Daily increase of 228 cases! If there is no hot search in this city, it will be too late!
Daily increase of 228 cases! If there is no hot search in this city, it will be too late!
On that day when spring blossoms, may we meet sometimes and live up to the light of spring.

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when many people set their sights on the epidemic in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, and Shanghai, they did not know that the epidemic in Quanzhou was in dire straits.

on March 21, there were 228 new confirmed cases in Quanzhou, a total of 755, and 7 new control areas.

the situation Brooks no delay.

how difficult is Quanzhou under the epidemic?

some people say: "this is the most serious challenge since the prevention and control of the epidemic in Quanzhou."

the bustling streets of the past have become deserted and frighteningly quiet.

the epidemic was so fierce that workers traveled day and night to build one square cabin hospital after another.

all workers in Quanzhou were shut down.

up to now, all nucleic acids in Quanzhou have been made six times.

however, this is not the hardest part.

the shortage of materials is the most crucial problem in Quanzhou at present.

in the past few days, the entry "Quanzhou urgently needs material donation" has rushed onto the Internet.

Fujian Volunteer Public Welfare Foundation issued a notice:

Quanzhou needs materials, including disposable medical masks, isolation masks, protective clothing, etc.

the number of messages alone reached 17000.

many people can't imagine that Quanzhou's supplies are in short supply.

if you don't know Quanzhou, you won't know it at all. Quanzhou is really even more difficult.

some netizens said:

there are not enough sampling tubes for nucleic acid. If not tomorrow, I will turn red code.

some parents said:

Children are blocked at school, and they don't wear much alcohol or masks. They really need everyone's help.

at the moment of the epidemic, their express delivery has been stopped, the shop has been emptied, and supplies have been exhausted. Quanzhou, there is really nothing we can do about it.

having always saved himself silently, he finally pulled down his face and turned to the outside world for help.

however, this low-key, introverted city has to

shout and ask for help at the top of your voice.

yesterday afternoon, the entry for "material donation in urgent need of Quanzhou" barely reached the 46th place on Weibo.

many netizens in Fujian and Quanzhou spread urgently.

there are also netizens, because this "Quanzhou urgently needed materials" hot search is not seen, anxious to cry on the Internet.

the people of Fujian are usually unknown, keep a low profile and save themselves, and even spare no effort to help others when they are in trouble.

now, he has been attacked by huge waves, but he has not been widely valued.

this scene is really distressing.

when the house leaked, it rained all night, and the boat was late and caught the lead.

what is even more unimaginable is that when Quanzhou was reaching for some materials, some people openly questioned, abused and ridiculed in the comment area:

"aren't you wearing gold bracelets when you get married in many places in Fujian? Still need to donate? What about so many enterprises in this province? "

"Quanzhou is a big city, and it is not self-sufficient, but it is still short of materials."

"it turns out that you are holding the whole country back, so don't you find out the reason from yourself?"

even more vicious people say: Quanzhou is just not worthy!

these merciless taunts and vicious remarks, not to mention Quanzhou people, as a stranger, I was furious after watching it!

what time is it now? with the outbreak of the epidemic, all parts of the country are in a great emergency. this is the time to unite with each other, not the time to engage in regional hacking!

Why is Quanzhou in short supply?

1. A large amount of materials have just been donated to Hong Kong

in the three years of the epidemic, Quanzhou almost "sends supplies wherever there is an epidemic."

just before the current outbreak in Quanzhou, Quanzhou just sent a large number of medical supplies to Hong Kong, including 3 million masks, more than 20, 000 sets of isolation gloves, protective clothing, and 385000 rapid testing kits.

No one will know that when Quanzhou donated its own materials, he immediately had an epidemic.

2. The epidemic situation is serious and the factory is shut down.

made in Fujian has always been a trump card in China. When the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, major enterprises in Quanzhou worked overtime overnight, stepping on sewing machines into the smoke and delivering materials to the people of Hubei.

however, at present, most factories in Quanzhou have stopped work and production in order to cope with the epidemic, and they are unable to produce their own products, so they certainly need assistance.

3. Goods and materials are scarce during the war epidemic period.

at present, the epidemic broke out in various places, and the state has already sent materials to various localities some time ago, so it is very difficult to supply large quantities of materials at once, and even if they have money, it is very difficult to buy large quantities of materials, so they need to solicit from the society.

if there is not really no way out, who will come out for help?

if we hadn't really encountered difficulties, this low-key, tough city would never have asked for support!

they finally asked for it, but they never thought about it and were ridiculed and vilified.

Quanzhou, how aggrieved!

it is like the most simple and inarticulate child in the family.

when you have the ability, try your best to help others.

I was in trouble, but I didn't say a word and carried it silently.Yes.

they never want to cause trouble to the country, but just hope that when its own disaster comes, it can be seen and given an understanding and sympathy.

We must not overdo our conscience.

shout "sibling" when you get a favor from others;

now that they are in trouble, they scold them for "cheating money and materials".

bring the rice bowl to eat, put down the chopsticks to scold the mother, really shameless!

Quanzhou's low profile is distressing at the moment of the epidemic.

even if they are not favored, they are still silently shutting down to save themselves.

their government's response is quick and accurate.

since the discovery of 10 confirmed cases in Quanzhou, in order to quickly screen out more latent cases, grass-roots units have been moving around the clock.

the whole people get up in the morning and work late at night to make nucleic acid.

checkpoints are all over the city.

their people never talk much or talk about grievances, but only do practical things.

during the construction of the square cabin hospital, the construction was carried out 24 hours a day.

Spring in Quanzhou, it rains for several days.

it was under such muddy water that the workers built the square cabin hospital.

there are also local people. After the outbreak of the epidemic, residents of Quanzhou spontaneously provided logistical services.

"you keep us safe, and we protect you three meals a day."

time is tight and the task is heavy. In order to ensure that the food delivered to the medical staff is hot, many of them have been spinning around for several days.

when you are tired, just lie down on the stool and have a rest and go on with your work.

Dr. Tang Guidong from Quanzhou Orthopaedic Hospital.

the baby has just been born and has already asked for paternity leave, and the warm little family needs him.

however, the epidemic is coming.

he couldn't sit still when he saw that many of his colleagues persisted in illness.

he made it clear to the dean that he applied to participate in the anti-epidemic work.

"give up paternity leave and fight the epidemic again!"

in him, I saw the true character of Fujian chivalrous man's liver and courage.

and the three-year-old.

I want to leave home alone and go out in isolation.

although I am reluctant to give up, I still accept this reality.

that small body is really distressing, and many people weep silently.

and local enterprises in Quanzhou, Hongxing Erke, Heng'an, Special step, Anta, and so on, have contributed generously to Quanzhou.

Hongxing Erke donated 5 million, Hengan Group donated 20 million, and several enterprises donated more than 140 million!

Quanzhou enterprises have never avoided the national righteousness!

you can always trust Quanzhou enterprises!

Quanzhou, from top to bottom, from old to young, from enterprises to individuals, it never needs to say much, and every force is doing its best to save itself.

No matter what the circumstances, it shows the character and personality of the city that "you can only win if you love to fight"!

I vaguely remember that when the epidemic broke out in Wuhan, the medical staff in Quanzhou went out with warm blood to provide counterpart support.

some people originally planned to get married in May of that year, but at the moment of the epidemic, they resolutely retrograde and went to the battlefield where there was no smoke of gunpowder.

they took an oath under the red flag and solemnly wrote their names on the petition.

at that moment, the warm blood and kindness of the people of Fujian were reflected incisively and vividly.

and in July 2021, a major flood broke out in Zhengzhou, and Quanzhou Blue Sky Rescue team rushed to help Henan.

Quanzhou enterprises donate more than 100 million yuan.

this time, Quanzhou is ill


, let's cure it together!

as the epidemic situation in Quanzhou has been seen by more and more people, more and more people have gathered for it.

the medical team of 500 people in Fuzhou assembled in four hours.

Putian Nucleic Acid sampling Emergency team quickly gathered 500 members and set off for Quanzhou.

Nanping allocated 300 medical and nursing staff to support Quanzhou.

there is Changji City in Xinjiang, which is the first non-local city to assist Quanzhou.

1 million of the epidemic prevention materials were airlifted to Quanzhou, representing their warm friendship.

although the distance is far, the warm blood is not cool.

I believe any Quanzhou people will be grateful for this kind of kindness in a timely manner.

Quanzhou, has pressed the pause button.

all the bustling and lively, at this moment, automatically become quiet and waiting.

it swallowed all the bitterness and swallowed the great difficulty, and its suffering and grievance will eventually become a monument on the way forward.

this is the spirit of the people of Fujian. They are introverted, capable and chivalrous, but they never make it public.

that's in

Lin Zexu, who destroyed all the opium in Humen, represents the integrity of Fujian.

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that's in Zheng

during the flood in the state, Wu Rongzhao, chairman of Hongxing Erke, who quietly donated money, represented the warmth of Fujian.

Chen Xiangrong, who died in the border conflict between China and India and wrote "clear Love, only for China", represents the blood of Fujian.

in them, I see the best quality of the Chinese people-gentleness.

there is temperature, conscience, responsibility and character.

Fujian has always been a warm province, Quanzhou has always been a reassuring city.