Being with simple people is the best way to maintain good health.
Being with simple people is the best way to maintain good health.
Be simple and direct.

once heard a saying:

"the beauty of the landscape in the chest lies in the ease of position; the beauty of all things in the world is that you can choose; the beauty of being a human being is that it is as simple as one."

We will meet a lot of people in this life.

some people are honest with each other, some have deep intentions, some are warm and kind, some are cold and selfish.

after experiencing countless people and dealing with all kinds of people, I found out:

in life, it is the hardest to meet a simple person, and the easiest to meet a simple person.

instead of making painstaking efforts to deal with complex people and things, they compete with each other and fight against each other.

it is better to have good thoughts, spend more time with simple people, stay away from troubles and gain sincerity.

the best way to keep healthy is to socialize with simple people for the rest of your life.

get along with people who are simple in life and nourish their hearts

there is a saying:

"friends with the good are as bright as light; with the gentleman, they are as warm as jade."

interacting with kind people is like sunshine in a darkroom, warm and bright;

being accompanied by a modest gentleman is like caressing smooth jade, soft and shiny.

in the journey of life, you must go with sincere and kind people.

they are simple and simple in dealing with people, and they don't know how to play tricks, let alone tricks.

We have no need to guard against or pretend to have a deep acquaintance with such people, just like a clear spring that slowly moistens our hearts.

in the TV series "I'm fine in my hometown", there is a scene that makes people very moved.

the girl Hu Jingjing is a stranger who works in Beijing.

one night, she was standing in line at the supermarket to pay when she heard a noise at the front of the line.

it was only after inquiring that it turned out that an old man did not have enough cash with him and would not pay online, which led to a stalemate.

with the passage of time, the customers in the queue became more and more impatient and began to complain and urge them.

Jingjing saw the old man's embarrassment and offered to help.

when he walked out of the supermarket, the old man asked Jingjing to wait for a moment, then turned around and rushed home.

in this way, Jingjing waited in place for two or three hours. Just as she was getting ready to go home, the old man came in a hurry.

with a snack made by herself in hand, I want to give it to Jingjing in return.

there is a good saying:

"between people, it depends on the word" sincerity ".

if you are honest with me, I will return your sincerity; if you flatter me, I will withdraw my initial enthusiasm. "

when you get along with others, you always change your heart for your heart, and your true feelings win the truth.

most of the time, we decide to associate with a person, not by his wealth, but by his attitude when dealing with others.

Don't play with your heart, don't betray; don't be careful, don't be nervous.

with such a person, you can live more easily, and the road of life will be wider and wider.

get along with simple people in a circle and keep fit

someone on the Internet asked: "Why do you make a lot of friends, but still don't feel happy?"

I think Zhou Guoping's sentence is the best answer to it:

"Social enthusiasts often boast that they have many friends. In fact, they know that friendship is not the dominant factor in the social arena, but benefit or boredom."

in this life, we can't choose what kind of people we meet, but we can decide what kind of people we can get along with.

Don't waste your time in a meaningless circle, and don't think that stepping into a circle is tantamount to having connections.

because in this world, not everyone is suitable for them, and not everyone can get to know each other deeply.

only when the circle is simple, can you focus on yourself and spend your time on yourself.

No TV, no cell phone, little social interaction.

all day long, I either stay quietly, reading and writing, or go into nature and see the fragrance of birds and flowers.

this period of life, which lasts for more than two years, has given him a deeper understanding of life.

in the future, I will associate more with people who are simple in the circle.

such people, undisturbed by the complexity of the world, are willing to settle down to do their own things and live the life they want.

such people understand the value of time and energy, so they never force themselves to step into an unsuitable circle.

they prefer to be alone, precipitate themselves and cultivate themselves.

just like the saying on the Internet:

"although you have few friends, it is good to be sincere; although the circle is small, it is good to be comfortable."

in the end, you will always find that socializing with people in a simple circle is the best way to keep fit.

get along with people with a simple state of mind and refresh themselves

Arthur Conan Doyle said:

"the state of mind is a hundred times better than good medicine. Only the state of mind is the world that allows people to gallop freely. The state of mind can turn hell into heaven, or heaven into hell."

everyone has his or her moments of triumph and frustrations on the road of life.

people with complicated hearts, even if they are successful, inWhen faced with things, they are still full of worries;

and people with a simple state of mind, even in the trough, can take it calmly, regard the immediate suffering as the "spice" of life, and will not doubt themselves.

they look at things simply and clearly, they don't put on airs, and they don't know how to trouble others.

for them, the best way to solve things is to face them calmly.

with such a person, you don't have to face a complicated life, you don't have to worry all day, and you don't have to worry about being calculated.

as long as you put your heart in it, you can get their heart in exchange.

A generation of ghost talent, Mr. Huang Yongyu, has always been upright and direct in nature, and has never liked to be meticulous.

on the day of the exhibition, in order to please him, several collectors met with great flattery and enthusiasm, blurting out all kinds of beautiful words.

I thought he could move Huang Yongyu, but he didn't appreciate it at all. When he heard such praise, he yelled on the spot:

"only artists like Picasso and Wu Daozi can be called masters. I am not a master."

Don't say anything like that again. "

hearing this, several collectors bowed their heads and soon found an excuse to leave.

for Huang Yongyu, yes or no, he neither likes ambiguity, nor does he think that there is really no need to say or do things against his will for the sake of flattery.

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with every step forward, we have to think about it, calculate everywhere, and manage step by step.

do not realize that such people have only the word hypocrisy in the eyes of others.

keep it simple and do things directly


there is a saying that low-level people are complex, while high-level people are simple.

only by getting along with people with a sincere heart can you make life easy and relax yourself.

in the Golden Age, there is a saying:

"in this life, people have few choices. They can't choose how to live or how to die.

there are only two things we can choose: how to love in this life and how to live in this life. "

in the final analysis, it is up to us to take the initiative in how we want to live and interact with in this life.

in the first half of life, we already have too many compromises and helplessness; in the second half of life, why not be more comfortable and comfortable.

instead of complaining about the complexity of the world, it is better to take the initiative to choose simply.

when you get to know people who are simple in life, you feel that your heart is as pure as an ice jade pot.

get acquainted with people in a simple circle, and carefully taste "the taste of the world is Qinghuan";

know each other with people who are in a simple state of mind and know how to "live outside things calmly and calmly".

listening to Songtao and watching the wind and rain together is not only to please the heart, but also to keep in good health.

, may you and I walk with simple people for the rest of our lives, and dream of traveling all over the world from now on.