friends can be made and what friends cannot be made, and the benefits of making good friends for a lifetime.

Zeng Guofan often wrote to his brother Zeng Guoquan, in which he wrote:

"the success or failure of life depends on whether a friend is good or not, so you must be careful."

it can be seen that Zeng Guofan attached great importance to making friends and was determined to keep up with the ancient saints and sages.

take care of your health

as the old saying goes, "one is light without illness."

the most important thing for a person is good health. Having a healthy body is the greatest wealth in his life.

in good health, there is a rush for life, and life can be enjoyable.

if you are in good health, you can start all over again. If your health collapses, everything will collapse, and no matter how much money you have, it will be difficult to get back to health.

when people reach middle age, their bodies begin to go downhill. Taking good care of their bodies is the best investment for themselves.

Diet should pay attention to the reasonable collocation of meat and vegetables, and exercise more sooner or later, which is a good way to keep healthy.

in addition to good health, we should also have a good mental state of mind.

as the saying goes, "it takes less than ten years to smile; when you are sad, your head is white."

keep a young and optimistic attitude, have a cheerful smile, always keep childish interest in new things, and live happily and happily every day. This is the way to live a long life.

Zeng Guofan lived to be 62 years old. in the face of today's advanced medical technology, he did not live long, but more than a hundred years ago, he greatly exceeded the average life expectancy at that time.

Zeng Guofan has been in poor health for more than ten years in Beijing and often gets sick.

once, in a letter to a friend, he said: "since joining the army, I have the ambition to give orders in the face of danger. I am sick at home. I am often afraid of death and go against my original ambition."

as a result, Zeng Guofan often paid attention to health preservation. He said, "treat the mind with the broad word" and treat the body with the word "no medicine"..

Zeng Guofan put forward the "six things of keeping good health" and believed that "keeping good health is based on less anger".

physical and mental health are equally important. Only with a strong will and a strong body can the family be revitalized.

Life is graceful. Some people begin to pay attention to keeping in good health when they find that they are in poor health, but with little effect.

and some people cherish their health from the very beginning, and their health has always been very good.

Let's not do things that are too late for repentance. There are priorities in the world, and we should at least set priorities.

Please simplify your life, reduce your unnecessary fuss, and focus your time and energy on things that are worth doing.

take good care of your body, find the right position, run your own family, make the right friends, life will reach one peak after another!

run a good family

As the saying goes, "Home is the harbor of the soul."

when the ship is broken, you want to return to Hong Kong, and people who are tired want to go back to their hometown, so home can tolerate everything.

A comfortable and happy home is the source of happiness.

However, nowadays, many people devote all their time and energy to their careers, neglecting the existence of their families.

We build a family through half a lifetime of hard work and struggle, but we seem to deviate from the original intention of starting a family.

the loss outweighs the gain by leaving the family idle because of the needs of his career.

A family is made up of many people. It is difficult to call a family a family. Often, the more family members there are, the more active and vital the family will be.

A person spends most of his life in a family. A warm and harmonious family can stimulate people's potential and give people a sense of achievement and happiness.

A good family is managed. A person who is good at running a family must be a wise and intelligent person.

Family is a place of dedication, and our love for our loved ones is selfless and unrequited, not just taking.

everyone takes the initiative to love others, and everyone accepts to be loved, so everyone gets love from others.

while enjoying the love of the family, each member of the family should assume his or her own responsibility.