Be kind to yourself and never get angry.
Be kind to yourself and never get angry.
Life is fast, you should learn to be kind to yourself.

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in life, it is inevitable that unpleasant things will happen.

anger has become one of our most common emotions.

anger is the number one killer of our health;

anger is the culprit that obliterates all emotions.

be kind to yourself and improve your life. You must never get angry.

anger is a chronic suicide

when people are angry, they often can't control their emotions.

sometimes I even feel like my lungs are about to explode, trembling with anger, and angry


I can't breathe.

Don't think that this is just an exaggerated description, but it's all well-founded.

anger does great harm to people's internal organs. Anger is tantamount to chronic suicide.

anger is the origin of many diseases, and losing temper always does great harm to the body.

you have to understand that anger is a very expensive thing, and you pay a higher price for it.

anger can cause people to fall into negative emotions;

anger makes people lose their minds;

anger will slowly engulf a person's health.

every time we get angry, we find that things are not as serious as we thought.

it's just that I was angry at that time, and I couldn't control myself, so it was easy to do something I regretted.

finally, it destroys the mood, affects the image, and damages the body.


when something happens, keep calm and don't get angry.

sometimes, to let others go is to let yourself go.

your body is your own. Use tolerance and atmosphere to dissolve the things that make you angry. Don't let anger disturb your mind and hurt your body.

be angry, harm others and harm yourself

being angry is meaningless in itself.

get angry with the villain, he can make you feel the disaster side;

get angry with the villain, he will make you a little belly;

being angry with outsiders means nothing to your life.

you have to understand that the wicked will suffer sooner or later.

the villain can calculate with anyone, and sooner or later he will accuse himself.

outsiders have nothing to do with their own lives, so why waste feelings?

every time I get angry, apart from hurting others, I hurt myself the most.

and the people you can hurt are the ones who care about you the most;

people who can make you angry are all people who don't care about you.

if you are not angry with your family, the family will be more harmonious and everything will prosper.

if you don't get angry with your friends, you will accept all kinds of rivers and have friends coming from afar.

if you don't get angry with your lover, the feeling is sweeter than honey, Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling).

keep calm and calm in the face of all kinds of things in life.

being vilified by others, not getting angry and ignoring it is the smartest move and the most powerful counterattack.

if a pure man is self-clear, why should he be afraid of gossip?

it can't be true, and what's right can't be wrong.

"Zengguang Xian Wen" once said: take a step back and endure calm for a while.

I hope we can all become people who control our emotions. Impulse is the devil. We have seen too many things that we regret for the rest of our lives because of impulse. Remember not to be impulsive.

remember not to haggle over everything and bear it in mind.

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not getting angry is our amulet.

having a good mindset is the real winner in life.

the secret of not being angry

many people said that they could not help being angry. Today, I would like to share with you a secret of Master Nan Huaijin not being angry.

whenever you are angry, immediately do Qigong, open your mouth, exhale first, then inhale through your nose, and then ask yourself if you want to lose your temper after swallowing.

the method shared by Master Nan Huaijin is extremely effective and has helped an irascible friend transform successfully.

when people are angry, they hold their breath in their hearts, but when they open their mouth and swallow their breath, they lose their breath.

narrow-minded people are fussy, and they tend to get angry about trifles, which not only annoys themselves, but also affects the people around them.

do not realize that anger is the stupidest act in the world, which is tantamount to paying for other people's mistakes and helping others to punish themselves.

think before you get angry, give way in a quarrel, calm down, learn not to be angry, learn to relax.

No quarrel, no anger, no quarrel, no wrath, be a gentle person.

in case of an accident, ha ha smile, do not care, other people are angry, I am not angry, is the highest state of life.

being a man, being confused, forgetful, keeping peace of mind and not being angry will naturally nourish our internal organs.

learn to get rid of troubles, get rid of sadness, be happy, and be happy.

time is fleeting, life is very fast, you should learn to be kind to yourself.

be kind to yourself and never get angry.