Deep to the bone of self-discipline is to persist in doing these four things
Deep to the bone of self-discipline is to persist in doing these four things
Be a self-disciplined person, cherish your body, cultivate your character, and live with no regrets.

early morning and good night



like Wang Xiaobo's sentence very much:

"I want to love, I want to live, I want to take responsibility for myself."

on the way of life, no one can force you to exercise self-discipline. You have to fight for the life you want.

as long as you make up your mind to start to change, the seemingly confused road ahead will become within reach.

spare no effort to improve yourself

the turning point in life is hidden in every thought you want to change for the better.

I'd like to share Matt's story with you.

as a senior engineer at Google, he leads a rich and carefree life, while people are becoming more and more lazy.

so he made a 30-day transformation plan for himself, forcing himself to improve every day.

A detailed taste of his plan does not differ in size, but it can bring double nourishment of body and mind.

refuse to stay up late and insist on getting up early to read;

exercise every day and keep walking 10,000 steps;

go to work by bike;


after 30 days, his writing ability has improved, and he can write novels with tens of thousands of words fluently.

long-term exercise has also strengthened his physical fitness, and he has successfully climbed Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest peak in Africa.

and these achievements were completely unimaginable to him before.

so you see, as long as you keep improving yourself, God will reward you for a new start.

never give up becoming a better yourself, so that you can be worthy of the infinite possibilities that life gives you.

cherish your body from the bottom of your heart

once read a very realistic sentence:

"the world is yours and mine. But after all, they are in good health and live for a long time! "

when I was young, I always felt that going to bed early and getting up early was good for my health, but it was just a loud slogan.

only now do I understand how lucky it is to be disease-free and disaster-free until I grow old.

you might say that now you are so busy with your life that you have no time to take care of your body.

but don't forget that good health is always the first priority!

the money we work hard to earn is to live an ideal life, not to pay hospital bills.

Don't wait for backache to realize the importance of exercise.

if you can, please take a porridge and a dish every day seriously, get up early to feel the warm glimmer of the morning, and give your body some time to relax.

taking good care of yourself is the best way to cherish life and to give your family the greatest peace of mind.

Please remember that the premise of all the best is good health.

manage image for years

Image designer Heimaya once said:

"when you can't put yourself in a good state, it's like declaring that you've been defeated by life, time, work and family."

A person's external image can often reflect the person's internal state and spiritual pursuit.

Guo Wanying's story has inspired many people.

she was born into a wealthy family, was served by servants in clothing, food, shelter and transportation, and her acquaintance was full of dignitaries.

it's a pity that the good times didn't last long, and a great change completely disrupted her life.

the former jade plate delicacy has become a bowl of Plain Noodles for 8 cents, and it is difficult to have enough to eat every day.

is gone. Instead, he cleans the toilet every day and bends his fingers.

someone once commented on Guo Wanying:

"after such a terrible thing, she still sits upright in front of you, drinking black tea gracefully, with fragrance in her snow-white curls."

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"do you think there's anything she can't cross?"

A person who never forgets to hold his head high in adversity and dresses brightly in plain clothes can always overcome the difficulties of life.

self-discipline, we should not only improve the inside, but also pay attention to both internal and external cultivation.

go all out to cherish the present

just like seizing every opportunity, attaching importance to every new life and cherishing everything in the present.

there are so many people around me that they always feel that the future will be long, and the goal that cannot be accomplished today will be put off until tomorrow, and the clothes that cannot be worn this year might as well try again next year.

but did you find out?

the more high-quality things are, the more popular they are, and the more wonderful life they are, the more they need to be chased as soon as possible.

idleness is not only a waste of time, but also a disappointment to oneself.

look at the following picture:

any small effort, as long as 365 days, will bring nearly 38 times the leap.

as long as you begin to exercise self-discipline and seize every minute of the moment, you will have enough ability to strive for a better life for yourself.

Don't always talk about the future, don't always feel that there is still tomorrow, and that no moment in your life should be wasted.

instead of wasting timeYou might as well cherish the present and work out a future for yourself.

self-discipline and hard work now will lead to happiness in the future.

once read a sentence:

"do more things to make yourself better, be more patient, wait for it to bloom, and time will give us the answer."

it takes time for melons to ripen their roots, and it takes time to build up success.

from now on, be a self-disciplined person, cherish your body, cultivate your character, and live with no regrets.


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