All comfortable lives are made out.
All comfortable lives are made out.
As long as you "survive", the worst result is a late bloomer.

when one reaches middle age, half of one's life has passed.

starting from the same starting line, the gap in middle age gradually widens.

some people are pre-emptive and successful in their careers, while others move slowly and lag behind others.

but as Lin Yutang said:

"holding a teapot, suffering life to the most essential essence."


Middle age is not the end, but the midpoint. A good life needs to be "boiled slowly and carefully" in time in order to have a taste.

No one will enjoy the scenery all the way, and no one will be down and out all the time.

as long as you "survive", the worst result is a late bloomer.

renew cognition, "endure" wide boundary

Cloud in the Book of changes:

"whatever is beneficial, go with the times."

what really widens the gap in life is not the amount of wealth, but the difference in cognition.

if you have been resting on your laurels and being headstrong, you can only stand still;

if you constantly reflect on yourself and correct your cognition, you will see more possibilities.

during the Tang Dynasty, Wei Chi Gong was proud and arrogant because he had saved Li Shimin many times.

he thought that Li Shimin would work for him as a senior official, but as a result, he was not entrusted with an important task for a long time.

he ran to ask Li Shimin why he was treated like this. Li Shimin replied:

"haven't you ever heard of flying birds and good bows? People should not always live in the past, but move on.

now that you are so proud of yourself and offend so many officials, how dare I use you? "

after listening to this, Wei Chi-gong woke up and realized that as a subject, he should not be arrogant and arrogant.

at the age of 60, he once again went to battle, defeating Koguryo in one fell swoop and performing meritorious service.

later, Li Shimin read his merits and displayed his portrait in Lingyan Pavilion and became one of the famous "24 heroes of Lingyan Pavilion".

Schopenhauer said:

"the largest prison in the world is people's consciousness of thinking."

people with low awareness are like looking at the world at the foot of the mountain, but as far as they can see, it is hard to avoid arrogance.

people with high awareness are watching the world at the top of the mountain, looking out into the distance is that one day I will always climb to the top of you, so there are all kinds of rivers in my chest.

it is easy for many people to be firmly imprisoned by their inherent knowledge and hold themselves back.

Breaking through the cognitive limitation and breaking the thinking inertia is the best way to realize the personal transition and improve one's own dimension.

thinking determines the pattern, and the pattern determines the outcome.

only by constantly updating self-cognition and broadening our horizons can we "endure" the boundaries of life.

accumulate experience, "endure" strong capital

it takes 30 days for the lotus to fill the pond, but it is not the 15th day, but the 29th day, when the lotus is half full.

this is the famous "Lotus Law".

if the lotus wants to fill the pond, it needs to accumulate strength constantly; if one wants to be a blockbuster, he also needs self-precipitation in the early stage.

you can see that many people's lives are like plug-ins, which are their accumulated strength after obscurity.

Shi Yue, the author of those things in the Ming Dynasty, was an unknown civil servant before his work became popular.

many people envy him for his simple fame and easy money, but they do not realize that behind this is his accumulation of more than ten years.

after work, other colleagues gossip and hang out in mahjong bars, but he spends his time writing hard in front of the computer after work.

Shi Yue once said:

"people who are more talented than me do not work as hard as I do.

people who work harder than me are not as talented as I am.

No one can endure anyone who is both more talented than me and works harder than me. "

the winner who laughs at the end often endures.

Caigen Tan says: "if you wait for a long time, you will fly high." The pioneer, Xie Duzao. "

some teenagers are precocious, while others are late bloomers.

everyone's starting point is different, but what determines the thickness of life is often the accumulation and precipitation in the future.

only by accumulating experience and rising abruptly based on accumulated strength can we "endure" the capital of the future.

keep trying, "suffering" out of self

I often listen to the middle-aged people around me complain that life is boring, regret that they didn't work hard when they were young, and then continue to live the rest of their lives blankly while remorseful.

when you reach middle age, you are already halfway through your life. Instead of being confined to the dullness of the past, it is better to try bravely and realize a magnificent turn in life.

Xue Qikun, president of Tsinghua University, summed up his personal scientific research experience in four sentences:

"two failures in the postgraduate entrance examination, the ups and downs of seven years of postgraduate study, the joys and sorrows of eight years of studying abroad, and the joy of starting a business for fifteen years."

when he took the postgraduate entrance examination for the first time, he scored 39 points in the high math exam, but Harbin University of Technology refused to accept it; in the second postgraduate entrance examination, he scored 39 points in physics, but the Chinese Academy of Sciences refused to accept it.

many people advised him not to be stubborn, but he wouldn't listen.

I was admitted to the Physics Department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for the third time after studying hard while teaching.

others read it.He studied for a doctor for only five years; he studied for a doctor for seven years.

many people think he is too stupid and he ignores him. He devoted himself to research and was finally selected as a doctoral student in the joint training of Chinese and foreign countries.

in foreign countries, his research and study has been greatly hindered because he does not understand a foreign language.

many students gave up, but he insisted.

published in top academic journals, he finally won the approval of his mentor and got his doctorate.

behind Professor Xue Qikun's road to scientific research is the attempt and persistence of repeated defeats and then repeated defeats.

Tolstoy said:

"there are only two kinds of people in the world: onlookers and actors.

most people want to change the world, but no one wants to change themselves. "

there is always something in everyone's mind that they want to do but fail to take action.

someone said, "come on, we're getting old, so what are we doing?"

someone said, "that's great. At this age, I still have a chance to start over."

the former is the audience off the stage and envies the splendor of the stage, while the latter is the actor on the stage and shines brilliantly on the stage.

Don't be afraid to go the wrong way. The important thing is to dare to take the first step and stick to every step.

stay where you are, you can only hold a piece of stagnant water; only by taking a step forward can you walk out of the light.

only when you dare to try and never give up can you "endure" your true self.

Control the rhythm and "ride out the storm"

living in this fast-paced society, people are inevitably impetuous.

When you choose homecoming dresses for tall girls, it will make your look glittering and amazing. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

seeing everyone around him stand out and accomplish nothing, he will inevitably become eager for quick success and quick profit.

but as the saying goes, "the mind is impetuous, the quiet is at peace."

Don't be disturbed by the rhythm of others. Some people get sick first, others slow down later.

instead of catching up with the rhythm of others, it is better to wait for the flowers to bloom in your own rhythm.

once upon a time, there were three very powerful people in Japan: Nobutaka Saeda, Toyotomi Hideyoshi, and Tokugawa.

in terms of strength and status, Akita and Toyoshi are much bigger than Tokugawa, but it was Tokugawa who had the last laugh.

about them, there is a very famous "cuckoo story":

someone raised a beautiful cuckoo, but did not cry, so they asked the three adults what to do.

Nobunaga Akita said, "if the cuckoo does not cry, force it to do so."

Toyotomi Hideyoshi said, "if the cuckoo does not cry, persuade him to do so."

Tokugawa Jiakang said, "if the cuckoo does not cry, wait for it to cry."

three answers expose three different attitudes towards life.

the first two people used coercion and persuasion to rush for success, disrupting the original rhythm of things.

with the method of waiting, Tokugawa kept his pace, took his time, and finally became the final winner.

Wang Yangming said:

"one must hone things in order to achieve greatness."

as soon as middle age arrives, chickens and dogs jump. But the busier life is, the more slowly we have to take it.

as Mu Xin said, "if you walk alone, you will not be overflowing."

calm down, calm down, according to your own rhythm, in your own way, to find the ultimate destination of life.

Control the rhythm and move forward steadily in order to "endure" the current difficulties.

take the initiative, "endure" to win life

Zeng Guofan once said:

"all great things are done mainly by knowledge, supplemented by talent; when great things are accomplished, half is done by man and half by heaven."

to do a thing, it depends on knowledge and talent, but to get something done, opportunity is essential.

the weak miss the opportunity, the strong seize it, and the wise take the initiative to create it.

in the Tang Dynasty, there was a man named Ma Zhou who was born poor and his parents died.

but Chang an Migui, it is very difficult for a man with no background and no money to gain a foothold.

Ma Zhou did not panic, he defected to the Xuanwu gate keeper Chang he, and silently took over the work of writing notes for Chang he.

others write discounts perfunctorily, but Ma Zhou is meticulous.

more than 20 notes, sealed and pierced, finally attracted the attention of Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty.

Tang Taizong knew why he was a general, and it was impossible to have such an opinion. By asking others, he knew Ma Zhou.

later, Emperor Taizong summoned Ma Zhou and chatted several times. Ma Zhou seized the opportunity and was recognized by Taizong.

from then on, he rose all the way up, and finally became the prime minister and made his name in history.

when it's time to hide, keep quiet, keep a low profile and be patient; when it's time to reveal, create opportunities and take the initiative to attack.

this is Ma Zhou's way to success.

there are clouds in the Book of changes:

"A gentleman hides utensils in his body and waits for time to move before he can have no disadvantage."

A person with a sharp edge can easily become the target of public criticism and let the opportunity be missed in vain.

people who are deeply silent are all dormant in the dark, planning and then moving.

people who really have great wisdom never show off their talents easily, but take their swords by surprise.

create opportunities and take advantage of the wind in order to "endure" to win the best life.

A good life is boiled out

Life has its ups and downs and its ups and downs.

No matter what age you are in and what difficulties you face, the only solution is to "endure".

suffering is not only an attitude towards life, but also a kind of wisdom of life.

if the days are too hard, they use diligence and sweat to boil out sweetness; if life is too light, they use accumulation and precipitation to boil out strong fragrance.

it is said in the General words of warning the World:

"those who become early may not be successful, and those who arrive late may not fail." You can't rely on yourself when you're young, and you can't give up when you're old. "

those late bloomers never bind themselves with age, but sit on the bench and wait quietly.

if you can't stand it, you will fall short of success and be eliminated for the rest of your life; if you can survive, there will be willows and flowers ahead and thousands of miles of sky.

encourage each other.