China's worst Olympic champion, gave up 4 million houses and was abandoned by her husband! How is she now, who almost committed suicide?
China's worst Olympic champion, gave up 4 million houses and was abandoned by her husband! How is she now, who almost committed suicide?
Cheer for the Chinese athletes on the field, they deserve more attention and applause!

just after the Winter Olympic Games, the Paralympic Games have begun.

however, compared with the hustle and bustle of the Winter Olympics, the Paralympic Games are much more deserted.

what many people don't know is that so far, Chinese athletes have won 10 gold, 9 silver and 12 bronze.

whether in the gold medal table or in the medal table, we are well-deserved first.

how can we not be proud of such brilliant achievements?

since China first sent people to participate in the Paralympic Games in 1984, to now lead the gold medal table and medal table, the Chinese team has produced too many outstanding Olympic athletes in recent years.

and Ping Yali, the first gold medalist of the Paralympic Games, is undoubtedly one of the most important ones that can not be ignored.

in 1961, Ping Yali was born into an ordinary family in Beijing.

when she was very young, she was blurred.

after going to the hospital for examination, her parents found that she suffered from congenital cataract and her eyesight was less than 0.1.

in her eyes, there is no colorful world, only some vague light and shadow, which is not much better than the blind.

after learning the result, young Ping Yali cried for it many times.

but the hemp rope is specially selected and broken, and fate does not seem to be going to spare this unlucky child.

when Ping Yali was 8 years old, her mother died suddenly of cancer.

compared with the loss of eyesight, the loss of a loved one is her biggest blow.

from then on, when she was young, she could only depend on her father.

in 1973, Ping Yali entered the school for the blind.

at the suggestion of the teacher, Ping Yali practiced sprinting.

at the age of 18, Ping Yali was placed as an apprentice in a state-owned enterprise in Beijing after graduation.

one day, when she was fighting with her colleagues in the factory, she was noticed by a coach looking for disabled athletes.

There is no other place you are guaranteed of versatility, only by formal dress for principal sponsors. We have it all – a perfect choice for the most formal and casually informal occasions.

the coach thinks she can run faster than others when she can't see, which is a good girl.

two accidents and blows made her frustrated and powerless, but after becoming an athlete, she felt the fire in her body again.

but to her surprise, the road was far more difficult than she had imagined.

because disabled athletes pay less attention, their training conditions are also poorer.

Ping Yali recalled:

"they ate a buffet of 50 yuan for a standard meal. after training, we ate dry pancakes and filled some cold boiled water with military kettles, not even bottled water."

and at that time, the disabled training team was not "organized". In order to support themselves, all the members worked during the day and trained at night.

one rainy night, she slowly groped her way back by hearing, but she didn't get home until midnight.

however, the training is more than that.

after joining the training team, the coach suddenly asked her to practice the long jump, but she was afraid of taking off.

"I can't see. Jumping into the pit is associated with death."

at that time, the bunkers were all sand mixed with stones, and normal people were easy to get hurt, not to mention that she could not see clearly.

after each training, her legs and arms become black and blue.

after several years of training, Ping Yali, who dared not jump in the bunker, ushered in a rebirth.

in 1984, Ping Yali participated in the New York Paralympic Games as a member of the Chinese team.

Ping Yali still remembers:

and what makes her feel worse than the difficult conditions is the foreign team's contempt for the Chinese:

"can you disabled people afford wheelchairs?"

"are you from Japan?"

Ping Yali was angry, so she corrected them again and again: "I am from Beijing, the people's Republic of China!"

before leaving, the leader said: "participating in the competition is history, the results are not important, just come back safely!"

Ping Yali felt that she must win a medal for her motherland, and these experiences abroad made the fire in her heart more and more intense.

she even thought: "if you can take my life, in exchange for the disabled in China can carry out sports in the future, I think it's worth it!"

on June 21, the women's B2 group long jump final began.

Brazilian athletes jumped 4.12 meters from the start, higher than Ping Yali's best performance in training.

Ping Yali panicked when she heard the applause around her.

the coach simply told a lie: "she doesn't jump far. If you jump as usual, you can overtake her!"

after listening to the coach, Ping Yali immediately had confidence.

sprint, jump, land.

"4.28m! Gold medal! "

the moment the referee reported the result, the whole audience was boiling.

A Chinese beside her clasped her hand excitedly and said:

"at the Olympic Games held in the United States, I heard the national anthem for the first time and saw the five-star red flag raised for the first time. At this moment, we know that you can't see, we will watch it for you!"

this is China's first gold medal in the real sense, even a month earlier than Xu Haifeng achieved a "zero breakthrough."

it is no exaggeration to say that it is to make history!

became an amateur athlete in 1979, joined the national team in 1982, and won China's first gold medal in 1984 this year.

Dreamers realize their dreams at last!

compared with cutting through difficulties on the field, Ping Yali's life is not as good as she wants.

but her father, an old soldier, felt that he could not take advantage of the country, so he asked her to return the two-bedroom room.

Today, the house that was sold out is valued at nearly 4 million yuan.

in 1988, after retirement, Ping Yali returned to the rubber factory and earned a living by working.

three years later, his son Feng Bo was born.

but excitement and joy only lasted for a month, and finally she found out in despair that her son had inherited her cataract.

all these years, she always remembers clearly that when her mother died, she looked at her worriedly and failed to close her eyes in the end.

in 1997, bad luck came again.

because of the poor efficiency of the factory, she became a laid-off worker, receiving only 438 yuan a month.

the relatives who are most feared by the middle-aged people get sick, her husband deviates, she is unemployed and laid off, and she takes it all.

the halo of the former champion made her barely make a living by speaking.

but the income of 15 yuan a game is always a drop in the bucket for her and her son.

during the day, she passionately told the disabled about struggle and continuous self-improvement, but all she could think about at night was how to commit suicide with her son.

having studied medicine, she even studied how to die with less pain.

but looking at her son's tender face, Ping Yali could not make up her mind.

if he is gone, how can an invisible child survive in this world?

she can't even think about it.

in order to prevent her son from repeating her own tragedy, Ping Yali made up her mind to start her own business.

but because there are all laid-off workers near her home and the level of consumption is low, her massage parlor can not make any money except to maintain the daily life of mother and son.

so Ping Yali started her second business.

she opened several branches with borrowed money, but it wasn't long before they closed down because of poor management, and she owed a lot of foreign debt.

two failures in succession not only did not make her bow to fate, but also aroused the indomitable spirit in her heart.

in order to improve her professional skills, she signed up for a training course to learn business management knowledge bit by bit, starting from the most basic.

in order to accumulate entrepreneurial experience, she attended the entrepreneurs' conference and won the first place.

after continuous analysis and summary, she found out the reasons for her failure and started her third business.

when business was at its best, her massage parlor chain reached as many as six branches.

from loneliness and despair to rebirth after robbery, Ping Yali earned a happy future for herself and her son with her own hands.

as one sentence says:

"Destiny gives you a lower starting point than others. It is to tell you that you will spend your whole life fighting back to a Jedi."

there is no doubt that Ping Yali did it!

in the past, she was the winner in the field, but now she is the winner in life.

at the opening ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Paralympic Games, Ping Yali, as a torchbearer, lit the torch of the main torchbearer under the guidance of the guide dog.

having experienced numerous ups and downs and experienced the hardships of the years, once again standing at the Paralympic Games, Ping Yali has lost the excitement and tension of her youth, replaced by a face full of firmness and calmness.

later, Ping Yali's story was adapted into the movie Black eyes.

under the interpretation of Tao Hong, the spirit of the protagonist who does not admit defeat and fate has moved countless people.

nowadays, more and more Ping Yali are fighting on the field.

each of them is a warrior who fights with life.

many people may think that the Paralympic Games are not as thrilling as the Olympic Games.

it is precisely because of their imperfections that their cries of fighting and defeating fate are even more touching.

I remember that someone in Zhihu once asked, "what is the significance of the Paralympic Games?"


likes this answer very much:

"the purpose of carrying out the Paralympic Games is not to win people's sympathy, but to teach everyone to examine suffering.Look at your own shortcomings and realize your courage and will. "

Yes, we cannot choose our own origin, let alone decide our future circumstances.

but as long as there is a heart that will never give up, everyone can become a strong person in life and live out his own splendor.

Chinese athletes who struggle with fate and never admit defeat deserve more attention and applause.

, cheer for the Chinese athletes on the field!