After Zhao Wei, another Qiongyao girl was "forced" to withdraw from the circle, and the recent exposure sparked heated discussion: what a pity!
After Zhao Wei, another Qiongyao girl was "forced" to withdraw from the circle, and the recent exposure sparked heated discussion: what a pity!
Everyone's destination is their own.

"Let us live chic and unrestrained in the company of the world, and ride the horse to enjoy the prosperity of the world."

before the song is over, a beautiful shadow floats out from behind the screen.

Red ear swings gently, and the beauty also looks at the camera.

ah, isn't this Qingge Wang Yan?

she pursed her lips, curled her knees, raised her eyes and smiled.

the tip of eyebrow and eye shows tenderness.

this feels so familiar! It was as if I heard the gentle voice of peace again:

"Lafayette auspicious ~"

No wonder netizens say:

"my childhood memories are back!"


"Qingge, what brand of preservative did you take?"

the last question really speaks for me.

look at Wang Yan in the camera, looking forward to life and smiling.

time seems to stop on her.

such bright and beautiful, like time travel, take us back to the spring 23 years ago.

in April 1999, "Huan Zhu GE 2" began to broadcast.

the first scene is Lafayette's return to the palace.

up and down the government and opposition, civil and military officials bow their heads and worship.

the camera swept by and finally fixed on a girl in blue.

finally, focus and zoom in.

it is suggested through the camera that the girl in blue has a story.

replace Sister Rong and support Lafayette.

Lafayette turned to look at her and whispered:


who is Qinger? The opening is not clear.

but through this series of actions, we can understand:

Qinger has a noble identity and is deeply loved by Lafayette.

and she is destined to join crape myrtle and the swallow, setting off another "storm".

Qinger Xin Yuerkang.

the two once talked about scriptures together, and they also looked at the snow, the stars and the moon.

Ziwei was mad with jealousy, and Erkang began to have a cold war.

Qinger can see the clue. Knowing that they were in love, she let go:

"I am as smart as I am, how could I let myself sit on the bench between you?"

"Don't I deserve to have my own Erkang?"

advance and retreat is moderate and open-minded.

save face for Lagerstroemia and Erkang.

when she learned that Lafayette had made it difficult for crape myrtle and swallow, she came forward again.

use one move to convince Lafayette to retreat into progress.

"Don't look into it, Lafayette, of course. He's new here after all."

"if you keep looking into it, people will think you are no longer kind."

stare at the small eyes and bulge the little cheeks.

looks smart and gentle.

Qinger's understanding is like a lubricant.

easing the tension between crape myrtle swallow and Lafayette.

only aired a few episodes, Qinger was well received.

because she is quieter than swallow and prettier than crape myrtle.

both movements and movements are appropriate, dignified and courteous.

who doesn't like such a woman? Qinger made Wang Yan very popular.

also branded this role deeply into the hearts of the audience.

for a long time, when I saw Wang Yan, I thought of Qinger's gentleness as water.

until the appearance of Bai Feifei in the Outer History of Wulin.

A white dress, embellished with only a few green leaves.

A gorgeous jianghu woman came out of the ranks.

Bai Feifei is completely different from Qinger.

she is calm, calculating, but infatuated with Shen Lang.

set off a storm of blood in the rivers and lakes, but he was willing to die for Shen Lang.

beautiful and miserable.

even if it is very hot, it also makes people moved by her affectionate giving.

so the audience shouted: she should be a couple with Shen Lang!

compared with the noisy Zhu Qiqi, Bai Feifei is really too distressing!

Wang Yan has played many roles since then.

but Qinger and Bai Feifei have become the two peaks in her acting career.

is insurmountable.

everyone is looking forward to it, but Wang Yan has "disappeared".

when he returned, he was the high boss in the Meteor Butterfly Sword.

there are all kinds of manners, but there is no aura and light in the eyes of the past.

Feel your extremely best in sexy mother of the bride dresses! Quit searching from expensive retailers!

after everyone inquired, they found out that Wang Yan had already got married and had children.

but with the increase of exposure, Wang Yan's fatigue is visible to the naked eye.

people can't help but wonder what marriage brings to Wang Yan.

there is an ancient law in the entertainment circle: an actress marries a rich family.

Wang Yan is no exception.

but her wealthy family is really not ordinary.

how proud is it?

husband Wang Zhicai is a famous real estate developer in Beijing.

his mother was a princess of the Qing Dynasty.

the family is Manchurian Zhenghuang Banner, descended from imperial relatives.

the family lives in Beijing Wangfu Century.

Ping an Avenue in the north, Chang'an Avenue in the south, and the Forbidden City in the Imperial Palace.

area is very busy and lively.

the roof garden in the sky is even more breathtaking.

Green plants are lush;

Fountains are scattered everywhere.

and what about Wang Yan?

is just an ordinary actress in the circle.

the combination of the two must imply inequality.

this inequality has emerged from the very beginning of Wang Zhicai's pursuit of Wang Yan.

21-year-old Wang Yan, who still works in the art troupe, has been introduced to Wang Zhicai, who is divorced and has a child.

it is said that Wang Zhicai is one round older than Wang Yan.

when they met for the first time, they seldom communicated with each other.

until Wang Yan was hospitalized with a fever.

Wang Zhicai went to see her.

according to normal logic, patients will visit the ward.

but what about Wang Zhicai? He had Wang Yan called out from the ward.

and then sit in the pavilion downstairs.

Wang Yan is dragging the sick body, and Wang Zhicai is two people, you and I sit at one end and the other.

3 or 4 meters apart, Wang Yanben is weak and far away.

as soon as Wang Zhicai spoke, she asked, "Ah, what are you talking about?"

such Wang Zhicai is too ungentlemanly.

No wonder Wang Yan talked about this story many years later, and everyone was surprised:

"he came to see you and asked you to come out?"

the more surprised everyone is, the more embarrassed Wang Yan is.

in order to save face for her husband, he hurriedly played a round game.

"he also brought a big basket of flowers."

"it's very big. I've never seen such a big basket."

"there's no room in the ward, so I left it at the nurse's desk."

but anyone who listens to this explanation is powerless.

what do you mean the flower basket is so big that it can only be put on the nurse's desk? There is no room for a flower basket in the ward?

it can be seen that Wang Yan really tried her best to protect her husband's face and said nice things.

it can be inferred from these behaviors that Wang Yan is a very traditional woman in her bones.

even if Wang Zhicai lacks gentlemanly demeanor, she still chooses to socialize.

because, "it's not love at first sight, but it's not a bad impression."

then she entered the marriage hall.

registered in Sydney in 1997.

in 2000, Beijing got married.

everything is in order and confused.

after getting married into the Wang family, Wang Yan's grievance really began.

Wang Yan has never been happy on holiday.

every time we spend time together, Wang Zhicai always receives a phone call to handle the job.

leave Wang Yan alone.

when I was pregnant, I promised Wang Yan to come back to accompany her, but also suddenly stood me up because of my work.

Wang Yan, who had been patient for a long time, finally got angry with Wang Zhicai: "if you don't come back, I won't stay at home!"

she hung up the phone, got pregnant and went to her friend's house early in the morning.

my friends were furious when they heard about the encounter.

"you're right here. Don't answer the phone. Turn it off!"

"Don't go back tomorrow either!"

"I don't believe I can't cure him!"

as a result, when my good friend came home from work, I found that Wang Yan was no longer there.

she still can't resist her husband's apology.

went back obediently.

, she did her duty for the Wang family.

is the husband's docile wife.

is also the humble daughter-in-law of my mother-in-law.

once I went back to Qingdao for dinner with Wang Yan.

A large family sat upright, afraid to move the chopsticks.

until the old lady pushed the door in.

A roomful of people suddenly and unconsciously stood up to greet them.

the old lady shook her hand like a royal tour: "sit ~"

before everyone dares to sit down and eat.

afterwards, the teacher sighed to Wang Yan, "your old lady came in with the wind!"