Amazing social laws! (profound)
Amazing social laws! (profound)
At any time, you should leave your best emotions to the people closest to you.

Yan Jiao reads audio aloud

Bai Juyi said: "the road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountains, only in the repetition of human feelings."

in the adult world, most of the troubles come from interpersonal relationships.

Human nature is complex and human heart is subtle. These four laws seem frightening, but they actually know the truth of social life.

law of square and circle

people can not be too square, nor too round, the outer circle is the best way to deal with the world.

Fang is angular and upright.

Circle is easy-going and considerate.

if a person is too straight and stiff, he will only hit a brick wall everywhere and suffer a lot.

On the contrary, if you are too smooth to offend anyone, you will lose your heart and lose your bottom line.

the great wisdom of dealing with the world is that the outer circle is inside, the square is the bone, and the circle is the table.

is like Mei Yiqi, who is known as the "lifelong president of Tsinghua University".

he is never arbitrary and bossy when things go wrong, but respects the opinions of professors and students and chooses good ones.

during school meetings, he never interferes with other people's speeches, and sometimes even pours tea for people. This is his "circle".

but he also has his own persistence in his heart, and no matter how difficult the environment is, he adheres to rigorous and strict management principles.

A student got a score of 59.5 in a course and needed to postpone graduation, stay in school and retake the course, so it was not possible to plead with him.

Mei Yiqi said: "if there is no difference between 59.5 and 60, and so on, there is no difference between 0 and 60."

Ye Gongchao, a professor at Tsinghua University, commented on him: "Mr. Mei is an outsider and avoids friction, but he still won't do what he doesn't want to do, scold him and beat him."

as the saying goes, "the upper good is like water in all directions."

the wisest way to deal with the world is to be easy-going, tolerant and principled, humble and low-key without flattery.

Law of winning or losing

If you tear each other up, you will only lose; if you help each other, you will win.

as the saying goes, "when you become an adult, you become a man."

it is far more meaningful for people to help each other than to win or lose.

because to benefit others is to be selfish, and to build bridges for others is to pave the way for yourself.

and embarrass each other, intrigue, even if you win, you also lose.

like a crab in a bamboo basket, the crab below will pull the crab on top as hard as possible.

even if you stand on it for a while, you will be pulled down immediately, and no one can climb out in the end.

the best way to get along with each other should be like Guan Zhong, Bao Shuya, and Prince Xiaobai, who appreciate each other and achieve each other.

Guan Zhong assists Prince Jiu, and Bao Shuya assists Prince Xiaobai.

the two sides competed for the throne of Qi King, and Guan Zhong led troops to hunt down Prince Xiaobai, so that he had to play dead and escape.

later, Prince Xiaobai succeeded to the throne, that is, Duke Huan of Qi.

Bao Shuya was well aware of Guan Zhong's ability and recommended him as a prime minister regardless of past grievances, and Prince Xiaobai also attached great importance to Guan Zhong.

Guan Zhong assisted Prince Xiaobai and made Qi the first overlord of the Central Plains.

if people get the whole person and hurt each other, they will only lose both sides and lose to the ground.

only by helping others and helping each other can we go further and further and achieve a win-win situation.

Law of equivalence

they are useful to each other and need each other.

As the saying goes, "when you are poor in a busy city, no one asks, but if you are rich, you have distant relatives in the mountains."

people are very realistic, and the essence of social interaction is mutual benefit.

when you are useful, you have the most friends; when you are useless, you have the most passers-by.

because in essence, networking is a kind of exchange of value, and only by being useful to each other can we attract each other and communicate equally.

the famous writer Li Shanglong once shared a story with him.

his friend is also a writer. before he became famous, he often contributed to a big newspaper, but fell into thin air.

A year later, his book became so popular that the founder of the newspaper came to him in person to ask for a manuscript.

later, they had a very good relationship, because one needed to sell books and the other had resources.

in the final analysis, equivalent exchange leads to equivalent friendship.

therefore, you might as well give up useless socializing and strive to improve your strength and value.

as long as you are good enough, you don't have to please and chase, many like-minded friends come to you.

Law of closeness

be warm and polite to strangers, but cold and harsh to relatives.

Yi Shu said:

"the biggest mistake people make every day is to be too polite to strangers and too hard on those who are close."

because you know that if you are unkind to outsiders, they will leave you and hurt you.

if you lose your temper in front of your loved ones, you will be forgiven and even cared for.

therefore, we are always kind to outsiders, but do whatever we want to our loved ones.

but you have to understand that the closer the relationship is, the more tolerant you are, the more worthy of your cherish.

Shi Tiesheng often lost his temper and said nasty things to his mother after his legs were paralyzed.

Mother was sad because of this, but without the slightest complaint, she still worked hard to take care of him.

Shi Tiesheng didn't regret it until his mother died of liver cancer, but it was too late.

as the saying goes, "good words are warm in three winters, but evil words hurt people in June."

not for the close populationChoice of words, no scruples, is the sharpest weapon.

No matter how close you are, if you don't care and cherish it, if you save enough disappointment, you will leave.

therefore, at any time, you should leave your best mood to the people closest to you.

be polite outside, be kind at home, know far and near, be close to each other, and be kind to your loved ones, so that you can live a good life without regret.