Claim Danzhai Tea Garden to give you the first taste of freshness in spring.
Claim Danzhai Tea Garden to give you the first taste of freshness in spring.
Place your heart in the tea garden and meet poetry and distance.

Liang Shiqiu said:

"wherever there are Chinese people, there is tea."

Chinese people drink tea, one is to quench thirst, the second is to taste, the third is to nourish the heart.

for thousands of years, this small leaf, nourished by the sun and rain and rubbed by the hands of tea farmers, has conquered the taste buds of countless people.

there are many kinds of tea, but

people who like to drink green tea are often the first mouthful of green tea in spring.

after the sting, the old tea drinkers began to itch and wait for Mingqian tea and Grain Rain tea.

there is no fermentation link, so green tea retains tea polyphenols and other substances, soaking

like jadeite, it is fresh and tender.

for old tea customers, a glass must be prepared every spring and wait for spring tea to arrive as expected. Pour in 85 degrees hot water,

the green tea leaves tumble up and down, and the tea soup is mouth-watering.

what kind of spring tea is a good cup of tea? How should we drink a cup of spring tea?

there is a difference between the freshness and tenderness of spring tea.

the Longjing of the West Lake is blowing by the breeze.

Biluochun in Dongting is the sweetness of Taihu Lake.

Taiping Houkui Tea of Huangshan is the seclusion of Lan Xiang.

the Danzhai spring tea we are going to talk about today is the serenity and freshness of the mountain clouds.

in the cup of Danzhai spring tea, it is a bright spring, drink a sip, just live up to this good spring.

Chashan: good tea comes from high mountain clouds

the Classic of Tea says: "Tea is the Jiamu of the south."

each kind of tea has its own personality.

growing soil, shining sun, stained rain and dew, accompanying flowers,

have melted into the life of tea.

High-quality tea mountain is the key to a good cup of tea

at all.

Tea Mountain is the environment where tea grows. From climate, temperature and humidity to soil and vegetation, everything is just right to cultivate outstanding good tea.

the tea mountain where Danzhai Tea Garden is located happens to be located

Gold tea belt at 26 degrees north latitude

, the elevation of Chashan is as high as

1500 meters.

actual picture of Danzhai Tea Garden

is located in the ecological secret land of Guizhou, which is here all the year round

Rain Water is full of clouds.

not only that, but the soil of this beautiful tea mountain is also rich in

"Flower of Life"


out of this piece of tea mountain, there is no more good tea in Danzhai.

if you can, I suggest you come and have a look at the Tea Mountain in Danzhai. Although it is a tea mountain, it is no less than a tourist attraction.

actual picture of Danzhai Tea Garden

people who love tea must go to the Tea Mountain once.

especially Chashan in spring tea picking season.

Danzhai Tea Garden is perhaps the best choice this spring.

actual picture of Danzhai Tea Garden

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in the misty and rainy morning, you can follow the fragrance all the way along the mountain road, looking for the freshest taste of spring.

you can also wear a hat and a coir raincoat, pass by rape flowers all over the mountains, and ask for the taste of tea in the depths of Chashan.

the planting area of tea garden is 121700 mu, and the pickable area is 100000 mu. Come here to relax and wash your lungs.

in the mountain clouds, see what good tea looks like at first.

actual picture of Danzhai Tea Garden

picking: limited time and limited quantity to produce fine products

Tea Saint Lu Yu once said:

where tea is picked, it is between February, March and April. "


because the tea tree does not sprout in winter, the bud head is still in the gestation stage, and there is a lot of material accumulation; the tea just sprouted in spring and picked at this time makes the tea taste

thicker and more bubble-resistant.

on the other hand, because the temperature is very low in winter, germs and eggs are frozen to death, and there is no time to apply pesticides when picking in spring, so it is also

is safer.

at the moment, in the spring sun, in the Danzhai tea garden, Miao girls are carrying Trichosanthes on their backs, drilling into the tea trees to pick the tip of the bud.

the best tea to drink must come from the tender part of the tea tree, which is

Tea sprouts.

one bud and two leaves, the seedling is picked by hand, only

the tender bud tip is the most tender in early spring.

picking picture of Danzhai tea garden

picking picture of Danzhai tea garden

picking picture of Danzhai tea garden

the core area of Danzhai tea garden is more than 4000 mu, and the first harvest

Cuiya tea sprouts in early spring

, the tea garden picked is less than 1 square kilometer (about

1500 mu


in this core producing area, pick the tender tea buds.

Tea Sine in early March, time limit for the whole year

can only be collected for 7 days.

this is because the production management and protection of the tea garden strictly follow the natural agricultural law.

selected high-quality tea varieties,

pick its tea buds and make it

at the same time, it will not affect the yield in the coming year because of excessive picking.

quality: EU SGS certification, 285 stringent tests

andA good dish of zinc and selenium tea, but there is

six processes

, check layer by layer, with strong aroma and sweet taste. The spring tea of Danzhai is made through six strict processes.

with more than 30 years of experience in making tea, the old master will stir-fry Danzhai spring tea according to the green bud technology, and every tea bud carefully selected has passed

8 selected links, 6 working procedures, 24-hour Seiko slow making,

this is the first freshness of spring.

nowadays, it is rare for people to stir-fry tea by hand.

in an iron pot, experienced masters need to stir-fry with bare hands and move in one fell swoop.

only in this way can we ensure that each leaf can be cooked, remove the smell of green grass, and make sure that the leaf surface is not yellow or scorched.

this tests the feel that old masters have developed over the past few decades.

"only three or two at a time" is time-consuming and labor-consuming, but it is precisely because of this that the substances contained in tea are better stimulated and the aroma is excruciating.

it is precisely because of its strict and authentic nature that Danzhai's tea has passed

285 stringent tests certified by EU SGS,

excellent quality, one in a million.

actual picture of Danzhai Tea Garden

Tea tasting: come to Danzhai for a long spring

as the saying goes:

"Water is the mother of tea and the vessel is the father of tea."

Lu Yu attaches great importance to the water used to make tea. He defined the moisture content of tea as "on the landscape, in the river and under the well". Mountains and rivers, that is, mountain springs, are the best.

in Danzhai, there is no shortage of good water.

you can sit by the East Lake in Danzhai and enjoy the town in the misty rain. The small town of Danzhai Wanda by the East Lake is full of peach blossoms at this time.

at this time, if you hold a Danzhai spring tea, green tea, more people take off fatigue, leisurely.

A misty rain dream of peach blossoms, a dream of Castle Peak.

there are always some expectations, it is worth you to cross the mountains to come, Danzhai Tea Garden, is such an expectation.

riding on the spring breeze, crossing the mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, standing on the verdant hillside, I can see the charming green hills and the green tea gardens.

in the wonderful spring light, carry a small stove, set up a set of tea sets, drink a few cups of spring tea among the flowers, regardless of time or disputes on the board of directors, peach blossoms fall all over your head.

the tea is sweet and clear, just like life, it becomes more and more fragrant after years of precipitation.

A cup of Danzhai spring tea, a dream between flowers,

the dream is full of peach blossoms and the spring is long.

actual picture of Danzhai spring tea

if you can't come to Danzhai Tea Garden to taste the fragrance of spring tea, take the fresh fragrance of Danzhai spring tea home and taste the freshness of this spring day.

4900 yuan, you can claim one mu of your own tea garden and harvest 20 jin of red, red and green pure tea.

490 yuan, you can claim a row and harvest 2 jin of red, red and green.

one claim,

you can not only drink spring tea, but also have a spring trip.

you can come to the tea garden for free to pick tea, experience batik and other non-heritage projects, stay at Danzhai Wanda Jinhua Hotel, and enjoy a discount.

if you bring your children for an outing, you can also visit this

Research base in the sea of clouds in the high mountains,

Let children get close to nature and grow up happily.

if the elderly in the family like tea,

the elderly can not only drink spring tea to satisfy their cravings, but also have a good place to recuperate.

you can play with your own tea trees in Danzhai and spend your life in a natural oxygen bar.

actual picture of Danzhai Tea Garden

if you

is worrying about the present

, that is just right to come to this paradise that is far away from the hustle and bustle and relieves stress. Place your heart in the tea garden and meet poetry and distance.

your claim is still one time

A public welfare act full of love.

for tea farmers, they get more than just an income. The 121700 mu tea garden in Danzhai and many tea farmers can

benefit from your love.

make the road of rural rejuvenation wider.

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