Beat Tang Wei, crush Yuan Quan, love 15 years but suddenly announced divorce: congratulations, finally her turn to be popular!
Beat Tang Wei, crush Yuan Quan, love 15 years but suddenly announced divorce: congratulations, finally her turn to be popular!
In show business, she stumbles and has her ups and downs, but she is still the light and shadow retrograde.



dressed in cheongsam, slender waist.

Su Meng butterfly leaned against the rail and was eager to escape from the scene-just now, the play, the case, and the game were staged here.

people are suspicious of each other

the killer is in the middle,

who is the killer?

she is a star of a generation and thought she could get away with it.

unexpectedly, someone forced her.

uncover her with a layer of brilliance, a layer of arrogance and a layer of self-pride.

the sad past was fully told, and a generation of famous actors made a fool of themselves in public.

Su Mengdee was short of breath, folded her arms, raised her head, and tried her best to hold tears in her eyes.

skeptics finish speaking and leave.

Su Mengdee did not open her face and burst into tears.

the pride and gloom of an actress of the Republic of China stood there.

A short crying scene is interpreted by actors in three distinct ways:

when suffering from misinterpretation, patience is revealed in the grievances;

was denounced in public, his eyes were filled with embarrassment and unwillingness;

the fig leaf was completely torn apart, and despair flowed in the calm.

fragments flow out and break the circle quickly.

the audience was amazed at the performance and asked who was playing it.

the film is called "famous Liwan".

the actor of Su Mengdee is Deng Jiajia.

Deng Jiajia,

was born in 1983 and has been in the profession for 13 years.

in show business, she stumbles and has her ups and downs, but she is still the light and shadow retrograde.

Deng Jiajia play Hong,

people are not popular.

there is a reason why she is not popular. She is a bit of an axis.

ordinary artists hit a role, feel that the play road match, spread the girl on.

even if it is not a main road to the dark, you have to jump up and down a few times.

for example, Tang Yan, the word "silly white sweet" is enough to sum up the half-life role, blocking the road directly.

for example, Jin Dong, after "camouflage", there are only four big words "I am an elite" on his face.

for example, Liu Tao, the image of a strong woman is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people and has long been integrated with Andy.

it was not until public opinion turned upside down and facial profiling and homogenization hit that they decided to pull away from their inherent roles.

call it transformation.

Deng Jiajia is not.

she is going to take an unrepresented road.

Love apartment 2 was a hit in 2011.

my sister-in-law, Tang Youyou, speaks Sichuan dialect and is funny.

with the unique knowledge of "Don's Law of performance", he burst into the apartment.

Comedy heroine, more to "play ugly" as the selling point, the image of ugliness, the joke will add a few points.

Tang Youyou, portrayed by Deng Jiajia, avoided this shortcut.

Tang Youyou is a playboy, a walk-on all the year round, and can't live more than five minutes to play a role.

is either playing the dead or on the way to die.

Deng Jiajia pondered over and over again and realized the essence of a dragon trap:

whether it is murder, suicide, accidental death, or fighting to death, it is necessary to pour a little madness into it, add a little delusion, and present it with different facial expressions.

the plot is funny, but it makes the comedy image of "Auntie" an unprecedented success.

the sentence "show time" is enough to be missed by the audience for many years.

but after the "Love apartment", Deng Jiajia did not continue to dig in this direction and evacuated from the public view in time.

"there will be no follow-up to Youyou, and Jiajia's performance will continue."

repeatedly take advantage of the dividend of a character and indulge in it. Artistic life is like a plant, without roots, only empty shells, and will soon fade.

this is not what she wants.

Deng Jiajia should grow into a tree, blooming in spring and autumn, with luxuriant branches and leaves,

then there is her transformation from comedy to suspense.

in 2013, the film "National Witness" was released.

Deng Jiajia plays Lin Mengmeng, a rich second-generation girl with a murder.

the story revolves around the fact that after Lin Mengmeng became a murderer, tycoon Lin Tai managed to exonerate his daughter.

Deng Jiajia's mood progressed throughout the part of the court trial.

during the trial, there was a detail.

at first, Lin Mengmeng's eyes flashed with fear.

her father gave her a "shh" off the stage, and his eyes slowly changed from timidity to calmness.

there are fears and uneasiness, but there is no confession.

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