Another "Internet celebrity" has been banned, netizen: you have no lower limit, how ugly!
Another "Internet celebrity" has been banned, netizen: you have no lower limit, how ugly!
When inferior online celebrities and idols disappear, the online world is really clear.

what can fifty cents buy today?

is not enough to take a bus.

but you can buy an affordable and nutritious breakfast here in "Breakfast Grandma" Mao Shihua.

she has been selling breakfast for only fifty cents for 27 years.

Mao Shihua's breakfast stand in Huangtankou, Quzhou, Zhejiang Province, has witnessed its changes.

Stone-milled soybean milk, egg cakes made from native duck eggs, and the best-selling hand-packed glutinous rice barley, each of which is home-grown and sells for only 50 cents.

in the early 1990s, Mao Shihua, 60, opened the breakfast stand and rode a tricycle every day, carrying small tables, tools and ingredients to the stall, rain or shine.

"at the beginning, it was profitable to sell 50 cents for each item, because you had to support your family."

but with the passage of time, prices are soaring, and the price of 50 cents is not only unprofitable, but also requires a subsidy of several hundred yuan a month.

Mao Shihua's pension left after her husband's death is also mostly spent on subsidies for breakfast stalls.

because most of the customers are children, nutrition and health has become the most basic standard for breakfast.

the "untimely" cheapness, coupled with Mao Shihua's stringent requirements on ingredients, loss-making operation is inevitable.

get up at 2 o'clock every morning to boil soya-bean milk, porridge and pancakes.

he is nearly 90 years old, and he is no longer quick at work. He might as well spend more time and sleep less, but he won't stop.

the moment when children buy their favorite breakfast and feast on the small table, it is the moment when Mao Shihua has the most sense of happiness and achievement.

Granny Mao and her breakfast stand, which have been stuck for nearly 30 years, have become the warmest harbor for children.

these years are quiet and moving, but they are also worrying.

because there are many people like Mao Shihua, after they become "hot" on the Internet, their good news of spreading warmth becomes a "bad thing".

A group of "demons and ghosts" scrambled to keep an eye on them.

Last year, Cheng Yun, the "Brother Ramen" in Shandong Province, became popular.

Cheng Yunfu started the life of ramen noodles at the age of 25 in order to support his family.

after 15 years, I have tasted the ups and downs. Although life has not achieved its desired goal, it can be regarded as having something to rely on.

"I have suffered, so I want everyone to eat the cheapest ramen."


A bowl of noodles costs only 3 yuan and hasn't gone up for 15 years.

"it is not easy for ordinary people to make money. If I raise the price to four or five yuan, ordinary people will be reluctant to drink. I take human feelings more seriously and money less."

in the era of material desires, Ramen moved countless people with his simplicity and kindness, and even the official media praised him.

but the popularity of the Internet did not bring better business to Brother Ramen, but put him in a "dire straits".

every day, hundreds of people are on guard with "long guns and short guns" in front of Brother Ramen's house. they unscrupulously spy on Brother Ramen's life and expose it all to the camera.

the small noodle stall and the gentle and kind ramen have become a traffic feast coveted by everyone.

all kinds of "Internet celebrities" come day and night, whether it's 6: 00 in the morning or 2: 00 at night.

someone drove an RV and set up a tent in an attempt to set up camp here;

some people wear filial piety and sell themselves to bury their fathers;

some people pretend to be ugly and sing bloggers' eyeballs;

what's more, he turned Brother Ramen's doorstep into a market.

because so many people came, the village was paralyzed and even the car could not come in.

they don't care what Ramen thinks, they don't eat noodles, the only thing they do is shoot crazily.

Brother Ramen, who only wanted to do business in a down-to-earth manner, was disturbed by "vampires" and could not go back home, and the noodle stall on which he depended for survival could not be supported.

after many days of disturbance, Ramen was so stressed that he dared not answer his mother's phone call and even burst into tears.

if this goes on, the livelihood of the family may not be able to maintain.

in fact, the first person to be "ravaged" by Internet celebrities is Zhu Zhiwen, the man we are most familiar with.

since his splendor on the Avenue of Stars, Zhu Zhiwen has been popular all the way across the country.

his life has also undergone earth-shaking changes.

villagers regard him as a cash cow, broadcasting his daily life live every day, and Internet celebrities from all over the country regard him as a "traffic wealth password".

everyone filmed as soon as they entered the door, and threatened to let Zhu Zhiwen go live to the toilet.

after Zhu Zhiwen could not bear his nuisance and refusal, the villagers had already kicked open the door of his house and forced him to take a picture.

if it doesn't come true, Zhu Zhiwen will be labeled as "playing big".

for eye-catching Internet celebrities who can't make a profit from others, they begin to abandon morality and do the lowest and dirtiest things.

the Internet celebrity "charming teacher Guo", who has more than 7 million followers, looks untidy and behaves crazily, nothing more than to attract viewers by acting ugly and funny, repeatedly showing his underwear during live broadcasts and doing all kinds of eye-catching moves that are hard to talk about.

with more and more fans, her behavior is even more unimaginable, smelling her feet,Smelling socks, picking nostrils and spitting are confusing.

these people look like clowns in grandstanding.

in the Internet environment, some people have become Haoyue, while others have become maggots.

under the guidance of this distorted values, all kinds of stench emerge one after another.

even primary school students begin to imitate Internet celebrities, showing off their wealth and swearing in front of the camera.

there are minors wearing heavy makeup and sexy clothes to show off their bodies in the video.

the thought and atmosphere of entertaining to death shudders at the thought of it.

Featured with the tiniest details, our summer wedding dresses are a prerequisite item. Shop here and you will thank your lucky stars you entered this catalogue.

aims to make online celebrities completely "flip", so that vulgar culture is strangled in the cradle.

whether they are star artists who violate the law and discipline, or Internet celebrities dancing around, they are all to blame.

it may take some time to get rid of stubborn diseases, but warnings are always there.

the media and public figures deeply influence individuals and unwittingly play a role in guiding the social wind.

Internet celebrities who pose in front of the screen, and clowns who have no bottom line and principles, should not be paid attention to and supported, but should be condemned and spurned.

you know:

"the terrible thing about entertainment to death lies not in entertainment itself, but in the growing loss of people's ability to think seriously and judge rationally about social affairs, and in being nurtured by the frivolous cultural environment into ignorant and fearless rational illiteracy without knowing it."

in addition to the grandstanding Internet celebrities, there are many people worth you to worship, to follow, to applaud silently.

after breaking away from the fake live video, there is a better world and corrected values waiting for you to discover.

what we need is not a vanity fair of money and desire.

what we need is firm faith.

the tide of entertainment will eventually fade.

everything is going in the right direction.

when shoddy online celebrities and idols disappear, the online world is really clear.