China's first case of "quintuplets" has grown up, each of whom has reached the age of 20, but now the current situation is sad.
China's first case of "quintuplets" has grown up, each of whom has reached the age of 20, but now the current situation is sad.
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it is said that she is pregnant with quadruplets, because the medical level in her hometown is limited, so she comes to the big hospital for examination and wants to have a reduction operation to reduce the number of fetuses.

I didn't expect the result of the examination, but it came as a surprise.

"you have quintuplets in your belly, and one is too small to hide behind." The doctor said to Wang Cuiying and his wife.

I wanted to reduce it, but I didn't expect another one, and Wang Cuiying was "stupid" on the spot.

the doctor then said:

"the best time for fetal reduction surgery is 11 weeks, you have missed the time, can not operate.

the chance of conceiving quintuplets is only one in 60 million, the survival rate is very low, and there are no successful cases in China. So, you probably had a spontaneous miscarriage. "

Wang Cuiying and her husband Qian Baojun were both born in the countryside and worked in the same place. After being introduced, she became husband and wife and gave birth to an eldest daughter named Ning Ning after marriage.

although the family is not well-off, it is passable for two people to pull up a child.

at the age of 34, Wang Cuiying underwent surgery for abdominal edema. A month after the operation, I went to the revisit as required, and it was this time that I returned to the hospital for examination and learned that I was pregnant unexpectedly.

considering the physical problems after the operation and the use of a lot of drugs, Wang Cuiying was afraid of having an impact on the child, so Wang Cuiying did not intend to have the child at first.

but the doctor told her that she was pregnant with multiple triplets and that the children were healthy, so she could consider going to a big hospital for pregnancy reduction surgery.

in fact, what worries Wang Cuiying most is that there are so many children, where can they have the money to support them?

but as soon as the doctor said that the baby was fine, Wang Cuiying was reluctant to get rid of it all.

so she discussed with her husband, "then go to the Beijing big hospital and leave at least one child." The days are a little tighter. Working two more jobs is enough to make ends meet. "

the couple went to Beijing Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital, hoping to ask for help.

but the examination results are quintuplets, and can not do reduction surgery, which makes the husband and wife unprepared, can only hope that the natural abortion.

five months have passed, six months have passed, and Wang Cuiying's belly is getting bigger and bigger, but there is no sign of a miscarriage.

the child grew up healthily, but Wang Cuiying reacted greatly during pregnancy and suffered a lot. A pregnant woman needs to eat well, drink well and have a good rest, but she is quite the opposite.

because there are too many children in the womb, squeezing the stomach and eating a little food, she feels very full, and she can't eat at all.

I have never slept in a stable sleep. I can't sleep on my back. I can only rest on my knees. In order not to press my stomach, I have to support my arms, and I need to change my posture in a few minutes.

throughout the pregnancy, Wang Cuiying worked very hard and hard.

by the time of seven months, Wang Cuiying was so pregnant that she could not hold her hands.

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the heart is oppressed, it is difficult to breathe, the uterus is held up as thin as a piece of paper, it will bleed at any time, and adults and children are in danger all the time.

so, on the advice of the hospital, she had a caesarean section.

in order to ensure the smooth progress of the operation, the hospital has carefully prepared five surgical teams.

on March 4, 2002, Wang Cuiying's five children came to earth one after another, two boys and three girls, and China's first fully survived quintuplets were born.

everyone present could not help sighing: this is really the miracle of life.

Wang Cuiying's pregnancy and childbirth is tantamount to walking before the end of the world. She survived all the difficulties before she was immersed in the happiness of being an honorable mother, but it wasn't long before the children had problems one after another.

because they are multiplets, the children are born young, plus less than monthly preterm birth, so they are sent to the incubator to take care of them as soon as they are born.

first, the second got colitis on the fifth day after he was born. Under the medical conditions at that time, this disease occurred in such a small premature baby, which was very serious.

the doctor told Liu Cuiying and his wife that the child will live for 6 hours at most, and even if the operation is successful, there will be sequelae in the future, which may be an abnormal child.

at this time, Wang Cuiying was quite different from what she had thought before.

it is so difficult to give birth to them, and since they have come to her, it is a gift of life given to her by God, and none of these children can be missing.

the frail Wang Cuiying lay on the hospital bed and said to her husband, "We must save the second child."

perhaps God took pity on the mother's difficulties and decided to take care of these weak lives. The second was very lucky that the operation was very successful and did not leave any problems.

then the jaundice of the third and the heart problems of the fourth all improved one after another. Several children managed to tide over the difficulty without danger.

when Wang Cuiying named her children, she had the word "Fu" in her name, hiding all her good hopes in their names, hoping that they would be blessed in the future.

it is not easy to have a child, but it is even more difficult to raise a child. After giving birth safely, the hardship of Wang Cuiying's family has just begun.

because the family is not rich in the first place, a series of expenses for giving birth to children have cost more than 100,000 yuan, and the life of the family has become even more stretched. Cobbled together, still heavily in debt.

fortunately, Wang Cuiying has attracted the attention of the media since she became pregnant.. The difficulties of her family, after being reported by the media, many kind-hearted people have donated money to help them tide over the difficulties temporarily.

but you still have to rely on yourself in the process of raising children.

Breastfeeding alone makes Wang Cuiying miserable. Milk is given every two hours, and as soon as the first one is fed, then the second one is fed.

it was not easy for all five children to be fed, and before they had a rest, the baby cried again and was about to start the next round of breast-feeding.

the children are young and look alike. Sometimes they are in a hurry. Some of them don't get it, while others take milk twice.

at the end of the day, Wang Cuiying could do nothing. The couple had not slept in a sound sleep, and were drowned in the cries of their children every day.

there is really nothing I can do, so I have to ask my family to take care of the children.

the eldest was carried away by his grandmother, and the fifth was carried away by his grandmother, and then his aunt took away the third, while the weakest second and the fourth, who were not easy to carry, were left to take care of Wang Cuiying and his wife.

the children are carried away during the day and sent back at night.

with this distribution, the couple finally breathed a sigh of relief.

but there are many children, and Wang Cuiying obviously doesn't have enough breast milk, so she can only give them milk powder, which undoubtedly adds a lot of money.

after the child's full moon, the couple work together and let the husband pay the treasure to go south to work to support the family.

when the children are about to go to kindergarten and Wang Cuiying wants to go to Beijing to work to earn money, she is determined to take all her children with her and take care of them alone.

every morning, she takes her five children to kindergarten on a tricycle. After settling down, she goes to work as a cleaning worker.

Kindergarten teachers always praise the quintuplets for eating well, not wasting food, and eating clean every time.

Wang Cuiying felt uncomfortable when she heard this. She knew that children had never eaten good food since childhood, and that lunch in kindergarten was good food.

in order to make up for the children, in her spare time, Wang Cuiying will also pick up some waste products, sell them for money, and buy them a lollipop to eat. The children are very contented and have a good time.

Wang Cuiying feels that since she chose to give birth to them in the first place, she should be responsible to them to the end. She is full of strength at the thought of five children, and it is worth the hardship and tiredness.

the children are also very happy every day. Where the mother is, there is the happiest place.

in 2008, the children welcomed the most precious gift of their lives on their sixth birthday.

BOCOG came to the kindergarten where the quintuplets are located, invited the children to participate in the torch relay ceremony, and issued ribbons and certificates to the children, calling them the youngest "Olympic messengers".

in fact, when the mascot of the Beijing Olympic Games "five Fuwa" was unveiled, Wang Cuiying exclaimed, "what a coincidence! isn't it my five children who also carry the word" Fu "?

unexpectedly, such a good thing really came to her door, and her five children became a real-life version of Fuwa.

after this honor, children have received more attention and care from society. The children's kindergarten, primary and junior high school fees are all free, which virtually lightens a lot of burden on Wang Cuiying.

she pays special attention to her children's education. In addition to learning, they also train them to learn musical instruments and form a small band.

in 2016, the whole family participated in "Mamma Mia", and the children played "listen to Mom" for her. Looking at the children's performance, Wang Cuiying's wrinkled eyes were full of happiness.

when Wang Cuiying talked about the experiences of conceiving, giving birth and raising children in the past, she made an understatement with a relaxed smile, and it seemed that all the difficulties were insignificant in front of sensible children.

the host asked the children what dreams they would have in the future. They said with red eyes:

"Thank you for my mother's hard work for so many years. I hope my father can come back to them soon. I also hope that I can grow up quickly and take care of my parents."

Venus sighed to the children: "Life cannot be plain sailing. In the face of tribulations, you must persist. If you persist, you will have something to look forward to!"

when the family ran in the direction of "something to look forward to", suddenly fate played a big joke on Wang Cuiying.

A year after participating in the program, my husband was overworked for a long time and died of illness.

the pillar of the family suddenly disappeared, leaving the family in trouble again. Wang Cuiying dared not even have too much grief, because a bunch of children in the family still had to rely on her, so she could only endure her grief, work hard to make money and support her children.

it is not easy for a woman to raise one child, let alone five. Wang Cuiying's hardships can be imagined.

the children watched their mother work so hard that they thought of dropping out of school.

Wang Cuiying firmly opposed it and sternly told the children that they must study in order to be successful, and this is also his father's wish. Mother will find a way about the money.

seeing that their mother was so determined, the children made up their mind to study hard. They also held a meeting together, and they all had to do housework in the future to lighten their mother's burden.

once, after a busy day, Wang Cuiying came home and saw the children waiting for her after cooking. She wanted to save the children more food, so she lied that she had eaten out and was tired.I went to bed.

unexpectedly, when she woke up, she found that the children had specially cooked the food for her. It turned out that the children knew that she had not eaten at all.

tears burst into my eyes at that moment. Wang Cuiying felt that no matter how hard it was, she decided to do her best to bring up five children.

A woman is weak, but a mother is tough. Wang Cuiying is an ordinary woman, but she uses all her strength as a mother.

because there is no Beijing hukou, in 2017, when the children were in high school, they went back to Hebei, while Wang Cuiying continued to work in Beijing to earn money, and the eldest sister Ning Ning also worked outside all the year round to support her family.

the children each have a living expenses of only 300 yuan per month. When it comes to meals, several children will eat together in the school canteen, each buying a steamed bread and playing a dish, saying that it will save money.

because of malnutrition, the children are hungry and thin, but they always tell their mother on the phone that they have enough money to spend. Later, when the school learned about their situation and helped apply for a grant, they had enough to eat.

the eldest of quintuplets is a girl named Fuqing. She inherited her mother's shrewdness and ability to put the family in good order.

every morning, Fuqing is responsible for calling the brothers and sisters to get up and arranging for everyone to do housework and study.

the small house of more than 30 square meters is stuffed with beds and books, but it is neatly cleaned up. During the epidemic, they stayed in this cabin to take online classes together and supervise each other.

in online classes, five children need five mobile phones, which makes it very difficult for Wang Cuiying.

at this time, the boss Fuqing told her mother that don't worry, she found some old mobile phones from her relatives and friends and pieced them together into a "new" mobile phone. Although some stutter, but can normal online classes, brothers and sisters feel very contented.

it is gratifying to note that despite the difficult conditions, when the college entrance examination results were announced in July 2020, all four of the quintuplets passed the Hebei undergraduate score line.

this made Wang Cuiying smile from ear to ear, but then worried about the high tuition fees.

the children naturally guessed their mother's troubles, and the fifth ran to Beijing and found a job as a security guard with a salary of four thousand, and was the first to earn tuition fees.

brothers and sisters are not willing to be left behind, waiters, cashiers, handicrafts. With all kinds of odd jobs and opportunities to make money, they decided to use the summer vacation to earn tuition fees to make their mother a little easier.

those who said, "how do you support so many children?" now say that Wang Cuiying has come through all her hardships and wants to enjoy her happiness.

however, after so many years, what is bitter and what is good is no longer so important to Wang Cuiying. She only wants her children to grow up quickly to repay all the people in society who care about and help them.

she accepted all the tiredness, bitterness and sorrow of raising five children and enjoyed it. But she doesn't want her children to taste these earthly tastes.

because to this day, she still wipes away her tears and says, "if I had to choose again, I wouldn't want any of them, because I suffered with me and didn't let them have a good day."

but in the eyes of the children, she is the greatest mother, within her ability, gave them the most love, they never regret being her child.

some people say that before a child is born, he will pick his mother in the sky. If, according to this statement, Wang Cuiying can be chosen by five children at the same time, it must be because of her kindness and strength.

she didn't have a good day for her children in the first half of her life. For the rest of her life, the children who grow up are bound to return all their love to her.

because in 20 years, she has taught children about responsibility and love with her actions.